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Below are writing links that I’ve posted to Twitter in the past week. Hope you’ll enter this month’s WKB giveaway for a chance to win the "Butt-in-Chair" writer productivity eBook by Jennifer Blanchard. Two copies to give away! Enter the drawing

Finger Lickin’ Dead released on the 7th. Hope you’ll consider it if you enjoy mysteries, or know someone who does.Download it on Kindle: Mass market paperback: Link And--Happy Father's Day, Daddy! (And to all the dads out there. :) )

The elusive rewards of e-book publishing:

Beware These Writing Pests:

Things one writer has learned after completing his 1st draft: @JustusRStone

Making thrillers out of classics: adapting Shakespeare's Macbeth:

Writing time-management for the harried home-writer:

All About Glosses, or Brief Definitions:

Why writing a sleuthing have a lot in common: @mkinberg

The Art of Keeping Your Blog Audience Coming Back for More:

My "Finger Lickin' Dead" release and a chance to win it:

Did You Know? Twitter Hashtags & How to Use Them: @JanetBoyer

Working Within a Critique Group:

Amateur-Hour Books: Do You Know the Warning Signs?

Publishing Traditionally Without an Agent - Part II:

5 Tips to Stay Encouraged During Querying:

5 Articles on Knowing When to Submit:

Yoga for Writers:

5 ways to screw up your author podcast:

It's a Start: The First Line:

Edit in an Instant? Ain’t Gonna Happen:

Write Your Query FIRST for a Better Book:

On Story Arcs:

Trading Excerpts with Other Authors in the Back Matter of Your Ebook:

Write your novel in 30 days--Day 3: Getting your ducks in a row: @Mommy_Authors

The 10 Most Powerful Women Authors (Forbes):

For writing quotes--from the interesting to the inspirational: @AdviceToWriters and

20 Reasons Why Creative People Work in Cafes: via @on_creativity

A writer & tweeter focuses on giveaways for readers & publicizes contests for promoting authors: @romancegiveaway @joanswan

A prolific book cover artist explains her process:

Are you misappropriating malapropisms?

Writing Male Characters:

Vampires: Origins, Evolution and Role in Fantasy Fiction:

The inculcation of some good writing habits:

10 Tips for Critiquing Other People’s Writing:

5 Weak Words that Make Your Writing Less Effective:

Drafting your first novel:

How to Be a Dream Interview Subject:

Beating Writer's Block Using Everyday Experiences:

17 tips for a successful writing blog: @annerallen

Real Life Diagnostics: Opening Thrill of a Thriller:

Fixing flat sentences:

Writers--appreciate your growth: @juliemusil

How To Write Novels and Short Stories - Not:

A helpful thesaurus for settings, emotions, symbolism, & weather--now with character traits: @AngelaAckerman

Write your novel in 30 days--Day 5:Turning Points: @Mommy_Authors

Researching story locations: @storiestorm

Now with over 8000 links to help #writers find resources:

Examples of series that have been continued after the author's demise: @mkinberg

The well-read author--tips for finding time to read: @penguinusa

4 Ways to Grow Your Blog with the Power of Experts:

The New Nook Simple Touch Reader: Awesome for Reading and Buying Books. Everything else? Meh.

Cover Page Design for the Dirt Poor and Graphically Challenged:

Tasks that take up a writer's work day:

9 ways to build a better blog and increase your traffic in the process: @Harrison314

Developing Your Creative Practice:

How to Win Readers and Make Them Stick:

My look at a master of mystery who inspired me to write: @kbowenwriter

Lee Goldberg's response to Joe Konrath's post on the Mystery Writers of America:

An Editor Looks at First Pages:

As usual, a nice links roundup from 2 historical writers:

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Balancing the long view and the short view as a writer:

Traditional & Indie Publishing Advantages:

40+ Free Tools for Authors:

Improving Creativity: The Absorb Brainset:

Tips for attending writers' conferences:

Young Adult Literature: Is it too dark? WSJ Thinks So...

Maintaining your story's verb tense:

Are Teen Novels Dark and Depraved — or Saving Lives? (Publishers Weekly):

Stories are like sharks – to stay alive they must keep moving:

Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing: Speed:

The Matrix Moment of Story Engineering:

Tips for interviewing:

Writers Beware:

Promotional Materials For Authors: Bookmarks:

Heroic fantasy:

Sex vs. Relationships in YA:

YA Fairy Tale Retellings:

Manage Email, Not Time:

For the writer addicted to office supply stores...a blog devoted to pens: via @designerdaze

10 of the best bows and arrows in literature (Guardian):

Why 'real poets' don't exist:

A Handbook of Rhetorical Devices:

Plotting the Mystery:

Why 1 writer won't include musical references in his books:

A character trait thesaurus entry for "thoughtful": @AngelaAckerman

The search engine for #writers:

The real road to social media success may surprise you:

The Secret to Selling: Writing a Fast-Paced Novel:

The courage *not* to publish:

Writing a sequel? Tips to keep from boring returning readers or confusing new ones: @HartJohnson

40 Questions for a Stronger Manuscript: @4kidlit

Scenes are about change:

Should you consider using chapter titles? @JulietteWade

“The Help” –Context and Concept:

5 Reasons to Consider Giving Away a Free Ebook:

One writer's road map for writing mysteries:

The Importance of Supporting Characters:

What Makes Good Sci Fi:

7 Ways to Build Up Your Writing Confidence:

6 Easy Ways To Reward Your Twitter Followers:

Just because the book is bad doesn’t mean someone will come to your house and arrest you:

The Emptiness of 'Literary Fiction' and the Stereotyping of Genre Literature:

A Tip for the First Time Novelist:

Why Staying Silent Can Cost You:

Sign up for the monthly WKB newsletter for the web's best links and interviews:

The Hunger Games - A Lesson In Plot:

Enjoy mysteries? Know someone who does? Check out my latest: Finger Lickin' Dead: Kindle: Print:

How to Revise a Manuscript or Story:

A Tortoise Writer Picks Up the Pace:

Into? In To? Onto? On To?

10 Ways to Improve Your Author Website:

Conquering show and tell:

Juggling Plots, Characters, Publishers and Editors…Keeping it All Straight:

3 ways readers will judge your work:

5 Excellent Tips for Platform Building:

How to Characterize Wrong, in 3 Easy Steps:

What Went Wrong with the Star Wars Prequels?

The Novel with Many Narrators is a Multiheaded Beast:

8 Reasons Why Unplugging Can Generate Better Ideas For Your Writing:

Working Through Pain: @ajackwriting

Blogging Solution For Those Who Hate To Blog:

More Sacred Cow-Tipping–Common Blogging Misconceptions:

Plot Busters – Three Tips from "Tangled":

5 Productivity Tools for the Busy Freelancer:

Querying dos and don'ts: @HartJohnson @raquelbyrnes

How should authors deal with reviews?

Focus your Worldbuilding Efforts:

Increasing Your Writing Productivity:

Love me! Read me! Buy me! Promoting Your Book:

The Dreaded Opening! - 5 Points about your Opening Scene:

Book Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation And Using Press Releases For Your Book: @thecreativepenn

Conflict—Beyond Arguments and Fist Fights:

Literary Agents: Top 10 Ways to Make or Break that Relationship AFTER you Sign:

Book promo--traditional and 21st century: @SpunkOnAStick

Are You Ready for The Call?

On the Edge of Your Seat – Creating Suspense:

Make Your Writer’s Bookshelf Work For You: @jhansenwrites

What men and women talk about when they talk about publishing: & via @Porter_Anderson @donlinn

Self-editing checklist--repetition:

Writing for Reluctant Readers:

Developing the Hook in a Query Letter:

Need help with pacing?

7 Solutions for Repetitive Sentence Structure:

Must writers be natural storytellers? @JulieMusil

Have You Posted Your Work Online?

Why Email Kills Productivity & What You Can Do About It:

Writing From a Woman's Point of View:

Write Creatively, Stress Free:

One writer is happy about advice she *didn't* take:

Need help with scene transitions?

How Writers Can Rock LinkedIn: @jhansenwrites

This Week’s Twitter Tip–Understand the Power of Names:

The Pubbed Writer’s 7 Deadly Sins:

7 tips for writing away from home: @AlanOrloff

4 steps to useful critiques:

Tips for Tackling the Rewrite:

10 Ways to Avoid Mid-Book Doldrums:

Building a book blurb:

3 things to do before you pay for professional copyediting:

Story structure--beginnings:

How X-Men Can Help You Craft a Better Antagonist:

What KIND of story is it?

Best Articles This Week for Writers 6/17/11: @4kidlit

eBook Self-Publishing: A Simple Guideline and Some Tips on Taking Those First Steps:

Creativity Tweets of the Week — 6/17/11: @on_creativity

A Case For Slow Writing:

Why Writers Need Lists:

The Writer’s Soul: Built One Crack At A Time:

On publishers who say they're "looking for new voices:"

Why Creative Blocks Aren’t Always Bad:

How Much Should an Editor Charge?

A writer's standing desk experiment:

10 Stages of Revision Emotions:

Word 2010, Track Changes, and Privacy Concerns:

Sexism in SF and F?

How to Manage Freelance Writing Projects:

Write What You Know? Maybe Not:

Dictate Your Story – An Unconventional Method of Completing A First Draft:

Why The 99-Cent Price Point May Not Be Working for You:

Formulating a fantastic first line:

Collaborative Writing:

Are appearances still a worthwhile way to promote your book?

What to do after finishing your 1st draft: