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Below are the writing-related links I tweeted last week.

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I released an ebook recently. Progressive Dinner Deadly is a Myrtle Clover mystery, available for $2.99 on Kindle and Nook. The 3rd book in the Memphis Barbeque series will release November 1—Hickory Smoked Barbeque (available now for preorder).

5 tips for using Outlook Calendar to manage your work day:

Amazon and Lightning Source: The End of an Era?

How to Get Your Book Reviewed: @bookmarketer

3 types of responses you might get when you tell people you're a writer: @bookviewcafe

The key to writing a fast 1st draft: @LiaKeyes

Do Spoilers Really Spoil Anything? @janice_hardy

Emotional Freedom Technique For Writers:

Cutting Unnecessary Characters: @charissaweaks

How Pets Can Help With the Creation of Compelling Characters: @kselliottwriter

Your Public Persona - Proudly Wearing the Author Badge:

5 Free and Easy Ways to Become a Savvy Author: @bookmarketer

Have You Written Your Million Words of Dreck Yet?

Kurt Vonnegut on the shape of stories:

5 Stress-Busters to Beat a Deadline:

5 Things Self-Publishers Shouldn't Worry About (But They Do): #ebooks

Are writers running out of titles? (Guardian):

How to rescue a stalled plot:

8 tools for using humor in your fiction: @BryanThomasS

Why 1 writer doesn't autofollow on Twitter and 10 reasons she might not individually follow back: @katdish

Freelancers--How to Convince Prospects You're a Pro Writer: @TiceWrites

A review of verb tense:

The big tent of reading: @BTMargins

The cult of SF: @MarkCN

Their Cheatin' Hearts: Infidelity in Women's Fiction: @heroesnhearts

An Agent on Authors and Magical Thinking: #pubtip

Social Media Etiquette – Good Intentions or Not, Spam IS Spam: @carlayoung

Word misuse:

1 writer's marketing plan: @Ghunibee

The 5 Most Important Things Authors Should Know About Book Promo: @CathyStucker

5 ways to promote your book months—or years—after the initial publication date:

10 Helpful Uses of RSS Feeds for Marketing:

3 core roles needed in running your own creative business:

One author urges Nano wrimos to take Oct. to plan your story: @Murderati

How industry insider @michaelhyatt unfollowed 108,698 people on Twitter and reclaimed his inbox:

5 tips for creating an effective villain:

10 Badass Women from Fantasy Literature: @ToplessRobot

POV & characterization mean divorcing from yourself: @JulietteWade

Knowing and finding your readers is critical:

How to prepare your Kindle text for a print edition: @dirtywhitecandy

What makes a zombie a zombie to 1 writer:

How much work is self-publishing? 1 writer's list of tasks: #ebooks @cathryanhoward

1 writer's love/hate relationship w/ storyboards:

7 Principles of Pitching Articles:

Fear is the downfall of publishing: @bob_mayer

Is there a template for creativity?

How story questions hook readers and drive character and plot forward: @HP4Writers

6 ways to tame writers' public speaking fears:

The rise of the indie author: #ebooks @tglong

The good, the bad, and the ugly of historical research: @kbowenwriter

A character interview that focuses on what made them who they are now:

The self published author has no one to tell him no: #ebooks

3 tips for correct dialect in your writing: @4kidlit

15 reasons writers love libraries:

A writer's thoughts on signifying length of an #ebook to a reader (so they won't feel cheated by a short read): @rule17

How 1 writer applies structure to a story:

9 Forms of the Past Tense:

Chapter-by-Chapter Critique Tips: @marybaka

To make money with #ebooks, you must have a good number for sale: @DeanWesleySmith

An attorney answers questions about the use of lyrics in a novel: via @PassiveVoiceBlg

Amazon Considers #eBook Rental Service: @galleycat

Tips for writing believable dialogue:

What authors can learn from the bestseller lists:

The Art of the Picture Book: @fuelyourwriting

Tips for faster paced novels: @SarahAHoyt

Are Publishers Unwittingly Responsible For 167% Surge In #ebook Sales? @ChandlerWrites

A discussion on fantasy subgenres: @FantasyFaction

How to build a writing team: @jhansenwrites

Research--too much and too little: @authorterryo's worth the trouble: @JeffGoins

How to Find Clichés in Your Writing: @BTMargins

14 Dos and Don'ts for Introducing Your Protagonist: @AnneRAllen

Contrasting character traits:

When an editor's or agent's personal politics changes a story: @sarahlapolla

The art and craft of fantasy writing:

Composing composition: @RavenRequiem13

Don't Use "The" Before Kindle or Nook?

Thinking Outside the Computer: Longhand and the Brain:

Dealing with bad direction in critique groups: @dirtywhitecandy

Bloom's Taxonomy and New Authors:

A writer's main objective:

Deadly Sin of –Treating the Reader Like a Moron:

3 elements of a well-written debut novel: @mkinberg

10 lies you might tell yourself while editing: @elspethwrites

7 Ways to Develop Dazzling Dialogue: @JodyHedlund

When you want to change agents: @4Kidlit

A look at the history of food & incorporating it into our books: @GeneLempp

Archetypes in writers and gender differences:

How to write a query letter: #pubtip @BubbleCow

The YA Author's Complete Guide to Acceptable Characters: @BTMargins

6 Compelling Reasons for Authors to Blog: @jfbookman

5 tips for a stronger novel: s @catewoods

75 Contronyms (Words with Contradictory Meanings):

Putting Creatives in a Box: @on_creativity

Should you hire a book publicist? @GalleyCat

When the going gets tough: @MsAnnAguirre

Will my agent rep a different genre? @RachelleGardner

Deciding on device: @Mommy_Authors

Ebook Cover Design: Context Creates Possibilities: #ebooks @namenick

Amazon Looking for Tablet Content: @PassiveVoiceBlg

2 Words That Can Change Your Writing Career: @writeitsideways

An editorial director on the "no response means no" policy:

If you can't describe your story, there probably isn't a story, states an agent: @greyhausagency

A character's behavior reveals underlying power assumptions: @JulietteWade

Using more than 1 POV character: @JulietteWade

Authors Guild And Others Sue Universities for Copyright Infringement: @victoriastrauss

"Look Inside" for Kindle Books – 3 Tips for Authors: #ebooks @namenick

The 3-Step 3-Minute Writer's Workout Warm-Up: @YAHighway

Lessons of letting go--the author and his babies: @BryanThomasS

3 tips for becoming a better writer: @TheCreativePenn

Part of the creative process is creating a mess: @bookviewcafe

Resources that protect writers:

1st v. 3rd person POV: @Janice_Hardy

Fanfiction & Original Fiction: Similarities and Differences:

5 tips to jump-start a stalled novel: s

Not Every Ebook is a Success, But it's Always a Lesson: @problogger

The real gatekeepers in publishing now? Authors. @bob_mayer

How to self-promote without selling your soul: @lkblackburne

The Translation Continuum – Speaking Across the Divide: @BTMargins

Vocation vs. Avocation:

Quick tweaks can fix revision smudges:

Defying Digital, Airport and Transit Bookstores Gain Ground at Home and Abroad: #publishing

Elements of religion, with cautions, for worldbuilders: @JulietteWade

Is media tie-in writing right for you? @jameslsutter

How the Crowd Is Shaping the Future of Storytelling: @mashable

5 tips 1 writer has learned from her 2 year old: @buriededitor

The future of #publishing--retail? @nicolaz

4 ways to build a writer's platform: @JodyCalkins

What Writing and Ghost Stories Have in Common: @YAHighway

The Writing Life Vs. the Married Life:

An Agent on Looking Around While Still Represented: @Kid_Lit

The art of the subplot: @FantasyFaction

How to write effective dialogue: @BubbleCow

6 reasons an agent or editor may say your story is "not for them":

How to Write A Wildly Successful Web Series: @ollinmorales

Reselling digital products: @TheresaStevens

The importance of giving yourself challenges with your :

Nice collection of industry news, views, & trends by @Porter_Anderson for @JaneFriedman :

How Rowling revealed backstory: @HP4Writers

When novel ideas masquerade as short stories: @bluemaven

All my tweets are archived and searchable for free at the Writer's Knowledge Base:

Best Articles This Week for Writers 9/16/11: @4kidlit

Pseudo Dialogue Tags: @TaliaVance

Research for Writers: In Defense of Wikipedia:

Why your hero must pet a dog: @KMWeiland

Dated writing:

Voice begins with word choices:

Voice Is Not Everything (but it is vitally important):

14 authors explain how they learned to read their work aloud:

The Submission Process: One Author's Perspective:

The Deadly Sins of Romance Writing:

Book Cards Work: @DeanWesleySmith

White-Knuckling Your Author Platform: How to Rein in the Social Media Pressure: @RoniLoren

5 ways to tackle beginnings: @fuelyourwriting

Tips for earning a living as a writer: @BubbleCow

The Art of Naming Your Characters: @Sarafurlong

Writing lessons from the playground: @CateWoods

The importance of word choice:

Book Trailers — worth the effort? @George_Ivanoff

Tips for writing a good critique: @FantasyFaction

Tips for researching your novel: @BubbleCow

How Battered Paint Pots & Writing Haikus Taught 1 Writer To Be More Creative: @coachcreative

Promoting science: where is the next Asimov, Sagan and Gardner? @jamietr

1 writer's thoughts after 10 years of using e-readers: @robertjsawyer

How to be tough with yourself as a writer:

Resources to help journalists with accuracy and verification: @stevebuttry

What makes up a chapter and a scene:

Real Life Diagnostics: Am I Grabbing the Middle Grade Reader? @Janice_Hardy

A character questionnaire with some deep questions for your character to answer:

To Be, Or Not To Be, A Writer Of Short Fiction:

How to self-publish your ebook (PBS): @MissAdventuring

Why persistence matters: @Shelli_Johnson

A linguist's thoughts on word choice and diction's role in novels: @mkinberg