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Below are writing links that I’ve posted to Twitter in the past week.

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Finger Lickin’ Dead released on the 7th. Hope you’ll consider it if you enjoy mysteries, or know someone who does.Download it on Kindle: Mass market paperback:

SEO Basics for Bloggers & Beginners:

The importance of word count: @JRVogt

Examples of crime fiction where readers may emphasize with the criminals: @mkinberg

Creating a Dystopian Setting: @AngelaAckerman

Dear Mr. Keillor: Let the Writers Whine:

5 signs you must be querying:

5 signs you must be querying:

Overwhelmed by my tweets? Don't bookmark the links--search them:

9 Ways to Market Your Book With No Money:

Working from Home? How to Stay Sane:

Small Press vs. Self-Publishing:

Signs that your manuscript is really ready:

Should Writers Self Publish Short Stories? @ajackwriting

If you have an agent, then why are *you* querying a publisher?

45 Ways to Blog as a Novelist:

5 Truths About Publishing:

The Conflict of Choice:

Real Life Diagnostics: Opening With the Funny:

Save Your Readers From Boredom: 5 Fool-Proof Preventatives:

Book Marketing Methods That Don't Work:

Are You Making These 5 Common Blogging Mistakes?

Indies “vs” Trads: The elephant in the room:

Can you begin with dialogue?

Successful Blog Comment Strategies:

Tips for pitching your book:

Thoughts on Kindle tags (there are no shortcuts):

Worldbuilding, part 5: The "Pigs in Space" principle:

The Charles Darwin Guide to Writing and Selling an Effective eBook:

The importance of your contact page:

Story vs. craft:

10 Commandments for Writers:

Pull out those old stories: @ElspethWrites

7 public speaking tips for writers: @authorterryo

The making of a character:

Super powers for writers: @alexjcavanaugh

What Star Trek Can Teach Us About Great Writing:

4 Ways to Get Your Family to Support Your Writing Career:

Confidence Zappers and Confidence Boosters:

Why writers are actually team players:

Conveying information about your character through appearance and mannerisms: @keligwyn

An agent on why publishing is so slow:

Why 1 writer is keeping her day job:

The perfect pitch:

Old School Book Marketing Techniques for the Digital Age:

How to finish a series: @DeeScribe

Understanding Book Terminology:

Thanks to Dave at My Year on the Grill for a delicious review of my book (and my Peach Cobbler recipe) on his blog:

Why Headlines Really Matter:

How to Wake up to an Awesome Day:

Answering Questions About Your Writing Career (Cocktail Party Edition):

Why writing sex and violence is challenging:

The power-writing hour: @storiestorm

Writers should make room for their natural talents:

How to Promote Your Blog Without Feeling Like a Sleazeball:

9 Awesome Interviews with Creative Visionaries:

How Much of Your Personal Life Should You Reveal Online?

An Agent on Selling Yourself, and Selling Yourself Short:

It's not about the money? Really? An editor's thoughts:

Key Ingredient to a Solid Plot: @RoniLoren

How to Write Wrong, in 3 Easy Steps:

Book Beginnings--Waking Up to Go Somewhere:

Dialogue checklist:

How to speak publisher - C is for Contract:

How Cliched Is Your Writing? Take the Test:

Tips for those troublesome book middles: @JaniceHardy

Where to find drama in your writing:

Worldbuilding, part 6: Finding your secret weapon:

Where to find more words for your novel:

Easy tip for getting to know your characters--spend the day with them: @penguinusa

Making of an anthology--editorial rounds:

Summer Camp for Writers @Kathy_Crowley

Do you blog as you?

Freelance Life: Scam Avoidance 101:

Literary blurb translation guide:

Note-taking and Writing Apps for iPhone and iPad:

4 things you should never stop doing:

Do Publishers Release eBooks Too Quickly? @GalleyCat

Ideas for writers that sit too much:

Published! Does it matter how?

Adding your book covers to Blogger:

Does a writer living outside L.A. have a chance of creating heat in Hollywood?

Social Media's Raging Storm: Follower Gathering: @debralynnlazar

3 Reasons Why Marketers Get No Respect:

Signs You Might Need a Confidence Adjustment:

How much do comic book writers make?

How to Keep Your Blog Active While Traveling:

Can E-Books Save Barnes & Noble?

An agent on revisions:

What Makes a Character Unlikable? @JamiGold

The Appeal Of The Small Town Setting: @thecreativepenn

Tips for Memoir Writing:

Suspense: 10 Tips for Grabbing Your Reader:

An agent's conference pitch confessions:

Most Writing “Rules” Are Optional–These Rules of Professionalism Aren’t:

Building a Better Novel Premise: @4kidlit

Avoiding Viewpoint Mistakes:

Is your story worth saving? @JulieMusil

The modifier zone:

This Week’s Fail Whale–The Emotional Tweeter:

An Agent on Mass Pitching Your Project To Editors and Agents:

Feed your writer’s block:

Ebook Sales Down?

The 80/20 rule of Facebook marketing:

25 Things You Should Know About Writing A Novel (Or, "How The Lunatic Writes A Book"):

Drawing the Transitions: @RavenRequiem13

Strategies for Promoting Multiple Sites via Social Media:

5 tips for writing a better "about me" page:

Tips for getting your book reviewed:

Embrace an indie publisher (Guardian):

How Modern Readers Find Books: @camillelaguire

A librarian with ideas for solving the ebooks in libraries problem:

Tips for your business cards: @spunkonastick

Tips for working with an artist on your book cover:

Writer's Knowledge Base -- Now 9000+ articles on :

Fictional sleuths who use their disadvantages to their benefit: @mkinberg

7 Habits of Highly Successful Bloggers:

Why Agents Don't Find Many Authors At Conferences:

How to search and access online resources for writers: @jamigold

Non fiction books based on case studies:

Keep your agent in the loop:

Does Your Reader “See” What You “See?”

The ultimate guide to daily blogging challenges:

Contrived Coincidences: @RoniLoren

Why Disconnectors Are Critical In Keeping Your Readers Awake:

Twitter Profile Mistakes Writers Should Avoid: @galleycat

Listen to your gut:

How Much Time Should Writers Devote to Social Media?

4 Tips to Getting a Writing Mentor:

The 30 Harshest Author-on-Author Insults In History:

How short stories can help you grab an agent's attention:

Are Traditional Publishers Sitting on a Pot of Gold?

Give a Dry Blog New Life–The Power of Themes:

Maybe If I Had Those Boots: A List, Linda Carter, and Letting Go: @Christi_Craig

How to Find Your Stuff in Evernote:

5 reasons to switch to WordPress:

33 Twitter Feeds to Follow (Poets &Writers):

What Tolkien teaches us about conflict: @p2p_editor

Author Central on Amazon:

How stats and numbers can rule writers' lives:

POV confusion? Some links to help:

Using Narrative Patterns:

Errors when writing emotions: @JulietteWade

Authors Ask Agents: What Are The Publishers Doing for Us? @pubperspectives

Resolution—Tying up the Ends:

10 Sites to Help You Name Your Fictional Location:

6 tips for moving your story forward (even on the busy days): @penguinusa

Creativity Tweets of the Week — 6/24/11:

How one writer crafted a query: @BTMargins

Developing your unique writing voice:

An agent with some commonly confused words:

Best Articles This Week for Writers 6/24/11: @4KidLit

Amazon tagging--is the party over?

What Goes Into A Media Kit? @raquelbyrnes

5 Openings to Avoid:

Interesting link roundup on the Borders mess, thoughts on B&N's health, Amazon tablet, and more:

How to write a good party: @dirtywhitecandy

How to make readers care: @lisagailgreen

A screenwriter on outlines, treatments, and numbered pages:

3 act structure, simplified:

Secondary characters can bring out the best in a protagonist (or create conflict for them): @CamilleLaguire

What Does “Write What You Know” Mean to You?

Our manuscript--keeping the love alive: @labanan

Should Bookstores Charge for Author Events? @galleycat

An editor takes a look at the story structure of a popular TV series:

Names & titles make a difference (famous characters & books that originally had other names): @lauramarcella

30 Blog Topics For Writers:

What sales reps for publishers do:

Blocking out 'how we were raised' to make ourselves able to promote:

Trusting the reader:

Book Club Resources for Kids: @GalleyCat

7 Stupid Mistakes Most People Make When Trying to Follow Their Passion:

5 Promotion Tips for the Shy Writer: @RoniLoren

What Your Cover Should Not Do:

5 Things More Important Than Talent:

How to shine at a writing conference:

Better Queries Through Movie Trailers:

The screenwriters' trick for plotting:

The Games We (Don’t) Play: How Authors Stay Offline (PW):

How Do We Stay Content With Our Own Writing Journeys?

Possible tax deductions for US writers:

It's all been done before: @lisagailgreen

Creating an author website? A run-down of the top 13 web hosts: