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Below are writing links that I’ve posted to Twitter in the past week. Hope you’ll enter this month’s WKB giveaway for a chance to win Donald Maass’ excellent Writing the Breakout Novel, from our friends at Writer’s Digest. Enter the drawing by signing up for the WKB newsletter.

Finger Lickin’ Dead released June 7th. Hope you’ll consider it if you enjoy mysteries, or know someone who does.Download it on Kindle: Mass market paperback: ($6.99) Tomorrow I'm looking forward to hosting Karen Walker on Mystery Writing is Murder. Hope you'll come by!

Making Time to Write Despite the Never Ending To Do List:

Digital lit: How new ways to read mean new ways to write (Globe and Mail):

The Kings Speech - Why is this such a Great Bad Movie? @StoryMeBad

Why So Few Men Join Book Groups:

How some famous crime fiction sleuths got into the business: @mkinberg

The Writer as Detective (NY Times):

An overlooked form of marketing--volunteerism: @MariaZannini

Best practices for the professional writer: @JourneytoFree

Writing for the reluctant teen reader:

Writing urban fantasy vs. steampunk:

Stop Procrastinating By Thinking of Your Future Self:

10 Ways to Keep a Long-Term Character From Being Hated:

Roving body parts: @authorterryo

Why gratitude is vital for writers:

7 Tips for Writing a Film Review:

Why 1 writer/artist loves Google+ & her tips for newbies: @inkyelbows

6 tips for helping writers suspend reader disbelief: @damesofdialogue

A nice how-to on creating an ebook:

Censoring Books for Kids: @jemifraser

Nice link roundup by 2 historical writers: @2nerdyhistgirls

Fluffing up a flat character:

Fast and Easy Guide to Writing Characters of the Opposite Gender: @KMWeiland

Why Your Creativity Is Stuck On Shuffle And You’re Not Hearing A Single Song:

Magical Rooms in Fiction: @AwfullyBigBlog

Everything You Wanted to Know About Digital Publishing But Were Afraid to Ask: @DearAuthor

Sex and the Novel: @Sarafurlong

How Much Should an Author’s Ebook Royalty Be? Some number crunching: @kellymcclymer

Metafiction: The Forgotten Transformer: @yaHighway

9 Tips For The Perfect Pitch:

Lessons from the Movies--Planting and Returning Images to Create a Satisfying Ending:

Tips for getting in the writing zone: @SarahKetley

Improving Creativity: The Connect Brainset: @lkblackburne

6 great heroes of epic fantasy: Part 1: and 2:

Things not to do as a writer--the rush to publish: @LisaKilian

The truth is out there: sci-fi doesn't have to be stupid (Brisbane Times): @brisbanetimes

Writers and Doubt:

The real Secret Garden (Telegraph):

The writer takes a walk:

The Best Way to Embrace a Negative Review:

Write what you know...or not:

When writing is hard, write in a herd: @BWBODRasch

Tips for crime writers for avoiding "Cabot Cove Syndrome": @authorterryo

5 Steps to Writing a Killer First Chapter – How to Wow Readers:

3 protagonists walk into a bar:

Tips for writing action well: @Juliemusil @lisagailgreen

Using tarot cards to develop your story: @joanswan

The Importance of Knowing & Writing For Our Target Readers: @JodyHedlund

Identifying the specific reason behind procrastination and making steps to work through it:

Personalized publishing advice--where to get it?

One writer's 10 favorite writing lessons: @jhansenwrites

Handling Content Edits: @KatieGanshert

Hands-on plotting:

A former D&D gamer offers us 10 types of character quirks: @CherylRWrites

An agent on what to do when you get an offer:

How to Write a Non-Fiction Query Letter:

5 Tips for Making a YouTube Promo Video:

Writing Historical Fiction: Daring to Own an Icon: @BTMargins

Getting started with Google+:

Basics of writing--keeping it fresh:

When artificial intelligences start using contractions:

Don't lie in query letters:

How writing is like ironing linen:

Stop talking about writing and write:

3 Ways to Sell Yourself as an Online Writer:

Legacy Publishing vs Self-Publishing: Can You Do Both? @AJackWriting

Union & Guild Resources for Writers: @galleycat

Why You Can't Buy Creativity:

How *not* to support local bookstores and coffeehouses: @NinaBadzin

How flexible are you? @JodyHedlund

10 Ways to Reach Your Word Count Goals: @elspethwrites

How to break your book into chapters: @PublishingGuru

A primer on your publishing options: @HartJohnson

Agents as Publishers: @LauraPauling

3 types of mushy book middles: @FantasyFaction

Dialogue and The Telephone:

Self-editing checklist--externals:

YA vs. Romance Sex Scenes: @yaHighway

3 mistakes 1 writer observed a newbie make at a recent convention:

Why you should become more flexible as a writer:

How to Throw A Book Party That Rocks: @BTMargins

Editing-Meet the Novel-Killer:

Taking the “Spookiness” Out of Ghostwriting:

Writing A Linked Series - An Agent on Why some work and some don't:

6 tips for growing characters: @WriteAngleBlog

A Guide to Colloquial Contractions:

Why Small Ebook Presses are Thriving And How You Could Join Them: @thecreativepenn

Performing plot CPR: @JulieMusil

Do authors have to be attractive in this business? And mine their personal history for promo? @nicolamorgan

How writing and driving are similar: @LesaHolstine @ThomasKaufman,

5 simple math skills every writer should know: @

Cross-marketing your books--locating alternative markets:

12 Ways to Turn Your Old, Dusty Blog Archive into Cold, Hard Cash:

Article Revision Using the Pointings System:

How authors can benefit from using YouTube:

WordPress Plugins that Make Your Blog Comments Social:

Book writing is agony, with little reward. Why is it still pursued? NY Times: RT @JaneFriedman

Agents are no longer relevant to authors? An agent says no:

Tyranny of “The Numbers”:

Dear Young Writer: Advice to Your Younger Self:

The Death of the Publishing IT Department? @pubperspectives

Google+ Hangouts for Writing Groups: @galleycat

4 Elements of a Great Book Signing: @PimpMyNovel

The 7 Stages of Writing a Sequel:

How To Sell Songs Inside Your eBook: @GalleyCat

7 Sound Techniques for Effective Writing:

Twitter tools for authors--Twellow and Grader:

Why your reader is your co-writer and 6 tips for letting readers fill in the blanks: @KMWeiland

A deep editing analysis that demonstrates the power of cadence and specificity in writing: @jhansenwrites

16 Ways Fiction is Usually Different than Reality:

2 PIs explain white collar crime to crime writers and give tips for writing it:

How to work theme into your novels: @DirtyWhiteCandy

Making Critical Character Traits Part of Your Plot:

What Readers WON’T Miss about Corporate Book Publishers When They’re Gone: @AnneRAllen

Tips for writing your 1st scenes:

The dreaded flashback:

How to speak publisher - C is for Cover:

Managing Your Time as a Writer:

The art of rocking out your identity crisis so you can go on to rule the world:

How much description? @JulietteWade

Tips for providing value on Twitter:

World Building-Part 2: Social and Cultural Aspects:

5 must-do publicity tips:

The Surprising Key to Becoming an Authority:

7 Reasons Creative People Don’t Talk about Money:

Tips for bringing scenes to life: @4kidlit

Have white-board, will plot: @yaHighway

The Lies Screenwriters Tell (Themselves):

10 public speaking tips: @katiewardwriter

Who has authority online? @JaneFriedman with answers:

Is your book's middle saggy? Losing motivation halfway through? Don't give up! Some tips: @jhansenwrites

The 7 Deadly Sins of Writing:

Self-Publishing is Like Playing Baseball:

5 Reasons Why Your Writing Matters (Even if No-One Will Take You Seriously):

A Google+ cheat sheet:

12 Easy Steps to The Making of a Book Trailer:

Fixing Problem Pacing:

Genre Interruptus:

Why copywriting is the secret to building a popular blog:

How to Delete Half Your Facebook "Friends":

10 Greatest Unintentionally Hilarious Lines from SF&F:

10 Fantasy and Science Fiction Copycats that Actually Improved on the Original:

Getting ISBNs in Canada: @JustusRStone

Keeping Your Promises To Readers: @ajackwriting

An Agent Answers a Writer's Question on Collaborative Writing:

How to Cure Writer’s Block and Stay Productive:

A Writer’s Must-Read List: @on_creativity

Tips for formatting your manuscript:

On rejections:

That book was edited?

Keeping the Vision in Revision: @BTMargins

Creating Cover Art: Down & Dirty Tips:

Making Marketing More About Them & Less About Us: @JodyHedlund

Manipulating Your Reader for Better Plots:

An e-publisher says not to query them if you won't blog or tweet: