Saturday, June 11, 2011



Below are writing links that I’ve posted to Twitter in the past week. I’m running the list a day early because tomorrow I’m visiting Anne Allen’s blog. :)

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My Thursday guest, Jeannie Campbell, from The Character Therapist blog, is giving away a copy of “The Writer’s Guide for Creating Rich Back Stories”---comment through midnight ET tonight for a chance to win. Click here and scroll to the bottom of the post.

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And here are this week’s links:

Best Articles This Week for Writers 6/10/11: @4kidlit

How Do You Choose Blog Topics? @JamiGold

The 10 Most Powerful Women Authors (Forbes):

Write your novel in 30 days--Day 3: Getting your ducks in a row: @Mommy_Authors

Trading Excerpts with Other Authors in the Back Matter of Your Ebook:

On Story Arcs:

Write Your Query FIRST for a Better Book:

Edit in an Instant? Ain’t Gonna Happen:

It's a Start: The First Line:

5 ways to screw up your author podcast:

Yoga for Writers:

5 Articles on Knowing When to Submit:

5 Tips to Stay Encouraged During Querying:

Publishing Traditionally Without an Agent - Part II:

Amateur-Hour Books: Do You Know the Warning Signs?

Working Within a Critique Group:

Did You Know? Twitter Hashtags & How to Use Them: @JanetBoyer

My "Finger Lickin' Dead" release and a chance to win it:

The Art of Keeping Your Blog Audience Coming Back for More:

Why writing a sleuthing have a lot in common: @mkinberg

All About Glosses, or Brief Definitions:

Writing time-management for the harried home-writer:

Making thrillers out of classics: adapting Shakespeare's Macbeth:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Black and Blue Burgers

Things one writer has learned after completing his 1st draft: @JustusRStone

Beware These Writing Pests:

The elusive rewards of e-book publishing:

8 Ways to Develop Better Relationships with Book Bloggers:

The Difference Between Traditional Publishing & Self-Publishing:

Write a novel in 30 days--day2--drafting scene cards: @Mommy_Authors

Ultimate Blogger’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization: #amwrting

Man Up: Writing Male POV:

Rhythm and Time: Give Your Writing a Beat of Its Own:

Actions vs Choices: Crafting Better Plots:

Mystery writers--create red herrings through scapegoating: @jeanniecampbell

Writing for Two Publishers:

6 tips for friends of mystery writers: @MasonCanyon

How idioms and metaphors bring your world to life: @JulietteWade

A publishing insider with a market update:

Free e-book on building readership: @JaneFriedman

Before You Hire an Editor: @MuseInks

An agent on the all-important beginning:

When Bad Things Happen To Productive People:

3 things 1 writer learned about writing at Disney World:

Your characters shouldn't be bored:

How to Promote Yourself and Your Book:

Direct Messages & The Power of Positive Tweeting:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: To Havarti and to Hold

The Rewards of Writing for the Reader: @keligwyn

5 Fluctuating Forms of Gender-Specific Language:

101 Twitter Tips:

Writers Need a Web Presence. Here’s What That Means:

Conflict: the fuel of a story:

Write a novel in 30 days--day 1--get to your novel's core: @Mommy_Authors

Should you have a pen name? @JamiGold

Checklist for Editors:

How Much Of Good Writing Is In The Timing? @storiestorm

Exercise Your “What-if” Muscle: @jhansenwrites

8 ways to keep your series from going stale: @mkinberg

Slush Pile Triage: @literaticat

Author-Agent Speed Dating Service:

The Persistent and Damaging Myth About Introverts and Marketing: @janefriedman

A crash course on point of view: @Paize_Fiddler

How to read a script:

Editing For Self-Publishers:

10 Signs You Met Your Deadline: @elspethwrites

5 examples of poorly-written sentences made better:

An explanation of show, don't tell:

Quick tips on finding an editor:

Ignoring the Light in YA Fiction:

Good day sunshine for writers:

Warning signs of an idiot plot:

6 Easy Ways to Get Your Guest Post Rejected:

How Honest Should We Be With Each Other?

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: An Easy, Finger Lickin’ Southern Side—Pimento Cheese

Can't vs. Won't:

How to Overcome Perfectionist Tendencies as a Writer:

Get the Best Bang for Your Blog:

How to Write a Scary Scene:

Creating a Cover: Finding Models: @camillelaguire

A bad book? No, it’s a good book you haven’t fixed yet: @DirtyWhiteCandy

Subplots--Where To Find Them and How To Use Them:

What's for supper at the Mystery Lovers' Kitchen? Cleo Coyle’s Bourbon-Berry "Coffeehouse"Rib BBQ :

Internalization 101:

Writer’s Conferences—Are They Relevant in the Internet Age? @annerallen

An Agent Says: "Please Don’t Serial Query."

What to look for in an agent: @JulieMusil

Promoting Your Book: The Dos and Don’ts of Being a Great Interviewee:

Writing. It’s Hard. @BTMargins

4 Ways to Make the Most of a Critique Group: @janefriedman

Make Your Bookshelf Work for You: @jhansenwrites

Why perfectionism is so totally overrated:

My book releases today! Kindle: Print: A review: . Thanks y'all.

How to Plot Wrong, in 3 Easy Steps: @victoriamixon

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Marketing:

Walking in a Character’s Shoes: @keligwyn

On "Be" Verbs:

Thanks for this review of my new release, @HartJohnson!

6 Easy Networking Tips for Introverts/Writers at Conferences or Events:

How To Make Your Posts Facebook Friendly:

Abstracting the Antithesis:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: 2 Contests, 3 Releases, and 1 Drool-Worthy BBQ Party for Riley, Julie, and Wendy!

Syntax and Flow (Should we learn linguistics in school?)

How Independent Bookstores Can Use Google & Groupon:

Using Twitter to promote your blog:

How long should you wait to write a sequel?

Just because it's true doesn't make it good: @authorterryo

Why You Should Keep Hard Copies of Your Writings:

A Novel Approach To Marketing = Authenticity: @joanswan

Openings that annoy:

What the heck's historical about it, anyway?

7 ways to write more when you're already at maximum:

Should You Use RT or the Retweet Button on Twitter?

What If You Think You Might Be a Mediocre Fiction Writer?

Conflict = Tension = Emotion: Part 1-- Part 2--

Archetype vs. Stereotype:

3 multitasking tips for swamped writers:

Are you setting summer goals?

Querying a Collaboration:

Tips on Pitching your Manuscript:

25 Ways for Writers to Take Action:

Finding your voice:

5 Pairs of Compound Words, and How They’re Compounded:

Feedback that dramatically changed writers' stories:

Tools To Promote Your Author Blog: @galleycat

Publishing On The Kindle: Top Tips: @thecreativepenn

Should you sign an agency agreement?:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Blueberry Mango Muffins

Tackling the Synopsis:

How to rise above cliche: @LauraPauling

The 5 Secrets of Great Storytelling:

Should you only send queries to your A-list of agents first?

How 1 writer got her agent:

A deconstruction of "The Help," with a focus on plot structure:

Empathy and characterization:

How writing is like Interior Design:

What Writers Mean by "Flow":

You Have Your Elevator Pitches, Now What?

Sane and solo: 20 tips for people who work at home:

The Little Extras That Will Make an Editor Love Your Query:

The end of bookstores? (National Post):

The Opening Chapter:

What not to do as a writer: run:

A Short Course in Line Editing:

How to Make YA Fiction More Diverse (The Atlantic) :

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: And then there was the time she put sugar in her salt shaker ...