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Below are the writing-related links I tweeted last week.

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I released an ebook recently. Progressive Dinner Deadly is a Myrtle Clover mystery and is available for $2.99 on Kindle and Nook. Hope you’ll mention it to any friends who enjoy mysteries.

There is a book published every 10 seconds. How to stand out in the crowd: @Mommy_Authors

Pacing Your Novel Correctly:

How To Build A List Of Readers For Your Next Book Launch: @thecreativepenn

10 Principles of Writing for the Web:

Writing to read aloud:

Telling Important Stories Through Apps, Not Books: @janefriedman

Why we need more space adventures:

Think Outside the Book Cover for Promotional Ideas:

Unexpected gold in self-help books:

Don't lose your story's uniqueness when you're revising: @BTMargins

On "littering book pages on @Amazon with 1-star reviews." @Penenberg via @JaneFriedman RT @Porter_Anderson

Tips for writing bible studies:

Tips for learning something new--without info overload:

Need help with pacing?

Romance--the calm before the storm:

10 Tools for Author Success: #4, Understand Your Market: @SaschaIllyvich

Revealing info about your protagonist through interactions w/ other characters: @HP4Writers

52 Types of Blog Posts that Are Proven to Work:

10 Tricks To Motivate Yourself To Write:

Creativity Tweets of the Week: @on_creativity

Tips for making time for your writing:

5 Questions to Consider When Writing for Children:

Hiring a freelance editor:

101 of the Best Fiction Writing Tips, Part 4: s @writeitsideways

The Procrastinator's Guide to Starting Your Writing Career:

Writing lessons 1 writer took from a recent read: @juliemusil

Self-Publishing–The "American Idol" of the Publishing World:

An agent reminds us that our books should be good from the beginning:

Joe Konrath tells writers to develop thick skins:

Sprinklers and Vacuums: Two Types of Social Media Users:

An agent says the querying process is like looking for a job:

It's Still Not New (Literary Genre Fiction -- Pah!): @shaunduke

5 Ways to Make Our Stories Different & Unique: @JodyHedlund

Beware of the Self-Publishing Predators: @mybookshepherd

The Ongoing Dilemma of Ebook Pricing:

By the Time A Self-Published Author Hits it Big, Do They Really Need a Publisher?

When to keep your distance: why you don't always want the reader in the thick of the action: @dirtywhitecandy

13 Ways Not to Start a Novel: @annerallen

5 Time-Saving Tools to Add to Your Twitter Tool Belt:

Tips for using multiple POV characters: @authorterryo

Successful character traits of writers:

Is the Digital Revolution Saving the Novella / Short Story?

5 ways to get more Amazon reviews: @KMWeiland

8 tips for treating your writing like a business: @BookMarketer

10 tips for a successful book signing: @JodyHedlund

How some authors paid the bills before they made it big (via @JaneFriedman):

How to Reinvent a Book with a New Book Cover:

Literary pets:

Need tips for handling backstory?

A Case Study of Science in Science Fiction:

1 writer's reasons for writing have changed: @agent139

25 Things To Know About Self-Publishing (Or, "How To Sell A Bazillionty Books In 17 Minutes"): @ChuckWendig

The Art And Craft Of Writing And The Dilemma Of Self-Publishing: @thecreativepenn

Building Your Web Presence for Authors: Finding the Best Keywords for Your Website: @curiosityquills

The Race to the Bottom: Are low ebook prices hurting writers? @woodwardkaren

What have you got to lose by starting your 1st draft?

The Research Plan: Putting History into Your Historical Fiction: @hartjohnson

Deadly Sin of Writing #6–Drifting in the Doldrums:

How 1 writer has naturally gravitated toward different genres: @JudyAlter

4 Creative Ways to Attract More Visitors to Your Website:

Why 1 writer is rethinking her social media habits: @inkyelbows

10 Ways to Create Vivid, Compelling Characters:

New ways to sell short stories:

Go back to the basics to promote, advises 1 writer: @junglereds

Promo--there's hope for shrinking violets:

What writers can learn from spam: @JamiGold

3 tips for co-authoring a novel: @LTWFblog

Why Amazon's tablet will challenge Apple in a way that Google can't (Guardian)

An Agent on Rethinking Pseudonyms:

A helpful roundup of last week's agent advice, via @HeatherMcCorkle :

Read YA or don't bother writing it: @RoniLoren

How to Capture Ideas Faster Using Evernote: @JeffGoins

Tips for an effective author photo:

Typomania – Higher Consciousness or Curse? @PassiveVoiceBlg

An agent reminds us that we don't have to accept an offered contract: @greyhausagency

How to Add a Newsletter to Your Blog or Website:

For literary inspiration follow @AdviceToWriters. Jon Winokur dispenses writerly wisdom of the ages.

Difficulties Superheroes Would Face in the Real World:

Tips for naming your book: @woodwardkaren

Linear Writing vs. the Scattergun Approach – Which Are You? @PBRWriter

1 liberating factor of e-publishing: @TheresaStevens

Dorte Jakobsen's generous review of my $2.99 ebook. :) (on sale here: )

How to begin querying: @QueryTracker

Search my tweets--

How to Choose Between "Into" or "Onto" and Their 2-Word Forms:

10 lessons for writers: @elspethwrites

The Perils of Writing the Indefinable, Genre-Crossing Novel: @BTMargins

How to speak publisher - D is for dummy: @annerooney

Productivity: Not About Making Every Minute Count: @camillelaguire

Managing Feedback that Hurts:

Become a Better Writer by Practicing Gratitude: @writeitsideways

Internal and External Inspirations:

Details bring life to a scene, but generalities connect with readers: @4kidlit

There's room for all in #publishing, says an editorial director--it shouldn't be us vs. you:

Juggling social media & :

5 Ways to Make Your Dialogue Flow:

Tips for eating at conventions:

An Argument Against Agent-Publishers: @pubperspectives

A Solution for Pantsers with Plotter Envy: @RoniLoren

Dialogue - It's Not Just Talking: @greyhausagency

The problem of kids and science fiction: @bookviewcafe

Why 1 writer is glad he made a book trailer: @BlurbIsAVerb

10 Deadline Tricks to Boost Productivity: @CherylRWrites

Assigning Depth of Field: @RavenRequiem13

The character-building of Peter V. Brett: @FantasyFaction

Links to help you write better dialogue: @EmilyCaseysMuse

Necessary Doesn't Mean Productive (and Vice Versa): @camillelaguire

Crime fiction murders that bring some characters together: @mkinberg

Contradictions in writing advice: @LauraPauling

Save My Writing: Focus for the Focus-Challenged: @fuelyourwriting

Successful character traits of writers:

Start Now on Google Plus:

How To Write Fight Scenes: @TheCreativePenn

When agents edit: @rachellegardner

A thoughtful roundup on @JaneFriedman 's blog by industry follower & journalist @Porter_Anderson:

On ebook prices: @DeanWesleySmith

Asking For Amazon Reviews: How Far is Too Far? @JodyHedlund

Trends in publishing: @40kbooks

15 Frequently Confused Pairs of Nouns:

The 3 lives of a writer:

30 Ways to Use Your Library Card:

Metaphors as tools for worldbuilding and brevity: @JulietteWade

Use surprises for high-impact storytelling:

The Scoop On Then & And Then Sentences:

Zen and the Business of Fiction Writing:

Perfectionism and Productivity:

WKB--now with over 10,000 links to help writers find resources:

Non-Linear Writing – Focus On Your Story's DNA: Non-Linear Writing – Focus On Your Story's DNA @jhansenwrites

Make Time to Write: @Christi_Craig

Coauthoring A Novel: Part 2:

For writing-related quotes and inspiration: @Quotes4Writers

Errors and the Dreaded Stigma of Self-Publishing:

Making readers care about the products of our imagination is a profound & complex task: @CoryDoctorow

How do objects inform storytelling? @BTMargins

An agent with advice for agents: @RachelleGardner

Joe Konrath goes digital and culls 300 paper books:

An agent reminds us that authors have the power to influence sales--we just need to get started: @jennybent

Writing is all about giving ourselves permission: @JamiGold

E-reader and Tablet Ownership Grows Among Women and Over 55s:

The movie outline---for your novel: @ajackwriting

Second Book Syndrome:

Initial thoughts on ebook challenges:

Building a Following: The 4 Types of Bloggers: @RoniLoren

Best Articles This Week for Writers 9/9/11: @4kidlit

Why 1 publisher won't settle for just a book's physical rights:

5 things the writing experts won't tell you: @jammer0501

What 1 screenwriter wishes she'd known & what she's now doing differently:

5 Tips For Getting Back Into The Writing Groove: @ProcrastWriter

8 things to consider when choosing character names: @carrieryan

Why 1 agent doesn't send rejection letters:

7 legal tasks authors should complete to prepare for their death: @PassiveVoiceBlg

How an agent learns craft:

7 Tips to Increase Your Blog Comments:

The dos and don'ts of the 99 cent price point: @ChuckWendig

Alternate History at the Personal Level:

The Power of Online Retail: Amazon Could Beat the California Taxman: @ReadWriteWeb

25 Things You Should Know About Queries, Synopses, Treatments: @ChuckWendig

Fantasy and science-fiction in anime and manga:

7 steps to thinking big: @michaelhyatt

Critique group anxiety: Why's everybody always picking on me? @flawritersconf

A 12-Step Process for Submitting Copy for a Professional Edit or Critique:

Write what you think will sell to the *readers*, not to the publishers: @sarahahoyt

Don't be afraid to write a bad book:

How to format block quotations:

How to research your book (besides using Google):

3 schools of thought on ebook pricing: via @PassiveVoiceBlg

You Still Have A Long Way To Go - Revisions: @greyhausagency

1 writer's plotting process:

3 Ways to Determine if Your Writing is Crap: @JodyHedlund

How to survive the edit letter: @ShariLArnold