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Below are writing links that I’ve posted to Twitter in the past week. Hope you’ll enter this month’s WKB giveaway for a chance to win Donald Maass’ excellent Writing the Breakout Novel, from our friends at Writer’s Digest. Enter the drawing by signing up for the WKB newsletter.

Finger Lickin’ Dead released June 7th. Hope you’ll consider it if you enjoy mysteries, or know someone who does.Download it on Kindle: Mass market paperback: ($6.99)

5 types of writers who might be struggling: @hopeclark

How some famous crime fiction sleuths got into the business: @mkinberg

9 Mistakes Most Freelance Writers Make That are Keeping Them Poor:

Why you shouldn't delete all the occurrences of 'was' in your manuscript:

How To Make It As An Independent Bookseller (NPR):

5 tips for writing horror:

7 reasons not to use social media marketing:

The Importance of Choosing Your Perspective:

Tips for writing picture books:

5 Motivational Mistakes That Sound Like Good Ideas:

21 Sneaky Tactics to Generate a Buzz on Facebook:

Digital makes territorial rights "obsolete"?

10 Lessons From Vampire Diaries:

6 Ways to Instantly Improve Facebook Fan Engagement:

Dystopian Rites of Passage:

What if a writer could only have 1 appearance on the best seller list?

The Eternal Shame of Your First Online Handle:

6 Excellent Tools For Writing Without Distractions:

Researching Your Story – A 4-Step Strategy:

Common writing errors:

Happy 4th of July to my friends in the States. has an Ind. Day cake with serious WOW factor:

6 easy ways to keep your freelance clients happy: @merylkevans

Want to Blog, But Don’t Know Where to Start? 5 Tips for Newbies:

Editors: Getting Sued for Doing Your Job:

10 editing tips:

How should you price your ebook?

A helpful thesaurus for settings, emotions, symbolism, & weather--now with character traits: @AngelaAckerman

Cross Marketing from the Obvious to the Sublime:

Scene and Chapter Endings:

For quotes that inspire writers: follow @Quotes4Writers

Using book excerpts for promo:

Pictorial Writing Process: @HaleyWhitehall

Chunking and what to write right now: @iainbroome

Mushy Middle Syndrome: @FantasyFaction

Can't seem to finish a novel? A theory: @KarlaErikaCal

Screenwriters share their process on "The Best and the Brightest": @scriptmag

How to Successfully Sell Magazine Articles:

5 Writing Lessons from the 4th of July: @iggiandgabi

Agencies Becoming Publishers--a Trend and a Problem:

Literary authors & philosophers are both fugitives of pop culture: @agent139

SEO for Blogging in 7 Simple Steps:

6 things 1 writer has learned about publishing:

5 packaging ideas that make your article stand out:

How editors make a difference:

4 Reasons Why You Must Take Responsibility for Your Own Marketing:

1 writer's battle plan for finding an agent:

Creative prompts to inspire writers: @WritePrompts

7 Platforms Changing the Future of Publishing:

7 Distraction-Free Writing Environments for Authors:

How to Punctuate Introductory Phrases:

How to Make Interesting Headquarters and Bases for Superheroes and Villains:

How to wield back story with panache:

Don't write your book for everyone--write it for someone: @jaelmchenry

A scriptwriter says you'll have to hustle if you're an LA outsider:

Is Your Opening Line Lying to Your Readers? @KMWeiland

Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing: Writing is Hard: @DeanWesleySmith

When Your Character Doesn't Act Like Herself: @lisagailgreen

4 Ways Writing Reminds Us We’re Alive: @VictoriaMixon

The New Midlist: Self-published E-book Authors Who Earn a Living:

How to speak publisher - C is for Copy editor: @annerooney

Want to add conflict to your story? Try a pushy character:

John Green: A Social Media Marketing Success Story: @annerallen

An agent on the problem with conference pitches: @greyhausagency

Variations on a Theme: @agent139

Struggling with Burnout? Word Poop Happens:

General revision tips:

Just how relevant are bathrooms? @juliettewade

An interesting writing challenge...that focuses on setting habits:

Enhancing Your Descriptions: @JaniceHardy

An agent on how to write a terrific author bio: @rachellegardner

The Green Lantern Movie: How *Not* to Plot a Story: @JamiGold

60 Rules for Short SF (and Fantasy):

Need tips for plotting?

Why newspapers can’t stop the presses:

Editing - Who's on the Page? @AuthorTerryO

7 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Book Design:

Drawing paranoia: @RavenRequiem13

5 reasons blogging makes you a better writer: @jammer0501

Thanks to @JillKemerer for hosting me on her 5 Easy Questions today:

How an Agent Can Kill Your Career: Involuntary Manslaughter:

Dialogue: Let's be real:

3 ways to make online relationships matter: @JaneFriedman @tonyeldridge

A scriptwriter says to "get your community on."

How to organize a blog tour for your new book’s release:

Rethink firing your agent:

The rhythm of dialogue: @FantasyFaction

Giving Away Free Copies of Your Book as a Promotional Tool: @JodyHedlund

How To Find Reviews on the Book Blogs Search Engine: @GalleyCat

What makes for a good 1st sentence:

10 Ways to Craft a Sense of Place: @CherylRWrites

5 lessons 1 writer learned from TV: @CherylRWrites

How Busy Writers Can Stay Productive & Keep Their Sanity: @JeffGoins

5 things Lady Gaga can teach us about writing: @JulieMusil

Share Your Blog With the World:

3 types of writers: @Writtled

10 Classic SF and Fantasy Books That Were Originally Considered Failures:

Is Your Platform Plan Getting in The Way of Actual Success?: @LisaKilian

5 Great Reasons to Start Your Facebook Page Right Now:

This Week’s Fail Whale–The Touchy Tweeter:

Motivation and Conflict:

The Power of Persistence in Indie Publishing:

Can Editing Be Fun? Maybe:

Parent Authors—Check Your Ego at the Door (who are you writing for?):

Using profiling and archetypes to develop characters:

How To Get Feedback On Your Novel That Will Actually Help: @bubblecow

7 Other Types of Pronouns:

Using Method Acting in Your Writing: @SammyBina @LTWFblog

Why you should honor your deadlines:

An agent answers questions on pitching: @greyhausagency

Links to help you research publishers (including whether they're reputable or not): @Spunkonastick

4 steps to creating an online writing group:

How to Get Started With Google+ :

5 Stages of Rewrites: @MistyMassey

Death by Critique - 6 Tips on How To Avoid It: @RoniLoren

8 Tips To Help You Get Started Writing:

Finding an Agent: A Little Un-Advice:

How to Introduce Major Characters:

Where to Find Free eBooks for Your Amazon Kindle:

Tips for writers who struggle with mental illness: @CordeliaCallsIt

21 Dangerous Blogging Mistakes (and How to Fix Them):

How Twitter Landed One Author A Book Deal: @TheCreativePenn

3 of the deadly myths of history (using archaeology & artifacts to design stories): @GeneLempp

Writing the 2nd novel (you'd think it'd be easier):

Don't Just Create "On Demand," Create For You:

What base is your novel on? @catewoods

25 tips for boosting blog traffic: @WriterTank

Search my tweets--

Think Like a Publisher: The Time It Takes: @DeanWesleySmith

The Vetting Process: How Ideas Become Written Works: @GeoffreyCubbage

Tips for keeping on top of our email: @AlexisGrant

Adventures in Small-Press Publishing: Book Construction and Release:

6 Tips for Adding Some Heat Between the Sheets:

Creativity Tweets of the Week — 7/8/11:

10 tips for writing fiction:

Scene Antagonists and Big Boss Troublemakers: @4kidlit

All about word count:

Are You Addicted to Finding a Literary Agent? @NinaBadzin

Pumping Up the Plot: 6 Vital Signs of a Healthy Plot:

Superhero Tropes: Kick Ass: @PAShortt

How a name can kill a story:

Enhancing dialogue:

Recognizing the Screaming Power of Narrative Sub-Text:

Why agents don't give reasons with rejections:

10 Reasons Why Brainstorming is so Important:

Beverly Cleary at 95: A Talk With the Author Who Created Ramona Quimby (The Atlantic):

Surviving a critique without killing yourself or other people:

Economy of Words:

Short Stories vs. Short Story Collections–Which Sell Better?

Thinking about going on a blog tour? Helpful links:

The art of more (money, readers, love): fighting off the scarcity complex: @justinemusk

What happens when a writer outlines a book for the 1st time? My wrap-up of outlining:

Tips to keep your characters from sounding the same: @Grammar_Diva

How To Succeed As An Accidental Publisher, A Self Publishing Odyssey: @TheCreativePenn

10 Basic Rules of Blogging: @WriterTank

Tips for Being a Healthy Writer:

The Myth of Having More Time Someday: @jodyhedlund

Mainstream Publishing is not a dirty word:

5 Ways to Increase Your Writerly Wellbeing:

“Ancient Magic”—magic of the divine and the fantastic:

9 Insider PR Tips for Attracting Media Attention: @HubSpot

7 Excellent Reasons to Enter Writing Contests:

50 Years Without Hemingway:

Are Creative People Dishonest?

How To Reduce Technology Frustration and Write Distraction-Free:

Avoid being writerly:

Forget your weaknesses--attack your strengths:

Screenplays and screenwriting books that aspiring screenwriters should read:

Agents Assisting Authors with Self Publishing, Good Idea?

Creative Kryptonite and the Death of Productivity:

Why Pitches Fail:

How to Stop Getting Rejected as a Freelance Writer:

Trendsetting 101:

The good, the bad, and the ugly of Google Plus:

Bringing Scenes to Life: @4kidlit

Why ghostwriting? @ExcuseEditor

How to Use Batching to Become More Productive: