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Below are the writing-related links I tweeted last week.

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I’m compiling a directory of ebook professionals—cover designers, formatters, freelance editors, etc.—to make it easier for writers to connect with services. The directory can be accessed here.


I released an ebook last week. Progressive Dinner Deadly is a Myrtle Clover mystery and is currently available for $2.99 (currently on sale for $.99 for a Labor Day weekend sale) on Kindle and Nook. Hope you’ll mention it to any friends who enjoy mysteries.

9 Reasons to Attend Local Writers Conferences: @keligwyn

101 of the Best Fiction Writing Tips, Part II: @Writeitsideways

The Myth of the Lone Creative Genius: @JaneFriedman

The Repeats and the Choruses--the Rhythm of Our Writing:

How writers can deal with frustration:

Red Flags for Female Characters Written By Men:

The art and science of Twitter:

Organizing your writing--3 writers with tips:

1 writer's book launch party:

Real Life Diagnostics: Hooking the Reader From the Start:

Physical descriptions put readers in your place:

Why bad decisions make good stories:

Resources for historical and suspense writers:

Defining and using authorial voice: @authorterryo

What Do Authorship and Entrepreneurship have in Common? @thecreativepenn

The difference between an IP lawyer and a contracts lawyer (& why writers should care): @PassiveVoiceBlg

Preparing for success--the mental game: @jillkemerer

5 Tips On Being Naked In Front of an Audience: @roniloren

7 Ways to Pay it Forward Online: @MarianSchembari

8 tools for plotting (& plot-driven v. char. driven stories) :

A new book discovery search engine tracks 32,160 distinct data points per book:

An Agent Identifies Signs of Overwriting and Explains Why It's a Problem:

Help plotting mysteries--juxtaposition of clues: @HP4Writers

Buying Internet Advertising For Your Book: Part I: @BlurbIsAVerb

Writing 411: Picture Book E-Queries: @WriteAngleBlog

The Basics For Novice Writers: The DON'TS In Article Querying:

Can you split your novel into 4 equal parts? @dirtywhitecandy

How Readers Become Addicts: The Elasticity of Demand (Pricing of Ebooks): @thecreativepenn

Remind agents and editors who you are if you've met them at conferences:

10 Ways To Ensure You Never Have A Writing Career: @sarahahoyt

Character-led fiction:

How to Satisfy Your Reader without Being Predictable: @anncrispin

Bodies found in bathtubs in crime fiction: @mkinberg

When Your Writing Becomes The Enemy Of Your Writing:

A look at key story elements in 'Love and Gladiators':

What to do if Your Copyright is Infringed: @PassiveVoiceBlg

Publishing terms to know:

10 traits of writers who speak from the heart:

Get Started Guide: Blogging for Writers: @JaneFriedman

How to Critique Works That You Find Awful:

A method for developing an elevator pitch:

Is Your Writing Cup Half Empty Or Half Full?

Conflict & Characterization: Lessons from an Old Anime:

An Aspiring Writer's Guide to Conventions and Conferences:

All about back matter (material at the end of the book): @BubbleCow

10 Tips for the Time-Strapped Writer: @CherylRWrites

Getting Jitters While Waiting For Feedback on Our Books: @JodyHedlund

Author Sues Publisher for Restraint of Trade: @passivevoiceblg

How to get published in a magazine:

Writing a mystery? How to feed misinformation to your readers: @HP4Writers

Choreography of dialogue attribution:

Barnes & Noble Posts Q1 Net Loss of $57M: @galleycat

An agent reminds us that we're not Tolstoy or Dickens:

Are all distractions bad? @JamiGold

Why Success Always Starts With Failure:

Why 1 writer chose to self-publish: @dirtywhitecandy

Education in Fantasy Worlds:

A translator explains the challenges of translation in America:

10 tips for authors using social media:

5 Ways to Keep Parallel Lists on Track:

Breaking the Writing Rules Can Lead to Failure or Possibly to Magic: @4kidlit

Giving a talk? Death by PowerPoint — How to Avoid it:

The Kid in You: The Untapped Resource in All of Us:

Tips for writing a synopsis: @WriteAngleBlog

Tips for getting more blog comments: @spunkonastick

7 Surprising Ways Blogging Can Change Your Life:

The Future of Publishing: Make Your Own Audiobooks: @clarissadraper

An interview with industry expert Jane Friedman on author platforms:

For writers located outside the US--how 1 author got an ITIN (US Taxpayer ID) for epubbing: @dirtywhitecandy

