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Below are writing links that I’ve posted to Twitter in the past week.

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What Your Cover Should Not Do:

5 Things More Important Than Talent:

How to shine at a writing conference:

Better Queries Through Movie Trailers:

The screenwriters' trick for plotting:

The Games We (Don’t) Play: How Authors Stay Offline (PW):

How Do We Stay Content With Our Own Writing Journeys?

Possible tax deductions for US writers:

It's all been done before: @lisagailgreen

Creating an author website? A run-down of the top 13 web hosts:

10 Things 1 Writer Learned About Writing By Walking Her Dog:

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How to sell e-books to mobile Twitter users:

Quicker Release Times With E-Publishing Doesn't Mean a Faster Publishing World:

Can Your Heroine Be Too Strong?

Writing for Parenting Publications:

What's holding you back from writing? @rachellegardner

7 tips for writing better sex scenes:

Wonder about getting an agent after self-publishing? Links on the subject:

Magic in Fantasy: Real Magic:

Real Life Diagnostics: Voice, Tone, and a Little Bit of Scary: @JaniceHardy

9 ways for writers to use Twitter: @hopeclark

Contrasting beauty and ugliness in our writing:

2011 Online Summer Reading Lists:

Dystopian Rites of Passage:

Does the fact that epublishing doesn't require expensive paper, mean that word counts may rise?

7 tips for meeting an agent at a conference:

5 Tips for Disorganized, Distracted Writers:

Twitterific--my week in tweets:

3 Dimensions of Character:

Threshold Guardians at the Forbidden Door:

10 Varieties of Syntax to Improve Your Writing:

An agent on email etiquette:

Literary Agents Try New Role as Self-Publishing Consultants (PBS):

Best Book Publicists on Twitter:

Plots, subplots, and nonplots:

How 20 Bad Ideas Can Kick-Start Your Imagination: @TheCreativePenn

Why the Best Kids Books Are Written in Blood (WSJ):

The Mental Cleanse For Writers: @Wordstrumpet

Romance novel cliches that can be dealbreakers for readers: @Sarafurlong

Do you need help with your scene transitions? 261 helpful links:

10 Tips for Spotting Bogus and Predatory Agents: @annerallen

Novel Planning Worksheets: @traineePRwriter

How to write like no one is watching:

Promotion Begins With the First Word: @spunkonastick

AOL Hell: An AOL Content Slave Speaks Out:

Using ancillary products to promote your book:

The awkwardness of asking authors for blurbs:

7 tips for giving a workshop: @authorterryo

5 tips for your book trailer:

50 Things a Writer Shouldn't Do: @ThreeGuys1Book

Keeping motivated--give yourself a deadline:

How to Write Faster Prose (And Why): @GeoffreyCubbage

How publishing acquisitions meetings work:

Literary Agents: An Endangered Species? @annerallen

Fighting the good fight in part 3 of your book:

Don’t keep your distance – capture the experience: @dirtywhitecandy

Are Writers Really A Company of One? @jhansenwrites

Narrative focus:

23 questions to ask about your plot:

How to Outline Your Novel in 30 Minutes RT @Writtled

Do publishers edit books anymore?

Less Obvious Channels of Description:

Has spoiler culture changed the way writers write?

Heightening Emotional Impact: @JulietteWade

SF/F Publications and Social Media:

4 Types of Blog Posts That Will Always be Popular:

How to Get a Gravatar:

Word Count or Why Passive Sentences are Evil:

Defining fantasy subgenres:

Freelancers: Avoid Hassles With A Writer’s Basic Assignment Checklist:

Is Writing A Dream Job, or Just a Dream?

Are You Making These 10 Mistakes on Facebook?

5 Ridiculously Easy Ways To Unblock Writer’s Block:

2,068 links to help you format & write queries and to help you know if you're *ready* to query:

10 Cardinal Rules of Book Blogging:

Plan ahead, writers. Tax links: & 1 writer's 5 stages of tax grief: @GeoffreyCubbage

50 Things Publishers Shouldn't Do: @ThreeGuys1Book

On finding beauty in writing again:

Get the biggest bang for your buck from your conference--after it's over: @ExcuseEditor

Tips for building a blog tour:

8 Secrets for Getting into Bookstores:

Does Thinking Count As Writing? @storyadaymay

20 Practical Tips for Freelance Writers:

8 Simple Ways To Share Data Online:

For the perfectionist writer: 5 ways of tackling perfectionism:

8 Ways to Think More Like a Publisher & Less Like a Marketer:

The power of social networking: 5 easy-to-remember points for writers:

What Publishers & Writers Need To Know About Google+ : @GalleyCat

The art of being different: don't compare and compete, but seek to change the game:

What theater can teach about storytelling:

Dare To Be A High Maintenance Writer:

Why Going Without An Advance Might Be A Good Thing: @ajackwriting

The 11th Commandment: calleth not editors:

9 Ways to Use Social Media to Launch a Book:

804 links to help you write your synopsis:

6 Benefits of Having an Agent in Today's Publishing World:

How to Find a Mentor in 10 Not-So-Easy Steps: @jeffgoins

Kicking Out a Fast First Draft:

A Writer’s Guide to Organizing a Literary Estate:

Writing schedules, writing setbacks (squeeze writing into a crazy day): @MaggieBarbieri

How To Break Into Ghostwriting: @dirtywhitecandy

How Do You Keep Track of Subplots When You Write?

Tips for using Excel as a writer: part 1: & 2: @jhansenwrites

Should Authors Be Amazon Reviewers?

The difference Between Plot and Subplot:

5 tips for getting a publishing internship: @inkpop

Obtaining Cover Blurbs:

The publishing industry is changing...but agents are still needed:

Why Your Lack of Focus Is A Good Thing:

Building a Slow Burning Romance: @RoniLoren

7 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Book Design:

Query Writing 101:

The Most Crucial Step To Effective Book Marketing @tonyeldridge

How Genuine Are Online Friendships?

What mint chocolate can tell us about writing and finding an agent: @alisonwells

How to Build Your Writing Team: @jhansenwrites

How to vanquish page fright:

4 Novels A Year: The Math of It: @DeanWesleySmith

How to be Productive and Still Get 8 Hours Sleep:

Conflict and Structure: @JoanSwan

Tension or Frustration?

Magazine Layouts and Your Blog/Website: @jillkemerer

Making Readers Care About Plot-Centric Characters: @JaniceHardy

The Hero's Journey in Kung Fu Panda: @PAShortt

Where does a fan's responsibility lie? Amazon's screw-up with a release: @JamieTR

Branding your books with cover art:

The Oxford comma is alive and well at Oxford University Press: RT @BJMuntain

When writers hold a review hostage "for a stellar review of their own." By @lornasuzuki RT @Porter_Anderson

Providing Value on Twitter RT @Bookgal

Using Your Time Wisely on Facebook and Twitter:

An Author’s Plan for Social Media: @chrisbrogan

Is your blog eating you alive? @jhansenwrites

Floating Body Parts or Her Eyes Flew to His: @Grammar_Diva

3 writing tools 1 writer can't live without:

Varying your sentence length doesn’t have to be frustrating: @WritersRelief @simplywriting

5 Reasons Photography Will Save Your Life (And Writing): @BTMargins

For writing quotes and inspiration: Advice to Writers: @AdviceToWriters

How to format for Smashwords:

Remember the point of your story...don't get carried away by the language: @erinlthomas

Thoughts and tips on blog touring:

Using archaeology & human history artifacts to find and design stories: @GeneLempp

Why You Should Read Short SF/F Fiction: @sfsignal

Putting the Gender in Genre:

Speaking at libraries: @JohnBetcher

Crime fiction sleuths who hold their relationships together: @mkinberg

Writing Advice ~ Overcoming Fear: @shelli_johnson

The value in red pens of death: @KarenVTavares

Are you accidentally dismembering your characters? @p2p_editor

3 Feedback Traits 1 Writer Loves: @marybaka

8 Steps to More Concise Writing:

10 Tips For Building Your Writing Checklist:

Agents as publishers:

Top 10 ways to make or break your relationship with your agent (after you sign):

A mystery writer shares her annual income and expenses:

Creativity Tweets of the Week — 7/1/11: @on_creativity

The vanishing advance:

Things you can safely leave out of your query:

Best Articles This Week for Writers 7/1/11: @4kidlit

The Arc of Your Story:

5 Reasons to Blog Anonymously (and 5 Reasons Not To):

The Secret to Mastering Plot–Getting Primal:

Reaching Out to Bookclubs:

Misplaced Modifiers: How Not To Lose Your Reader:

Isolating and Understanding the First “Pinch Point”:

Prepping for the Market:

Examples of dangerous delusions in crime fiction: @mkinberg

7 Reasons Why Your Writing Dreams Aren’t Coming True:

Will Self-Pubbing Hurt My Chances? An agent answers:

Is It Time to Hit the Reset Button on Your Blog?

When to Capitalize Words for Compass Points:

Transitions from scene to scene:

6 things NOT to do during TV and radio interviews:

Show versus Tell: Macro-, Micro-, and When to Use It: @stdennard

5 ways to write when we're not actually writing: @JulieMusil

How to write fiction that reads fast: @JaneFriedman

5 Traits That Foster Success:

7 Ways to Help Others with Your Writing:

Feedback on Your Work: Knowing What to Ignore:

Reasons manuscripts get rejected:

5 Telltale Signs of an Amateur Writer :

Indistinguishable From Magic:

7 Ways Freelance Writers Can Find Better Pay:

9 Tips for Emailing Important People:

Protecting Your Online Life With Secure Passwords:

Procrastination: The Ultimate Writing Tool:

Extreme vs Mundane Protagonists:

The Hero’s Journey: A Thumbnail Sketch of Real Life:

Writing About Faith And Religion: @thecreativepenn

DRM and e-publishing:

Slowly, Alzheimer’s Erases a Poet’s Gifts and Memories (NY Times):