Sunday, August 28, 2011


Below are the writing-related links I tweeted last week.

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I released an ebook last week. Progressive Dinner Deadly is a Myrtle Clover mystery and is currently available for $2.99 on Kindle and Nook. Hope you’ll mention it to any friends who enjoy mysteries.

Hiding clues with humor: @HP4Writers

Why You Should Write First for Yourself:

How Intuition Can Enhance Your Writing: @TheCreativePenn

Pushing Past the OK Plateau:

What top-earning authors make:

Why query letters matter: @tawnafenske

Breaking In To Publication: Short Stories vs. Novels:

Are You A 10,000 Words A Day Writer?

3 Ways to Write for Yourself:

A directory to help connect writers to cover designers, editors, and formatters:

Striking the proper tone: @Mommy_Authors

How to Hire an Editor:

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How to increase your chances of meeting with an agent at a convention:

Are Agents & Publishers Too Picky?

Is "They" Acceptable as a Singular Pronoun?

Describing Characters:

2 different career arcs for writers: the Genius and the Late Bloomer:

A lesson in backstory:

Poor sales can affect your future:

An agent talks about pen names:

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How to avoid creating plastic characters: @JodyHedlund

4 great ways to use Evernote with Skitch today — plus 14 new possibilities: @awsamuel

Lost Interest in Writing Your Novel? How to Love Your Characters:

Creative Writing Program Rankings Released: @galleycat

Snipping Your Novel's Reviews for Social Media:

How to Build a Book Group Audience for Your Book:

10 tips for a good interview--as both interviewer and subject:

Common sense and the writer:

5 Simple Font Changes to Boost Readers, Comments, and Shares on Your Blog:

Twisting the Tropes in Historical Romance:

James Patterson brand makes him world's best-paid writer (Guardian):

The Business of #Screenwriting: They will pigeonhole you (and why this can be a good thing):

Writing Dystopian Noir Fiction:

10 Science Fiction Books That Changed the Course of History:

How to Eschew Obfuscation & Write Clearly:

Critical reading means criticizing your reading:

10 Words Editors Hate:

The Top 10 Books That Influenced J.R.R. Tolkien:

A Degree to Write?

12 essentials for a successful author website:

Stop making excuses and start writing now: @fuelyourwriting

How to Use Skype to Sell Books: @BookMarketer

8 tips to Make Your Next Writers Conference Awesome:

Tips for removing narrative distance & tightening POV: @bluemaven

How to start a blog post: @SeanPlatt

Thoughts and tips for naming characters:

How to Make Your Reader Cry: Anatomy of a Death Scene: @lkblackburne

Tips for personal essay :

The Nuance of Suspense: @JoanSwan

4 Tricks for Improving Your Fiction in One Day: @victoriamixon

Tips for perfecting your YA voice:

Error-Free Will Come "When Cars Can Drive Themselves":

The Fine Art of Choosing A Pen Name:

What bloggers can learn from comedians:

Authors, Are You Approachable Online? @GoblinWriter

Points to consider if you're a new writer hoping to publish an ebook:

An agent reminds writers to be team players:

Why Authors Should Be Writing in Adobe InDesign:

Facebook for Bloggers: A Short Guide:

Are you master of your book promotion or just a serf?

How Much Do Book Designers Earn? @galleycat

A writer predicts 10 ebook trends:

8 Tips for Using Quotes and Dialogue in Your Blog Posts:

A deadly sin of writing--POV prostitution:

Plot your revision: @HowToWriteShop

An agent's thoughts on lessons in picture books:

Convert Your PDFs into Clean Kindle or ePub Files: @galleycat

3 ways to toughen up wimpy characters: @JulieMusil

5 Brainstorming Strategies for Writers:

101 of the Best Fiction Writing Tips: @writeitsideways

An agent explains what happens if your book doesn't sell:

How to Build a First-Class Email List in 30 Days — from Scratch:

Tips for reading blogs and leaving meaningful comments:

5 more techniques to help you ratchet up the tension and conflict in your story: @jhansenwrites

Organization for Creative People – Why Your Brain May Be Keeping You From 'Getting Things Done':

How to Use Journaling Therapy to Know and Grow Your Life:

How to Tantalize as a Graphic Novel:

Writing Life: Reassessing Goals For the Year:

Outlining As You Write:

How to Make Your Blog Readers Into Rabid Fans:

Why 1 writer isn't a fan of fan fic:

How to Treat Names of Groups and Organizations in Your :

A fight scene formula (to avoid):

5 steps to better proofreading: @woodwardkaren

Scammers want *you*:

How to give book teasers for an upcoming release: @cherylktardif

How to Throw a Book Party that Rocks:

10 Things You Need to Know About Virtual Book Tours: @nouveauwriter

Crime Writers: Hostage Situations from the Police Negotiator's Perspective:

An agent on author advances (& whether there's such a thing as too much):

Should You Pitch (and Sign With) a New Agent? The Pros and Cons:

7 Easy Steps to Much Faster Writing:

The Latest E-Book Buying Trends (Publishers Weekly):

Are books dead, and can authors survive? (The Guardian):

Writing and Publishing E-Books for Charity:

Need help with pacing?

Pros of different types of settings:

Why Copying Inspires Creativity:

For crime fiction writers--how burn phones work: @ClarissaDraper

An agent reminds us to meet our deadlines:

The Dangers of Inadequate Writing Time:

How Booksellers Can Fight Censorship During Banned Books Week:

Crime fiction sleuths who get push-back from family & friends for investigating: @mkinberg

What 1 writer learned over summer vacation: @BTMargins

How getting dissed by a literary giant gave 1 writer confidence: @PennyJars

7 Rules for Identifying People by Place Names:

How to build a villain: @woodwardkaren

How to Satisfy Your Reader without Being Predictable: @victoriastrauss

Why authors should start a newsletter:

When to re-query an agent:

13 things that go into a book proposal:

On author photos:

Tips for plumping up wispy book middles:

How to Deal with Unconstructive Criticism:

Who has the power in #publishing?

Best Articles This Week for Writers 8/26/11: @4kidlit

Plagiarism: Is It Safe to Share Your Writing With Others? @meghancward

The death of the book tour: @AnneRAllen

Preparing to meet agents and editors:

Don't just think about it---send out those queries:

Character flaws from virtues:

When you need backstory and when you don't:

Regrets and What They Say About Your Character: @jeanniecampbell

The Difficulty of Finding Story Ideas That Publishers Like: @jodyhedlund

10 Tips for Attacking First Drafts: @elspethwrites

Lost the Ability to Write? How Writers Get Their Grooves:

Outlining a Novel - Step By Step:

Captain America's 10-Step Guide to the Likable Hero: @KMWeiland

Top 10 Tips of Writing 1 Writer Learned from Studying JK Rowling: @HP4Writers

Dialogue as a weapon:

Librarians Reshelve 27,000 Books After Virginia Earthquake: @galleycat

9 tips to set and achieve creative goals:

How to deal with people: Advice for the shy & socially awkward:

Using the 3-Act Structure: Adjusting Expectations:

$99 Tablet from Amazon? @PassiveVoiceBlg

3 Lessons Learned While Backpacking Europe: @YAHighway

Playing To Your Strengths as a Writer: @jhansenwrites @GeneLempp

Formatting red flags: @WriteAngleBlog

Work for hire arrangements in publishing:

The units that make up a plot:

Conflict vs. complication: @tabithaolson

6 dialogue traps to avoid: @indieauthor

Should I meet writers, or write (or blog)? The writer's dual identity: @JulietteWade

A Book's Success (or Failure) Depends On A Lot Of Variables, Reminds an Agent:

Sword Swallowing: Put Your Emotion On The Page:

Real Life Diagnostics: Getting Emotional:

What "Cowboys and Aliens" Can Teach us About Connecting to Readers: @Janice_Hardy

Creative Goal Setting for Writers:

3 Things That Come First Before You Tackle Social Media: @JaneFriedman

Your Characters Should Exist in Time:

Why writers need to be able to ask for help: @JodyHedlund