Your character's 1st impression: @erinlthomas

6 essential elements for writing success: @jillkemerer

1 writer's method for staying in 1 POV:

Resources for character development: @FaeRowen

Reading is wealth creation for writers: @annerallen

Critiquing pointers for beginners: , , @marybaka

Self-Care for Writers and Obsessive Creatives @JanetBoyer

10 things not to do when building characters: @JulieMusil

Top 10 Dirty Fighting Techniques For Your Writing: @jhansenwrites

Taking on time management: @Mommy_Authors

How to Report Scraper Sites to Google: @galleycat

5 Great Fonts for Book Covers: #ebooks @JFbookman

May Contain Nuts Or Nudity: Labeling on Book Covers: @BTMargins

3 types of secondary characters:

Tips for learning something new:

There's already tons of free content for readers. But writers are still making money:

An agent explains how much to share online:

Why Writers Need to Understand Marketing:

You Say Editing, I Say Proofreading:

5 ways to promote your Kindle #ebook online:

The formula for great blog content:

Unreliable narrators in crime fiction: @mkinberg

Will the World End When Publishers Stop Paying Advances or Immediately Afterwards? @PassiveVoiceBlg

11 Blog (& Manuscript) Proofreading Tips You Can't Afford to Ignore: #editing

101 of the Best Fiction Writing Tips, Part 3: @writeitsideways

A new weekly roundup on @JaneFriedman 's blog by industry follower & journalist @Porter_Anderson:

How to Host a Video Book Club Visit: @galleycat

4 Goals to Polish Your Story:

10 Tips For Becoming A Top-Notch Proofreader:

'Ask an author' feature added to Kindle:

Trying to sell books? Get sticky:

Tips for Writing Distinct Character Voices:

Tips for writing sequels and series: @Sarafurlong

The Evolution of Middle-Grade Fantasy and Television: @KgElfland2ndCuz

19 Ways to Get More Readers for Your Author Blog:

Test Driving Scrivener Software for Writers:

3 Factors That Influence How Much Editing a Book Gets: @JodyHedlund

Three Acts, Two Acts or No Acts?

An interview w/ @JaneFriedman, who encourages writers to experiment w/ different soc media platforms:

My tweets are archived and searchable at the free Writer's Knowledge Base:

10 things to consider when pricing #ebooks:

The importance of tagging blog posts: @keligwyn

Why You Should Be Writing at Night:

Ebooks: Time to Diversify Your Portfolio? #ebooks

Joe Konrath on a formula for success: #ebooks

Simple things 1 writer wishes she'd known about writing (that her editor pointed out to her): @LadyGlamis

Your author brand--tips for creating one and where writers hang out on Twitter: @jhansenwrites

The power of deadlines: @CherylRWrites

A helpful thesaurus for settings, emotions, symbolism, weather, & character traits: @angelaackerman

Search my tweets--

7 Signs Your Manuscript May Not Be Ready For Prime Time: @Grammar_Diva

How much do readers factor into what you write?

Rejection and Persistance: @BTMargins

Best Articles This Week for Writers 9/2/11: @4kidlit

Progressions Make the Story Worse and Worse–and That's Good:

An Author's Guide to Free Sales Data: @BlurbIsAVerb

How Do Superpowers Affect Your Characters' Perspectives and Worldviews?

Why We Think "I Want To Quit Writing!" And Why We Can't: @MuseInks

4 ways to look at your whole story: @sierragodfrey

8 Ways to Write Better Characters: @WritersDigest

5 writers explain how they prevent saggy book middles:

Build Your Platform – Get Yourself Some Gigs:

Making Characters Multi-Dimensional: @jeanniecampbell

The Business of Screenwriting: Script readers, Hollywood's threshold guardians: @GoIntoTheStory

A peek into the world of book cover design:

Clever Costuming to Convey Character: @StephanieLMcGee

On the prevalence of US tropes in storytelling: @aliettedb

Movies vs. Fanfiction:

15 Household Technologies Recreated in #Steampunk:

5 Big Media Appearance Mistakes You Don't Want to Make: @BookMarketer

How Evernote helped 1 writer go paper-free:

Books With Soundtracks: The Future of Reading?

Does Your Character Need a Job?

Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing: You Can Only Write What Is Hot: @DeanWesleySmith

Convention readings: what to read, and how to get an audience: @JulietteWade

Traditional Publishing: Pros & Cons:

1 reason why we should know our characters well: