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I’m back! I missed everybody! Hope everyone has had a good last week and a half. :) I’ll start back with a double-edition of Twitterific—below are all my tweets from the last two weeks. Hope you’ll enter this month’s WKB giveaway for a chance to win Donald Maass’ excellent Writing the Breakout Novel, from our friends at Writer’s Digest. Enter the drawing by signing up for the WKB newsletter.

Finger Lickin’ Dead released June 7th. Hope you’ll consider it if you enjoy mysteries, or know someone who does.Download it on Kindle: Mass market paperback: ($6.99)


Ten Tools for Author Success: #3, Build Your Platforms:

10 Reasons Writers Might Drink: @elspethwrites

“The Help” – A Happy Ending? (A story deconstruction):

Voice tips from the pros: @AngelaAckerman

Foyles Bookstore, 105-Yrs-Young, Seeks Partner for Long Walks, Fun, Int’l Expansion:

We Retreat To Advance:

Finding balance while juggling life:

To Hyphenate or Not To Hyphenate? @authorterryo

Business Writing: What Is It Exactly?

Letting Go to Help Our Book-Babies Grow: @WriteAngleBlog

How 1 writer makes a living writing online:

For writing quotes and inspiration: Advice to Writers: @AdviceToWriters

Introduction to BSP:

From Scratch or Script: Writing vs. Acting: @BTMargins

How to Use Speech Recognition Software – 5 Tips for Writers:

Are comfortable, middle-class people no longer a legitimate subject for serious fiction? (Guardian):

5 writing lessons 1 writer learned from dating:

Why are our superlatives so boring? (Chicago Tribune):

Finding the Threads (or: How to Eat an Elephant): @CherylRWrites

Chat with 5 New York Published Authors Gone Indie: @HowToWriteShop

Online Marketing for the Middle Grade Audience:

What makes a villain? Hero in villain's clothing:

Brave New E World:

One illustrator's process:

The Life List Club: @jhansenwrites

Stories Are How We Make Sense of Life:

3 Tips from "Guys and Dolls": @LauraPauling

10 great sites for writers: @AJackWriting

When to name your characters: @elspethwrites

The secret bookshop:

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Finding A Character's Perfect Match:

Finding Confidence In Yourself:

Lessons on a Set:

How to turn your iPad into a writing machine:

An explanation of earning back your advance: @aswinn

Book publicity isn't a sprint--it's a marathon: @spunkonastick

How To Avoid Barriers That Weaken Your Headlines: @

"Onlooker" characters: @mkinberg

Tips for writing unsympathetic characters that readers will like:

The 4 Steps of a Writer’s Journey:

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Want to start a book club? 7 questions to get you started:

5 Ways NOT to Use Twitter for Freelancers:

How to keep your creativity alive during your summer vacation:

Ebook Buyer’s Guide: Know When to Buy an eReader and When to Wait:

Building Coherent Scene Transitions:

Do You Write 750 Words Per Day? @marianschembari

Deus Ex Machina: Latin for “Don’t Do This in Your Story” : @KMWeiland

Why every novelist is holding out for a hero (Guardian):

An agent answers questions on writing picture books:

4 qualities of a good title:

Joe Konrath on the potential Borders liquidation:

Emotional and Psychological Dynamics:

A helpful thesaurus for settings, emotions, symbolism, & weather--now with character traits: @AngelaAckerman

Squeezing Writing In Around Life:

Make Life Simple: Consolidate Your Sites:

5 Lessons 1 Writer Learned from a Best-Selling Author: @tglong

Top 15 Books On Writing:

Promo Tool for Writers--Google Keyword Tool:

Advice for aspiring writers:

The Death of Print, Part Whatever:

Unofficial partnerships in crime fiction: @mkinberg

5 Telltale Signs of an Amateur Writer: @tglong

An agent with a rebuttal on a recent Slate article bashing YA: @LitAgentMarini

Fiction as Metaphor:

Don’t Drive Your Blog Distracted:

A nice roundup of writing help on a variety of topics:

Writers' conferences are more than just giant writing classes: @tonyeldridge

33 Must-Read Tips & Tutorials for Bloggers:

Replacing “Show, Don’t Tell” With Observe and Report + Examples:

15 Excellent Tips for Writing a Book (The Atlantic):

When readers trust an author: @JulieMusil

Will My Social Media Presence Help My Book Proposal?

Google+ in 15 Minutes a Day:

Now with over 9000 links to help #writers find resources:

Casting About for Ideas: Writing Short Stories:

Productive Arguing:

Libraries and ebooks:

Tuning out the Greek chorus:

The Comparison Trap:

4 internet research tools for writers:

How Self-Publishing Changes the Bond Between Readers and Writers:

5 Steps to Building a Platform When You Hate Selling Yourself:

Examples of long-buried secrets in crime fiction: @mkinberg

3 Ways to Have More Energy to Follow Your Dreams:

Are You Good Enough to Write Professionally?

The Creative Personality: Ambition and Envy:

6 Online Dating Tactics to Improve Your Facebook Fan Page:

7 Simple Ways to Ease Your Writing Stress:

Villains as Mirrors:

4 Tips for Researching Nonfiction for Kids: @SmackDabBlog

Revisiting your writing goals for the year:

Creating a Visual Character Map: @TheCreativePenn

Not Starting with the Action: @NovelRocket

Self-Publishing, Yes and No: @JFbookman

Examples on subtext:

Making the Case for Fee-based Reviews of Self-published Books: @pubperspectives

Inspiration from authors' quotations: @Quotes4Writers

How to K.O. Your Writing Doubts:

On Finding The Right Writer’s Group For You:

Simplify the entire internet:

Identifying Your Writing Strengths, step 1:

How to promote your books on Goodreads: @HowToWriteShop

Barking-Dog Days of the Writing Life: @JodyHedlund

Writing humor in fiction:

2 tips for making life easier: @KatieGanshert

Surfing the fantasy network online:

Basics of writing--creating minor characters:

Writing a novel on the iPad: @AnneLyle

What’s Your Blogging Style? @JamiGold

Who's Got the Time to Write? @YAHighway

Do Telemarketing Tactics Build Readership? @jillkemerer

Writing the 2nd Book in a Trilogy: @LTWFblog

Writing the 2nd Book in a Trilogy: @LTWFblog

Synopsis Writing Tips: @AlanOrloff @CricketMcRae

Metaphor is the process, not the product: @TheresaStevens

8 Ways to Defeat Writers Block @joanswan

An agent with tips for pitching your novel: @rachellegardner

What killed Borders? Hint: It wasn't the Internet (Slate):

Tips for Writing the Back-Cover Blurb: @WriteAngleBlog

45 rookie writing mistakes to avoid: @p2p_editor

Abuse Your Muse:

Books-A-Million Makes Bid for Up To 35 Borders Stores: @GalleyCat

Tips for writing literary love stories: @EDFsChronicles

6 Killer Writing Tips from a Great-Grandmother of a Copy Editor:

Literary or Mainstream? The Two Boxes of Fiction: @EDFsChronicles

How to write a press release:

Indie, Big 6, or Small Press Publishing: Why Not Try All Three? @AnneRAllen

A writer's thoughts on the perils of pitching:

The Business of Character Engagement: @jhansenwrites

How 1 newbie writer sold 3 novels in 3 different genres: @jennybent

7 things 1 writer has learned so far:

Creative types are full of themselves, study confirms (MSNBC):

How the Art of Screenwriting Can Make You a Better Web Writer:

The #1 Thing to remember when crafting narrative flow: @RavenRequiem13

Why 1 Writer Wouldn't Recommend an MFA to Most Aspiring Writers: @iggiandgabi

An agent answers random questions:

Author Intrusion: 12 Pitfalls To Avoid: @RoniLoren

Testing the Idea–Is It Strong Enough to Make a Novel?

Incorporating setting in natural ways:

Creativity Tweets of the Week — 7/22/11: @on_creativity

Looking at Typos from a Different Angle:

An Agent Says: Don't Throw In The Towel: E-pub/Self-Pub is Not The Easy Fix:

Thoughts on story endings: @JulietteWade

Why good novels get rejected:

Blog Traffic Secret: Woo the Groupies:

10 Tips for Blogging Awesomeness: @KristenLambTX

A writer blogs that social media doesn't sell books--and a comment discussion ensues: @murdershewrites

What Is a Blogger’s Role in Responding to Comments? @JodyHedlund

For the over-cautious writer--9 Reasons Why Failure Is Not Fatal: @the99percent

Using the Emotional State of Your Characters to Craft Better Scenes: @Janice_Hardy

The Myth of the Lone Ranger Author @RachelleGardner

Selecting the Proper Hook:

Nice site of writing prompts for teachers & writers looking for inspiration: @WritePrompts

5 Common Myths People Have About Finding Their Passion: @ollinmorales

You Are Not Your Book?

Domain Names, Traffic, and a New Kind of Pun: @GeoffreyCubbage

A writer says KidLit Con holds special merit:

Flipping the Switch from “Introvert” to “Extrovert”: @RLLaFevers

5 Creative Flaws That Will Expose Your Lack of Storytelling Experience:

An agent with some querying red flags:

Digesting the Revision Letter, a pep talk: @LTWFblog

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It Was Just a Dream: Why Dream Endings Are an Anathema to Flash Fiction: @EDFsChronicles

Critique feedback--to whom should you listen?

Nice list of flash fiction markets and links to articles on flash fiction:

5 Reasons Your Online Marketing Doesn’t Work: @JaneFriedman

10 steps to a clean submission:

You Say Potato, Your Character Says Potahto: @RLLaFevers

Character and Plot—One and The Same Thing?

3 Fiction Writing Lessons from a Mock Wedding: @writeitsideways

Best Articles This Week for Writers 7/24/11: @4kidlit

Writing Romance When Your Marriage fails:

Uncovering YA Covers: How Dark Are They?

A look at theme in Harry Potter:

Mind Your Promises: @EDFsChronicles

When you need to break up with your agent: @LAGilman

1 writer hates similes:

How To Drive Yourself Crazy, Writer Style: @dawnmetcalf

Looking Into the Future of Bookstores: 4 Angles: @JaneFriedman

How to Have a Writers’ Hangout in Google+:

Top 7 Reasons Blogs Fail and What to Do About It:

Finding time for writing:

How to write a novel--characters:

10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Grow Your Email List:

Class distinctions in publishing? @raelynbarclay

Borders Dies of Self-Inflicted Wounds, But How Many Publishers (And Writers) Will Follow? @ChandlerWrites

A look at character development, using the Harry Potter series as an example:

Awoke? Awaked? Forsooth, I Have Woken Up! @Grammar_Diva

The Power of a Conversation About Your WIP: @joanswan

The Ins and Outs of a Sexy Book Cover:

Why Many MFA Programs are Imperfect: @iggiandgabi

10 Common but Totally Unrealistic Romance Storylines:

Links between physical and social in worldbuilding: @JulietteWade

Start on Page 30: Kicking off your novel:

The Pros of Prologues:

The Writer As Observer: @BTMargins

Just because you can self-pub, doesn't mean you should: @greyhausagency

The Worst Reasons to Become a Novelist:

9 Immediate Tips To Stay Focused on Your Goals:

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Ideas for increasing book sales:

Using trademarked names in your book:

Supporting the crazy writer:

You’re only as good as your collaborators: @michellerafter

Priorities in this Brave New World: @DeanWesleySmith

The (Low) Cost of Reading: @BTMargins

From Concept to Copy: @annerooney

My tweets are archived and searchable here:

Writing A Series:

How to Style Numbers:

Personal vs. Platform: Where Is the Line?

How To Leave 'Em Wanting More! The Wonderful World of Potter: @lisagailgreen

Identifying Your Writing Strengths, step 2: @msforster

Time Management - Calendars:

Deciding When to Show and When to Tell: @4KidLit

How To Establish A Ritual Of Writing:

How Querying Is Just Like Dating:


2 Rules for Online Self Promotion:

Writing a Quality Medical Scene:

Neil Gaiman's 8 Good Writing Practices:

Mind mapping for authors:

Thoughts on Creating Magic Systems:

4 Great Things I Learned from the MFA: @iggiandgabi

Why Borders Failed While Barnes & Noble Survived (NPR):

6 Ways to Build Your Brand Using LinkedIn:

Can your character change?

When your agent says no to your new project:

Melodrama isn't a 4 letter word:

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7 Reasons Why Joining a Book Club Will Help Your Writing:

4 Ways To Deepen Romance Relationships in Any Type of Story:

Improving description: @FantasyFaction

Why Nathan Bransford’s self promotion fell flat – and why you should take note: @LauraPauling

Goals--Are You Making Them Too Obvious? @JaniceHardy

An Author’s Guide to Book Birthers, Book Shepherds and other Consultants:

Paying attention to your dreams:

Resources For Young Writers: @TheCreativePenn

How a Novel in Verse Amps Up Emotional Insight:

How To Make Your Own Book Trailer: @BubbleCow

What to Do When Your Blog Growth Plateaus:

An Agent Says--If You Want To Be A Better Writer, Take The Time To Learn:

Build Diversity Into Your Online Presence: @janefriedman

Choosing POV for our manuscript:

7 Types of Euphemism:

Crafting your elevator pitch:

5 Steps to Create a New Habit:

A publisher addresses a variety of topics:

Fantasy subgenres:

A writer says that book clubs keeps books alive:

Lawrence Block explains why he loves John Locke and Russell Blake: @LawrenceBlock

Self publishers should mind their manners:

Writing fight scenes:

Character Development Through Hobbies: @CherylRWrites

An agent reminds us that conflict is key:

4 Free Tools to Help You Socially Monitor Your Brand:

How Do We Maintain Believability in Our Work?

7 Steps Towards Better Villainy: How To Make ‘em So Bad, They Are Good: @BTMargins

8 Steps to Better Characters:

9 steps for planning your novel: @LindaKSienkwicz

Getting Short Story Credits is Getting Easier (Sort Of):

Prologue Tips:

How to write critiques that don't kill: @jammer0501

Tips for parents of young writers: @mollybackes

So, You Want to Sell More Books at Amazon… [Part 2: Tags]:

10 Edgy Stereotypes Which Will Not Actually Make Your Characters Edgier: @YAHighway

Make the Most of Product Reviews on Your Facebook Page:

Janice Hardy gives a real-life diagnostic on a ms that may need more action:

A Substantive Editor Is a Writer’s Coach:

Why 1 writer turned down 2 contracts:

Revision tips--the scenic route:

My tweets are archived and searchable:

Presenting a Writing Workshop: Lessons Learned: @keligwyn

Balancing your backstory: @Mommy_Authors

Reigniting the flame after a writing conf:

Meg Cabot Thinks Vampire Novels Need New Blood (WSJ):

Microsoft Word tips and tricks: @jhansenwrites

Should Authors Use Twitter Auto-Unfollow? @sarahketley

Freelancers--When to Ask Editors About Pay Rates for Your Articles:

Top 5 ways to hook your reader: @Kerrie_Flanagan

10 Rules For Manuscript Evaluations:

How to Hire a Copyeditor:

Writing Exercises to Remove Writers Block: @JoanSwan

Why there’s still a place in the world for literary readings (Ntl. Post):

6 tips for your book's market analysis:

Fantasy, imagination, and the hero:

Managing a State Writers' Organization: @HopeClark

Can’t Decide on Your Blog’s Focus? Tips for Baffled Bloggers:

Being a Working Writer:

How to Become a Twitter Search Ninja:

E-Booking the Backlist: Who and How:

6 Reasons Every Serious Blogger Should Blog for the Big Dogs:

It's Over: Getting Readers to the Ending, and Making Them Glad They Came:

Fun sites for writing tools:

10 Simple Website Changes that Will Increase Your Freelance Sales:

5 tips for writing every day:

Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Off, Start All Over Again:

Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing: You Can’t Make Money Writing Fiction: @DeanWesleySmith

Great Character Descriptions from Science Fiction and Fantasy Books:

Creating the most engaging environment--working the "container" of your story:

How to Be a Good Guest Post Host:

9 Reasons Not to Stop Yourself from Starting:

How Books Work: The Hunger Games (Part 2) :