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Below are my writing-related tweets from the last week.

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I’m compiling a directory of ebook professionals—cover designers, formatters, freelance editors, etc.—to make it easier for writers to connect with services. If you’d like to be added, please email me at elizabethspanncraig (at) gmail (dot) com with your contact info, website, etc. The directory can be accessed here.


I also released an ebook this week. Progressive Dinner Deadly is a Myrtle Clover mystery and is available for $2.99 on Kindle and Nook. Hope you’ll mention it to any friends who enjoy mysteries.

The love triangle trend in YA: @wordforteens

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Why 2nd Novels Are So Different from the First:

The Way We Publish Now: @AnneRAllen

Are you writing the wrong genre? @dirtywhitecandy

Sticking our readers into an interesting situation:

Finding & defining a profitable niche for your book:

3 Criteria for a Killer Title: @KatieGanshert

Agents Verses Intellectual Property Lawyers:

Blogging without a computer:

Building Allies: Working with Libraries: @ryanmwilliams

Tips for writing dialogue:

How To Find an Illustrator for Your Book: @thecreativepenn @writetip

3 authors, 3 examples of the disruption in #publishing:

International Conference Survival Tips:

How Much Has Book Marketing Changed Since 2005? @janefriedman

3 Copywriting Tips for Writers:

10 things 1 writer would have done differently: @roniloren

Open your story with a (subtle) bang:

Book ideas for newbie writers:

How Gaming Invaded 1 Writer's Writing Worldview:

Writers--stop worrying:

Should You Respond To Every Email?

Debut authors--take a moment to enjoy it all:

Hyphenation in Compound Nouns:

Tips for querying:

Building a Magical System: A Questionnaire:

Comparing long and short headlines for effectiveness:

How to be a faster writer (Slate):

Using Dirty Fighting To Escalate Tension In Your Story: @jhansenwrites

Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing. The Myth of Knowing it All:

Commonly misused words: @authorterryo

The 5 Worst Ways to Title a Blog Post:

Suffering and the Brilliant Author: @SarahAHoyt

How To Comparison Shop For Books: @galleycat

Plotting mysteries...with help from JK Rowling: @HP4Writers

The Art of Stringing 'Em Along: @katieganshert

With Great Productivity Comes Great Preparation:

What Does Your Author Bio Say about You? @JamiGold

5 ways to structure a plot:

Why 1 writer loves writing in 1st person: @4kidlit @LisaGailGreen

5 Ways to Thrive in your Writing Career:

3 Tricks for Ratcheting Tension: @victoriamixon

Using an image list to boost your creativity:

For writers looking for critique partners: @clarissadraper

The writer's what-if:

Cliched Contrivances: @RavenRequiem13

Business card ideas for writers:

Writing lessons learned from "Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet": @JulieMusil

An agent's thoughts on online browsing for books & the closure of brick and mortar bookstores:

A directory to help connect writers to cover designers, editors, and formatters:

1 writer's list of 5 ways not to end a book:

Easing your way into more responsibility: @jodyhedlund

Romance writing--unusual proposals: & the big lie:

5 Creative Coaching Techniques To Get Yourself Unstuck:

Relationships Focus Characters:

A look at sleuths with troubled childhoods in crime fiction: @mkinberg

Maintaining Your Enthusiasm Until the Book Is Completed: @KMWeiland

1 Harsh Reality of Blogging:

Tips for staying organized:

10 Uses for Forcefields:

Defining author brand:

Writing interesting places:

Why Are So Many Writers Plagued With Insecurities?

A review of capitalization rules:

The importance of beta readers:

7 Annoying Blogging Personality Disorders:

2 tricks for beating writer's block: @victoriamixon

A Few Things Writers SHOULDN'T Worry About:

10 commandments for a happy writer:

Tips for conveying your characters in queries:

How to handle bad reviews:

The Dangers of Being An Apathetic Writer:

Crime Writers: Hostage Situations from a Criminal's Perspective:

Inclusion of lies and lying to enrich our stories: @JulietteWade

Don't Feel Guilty About "Playing Around" Online:

Book collectors--buyer beware on signatures:

Writing conference tips:

Authors value reader encouragement: @JodyHedlund

Networking at writers' conferences:

Character quirks and foibles:

What Every Writer Needs to Know About Cover Design – Even if You're not Self-Publishing: @dirtywhitecandy

Dealing with reviews and critiques:

Writing a book--marketing and promo:

1 writer's thoughts on reader reviews and rating books: @authorterryo

Thoughts on self-pubbing vs. traditional:

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Why Your Blog's "About" Page Matters:

Using the element of surprise in our writing:

An agent says that writing rules are just tools:

Grantwriting 101 for Writers: @JaneFriedman

3 exercises to add layers of complexity to both scene and character: @BTMargins

Why it's important to keep POV consistency:

What makes slang stick? (Slate):

A history of steampunk: , , &

Why You Need A Literary Agent… Or Do You? @mjcache

How to Check Your Book Proof in 3 Simple Steps:

Creating great villains:

5 Ways to Know You Need More Life Balance:

5 Slang Words That May Never Be Legit:

How To Find the Book on the Tip of Your Tongue: @galleycat

4 Steps to Breaking Out Your Creativity:

Why Do Agents Close To Submissions?

A book blogger with tips for getting your book reviewed (and pitching a blogger): @jesslaw

Beware the Bog of Back Story: @KristenLambTX

How to Get an MFA equivalent in 5 steps: @sarahlapolla

3 Questions to Ask Before You Publish Your Next Blog Post:

Using Scrivener Software to Plot a Novel: @sarahketley

Authors, Do You Have a Facebook Fan Page?

5 More Ways To Kill A Sentence: @Grammar_Diva

How to Lose Fans & Alienate People: @MuseInks

What to Say on Social Media When You Have Nothing to Say:

Words That Should (Not) Be Capitalized in Titles:

Are You Missing This Crucial Skill Set as a Writer?

Internet Resources For Writers: @ErinORiordan

3 Principles for Facebook Fan Pages: @janefriedman

The Sagging Character:

Strategies for making time to write:

How to begin a story: @BTMargins

9 Tips for Becoming A Freelance Writer:

A look at Pottermore and engaging our reader electronically (and, who are we trying to serve?): @HP4Writers

Best Articles This Week for Writers 8/19/11: @4kidlit

Are You Wasting Your Time Trying to Get Published? @JaneFriedman

Thinking = Plotting:

Stop being an 'aspiring' writer: @JaneFriedman

Live Intentionally But With Breathing Space: @JodyHedlund

Do Writers Read Differently Than Non-Writers? @jhansenwrites

Addressing the reader in our stories:

Those who argue with rejections:

My tweets are archived and searchable at the Writer's Knowledge Base:

Who's In Charge of Writing This Story?

Romance writers--don't make Mr. Fabulous *too* fabulous:

Tips on Self-Destructive Protagonists:

How to Reverse-Outline Your First Draft:

Platform 101 for Regular (Not-Famous) People:

Publishing on Kindle - A Tutorial : #ebooks

Time management tips for the marketing author: @rileymagnus

How to Read a Book Contract: @PassiveVoiceBlg

Personalizing Your Query:

7 Lessons 1 Writer Learned by Starting Over with Blogging:

Novel Ideas For Indie Bookstores:

10 ways to survive crazy conference roommates & other advice:

What book publicists earn: @galleycat

10 ways to find Mr. Write at a writers conference:

Finding a Quiet Place to Write: @jodycalkins

Publishing terms that writers should be familiar with: @selfpubreview

Autograph Your Ebooks: @PassiveVoiceBlg

An agent asks writers to think about their project before starting it: