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Below are writing links that I’ve posted to Twitter in the last week.

The Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine, designed by software engineer and writer Mike Fleming, makes all these links searchable—try it for searches on plotting, characterization, querying, book promo, and more. Finger Lickin’ Dead releases Tuesday! :)

250 Books By Women All Men Should Read:

How to Nix the Fear and Pitch that Post:

Aisle and Isle:

Eating the Elephant (making writing a habit and setting goals):

Constructing Your First Chapter:

Coming ‘Out of the Closet’ as a Writer:

A character survey that you can save and print:

How do you find the time to write? @JulietteWade

Children's Books Are Not Just For Kids Anymore:

Resources for Young Writers:

Publishing Traditionally Without an Agent:

On punctuation:

8 Things To Consider When You Are Stuck:

Introversion/Extroversion and Social Media:

What to expect during a critique: @TereKirkland

What conflict isn't:

Purple Prose = Empty Description:

Write for Your Readers:

Why Introverts Don't Need a Personality Transplant to Successfully Market:

3 Ways to Add Pizzazz to Your Author Bio: @keligwyn

An editor posts on dialect: @TheresaStevens

Facts About Phrasal Verbs:

Another Dialog Between Authors Barry Eisler and Joe Konrath:

Books (and sites) On (selling your) Writing:

Writing YA Versus Adult Fiction: what’s the difference?

Self-editing checklist--characterization:

Cliched Writing: Avoid it Like the Plague:

5 reasons readers might not finish your book:

Should You Design Your Own Book? Pro and Con:

How to Be a Disciplined Freelance Writer:

The pricing of ebooks and perceived value:

6 Digital Tools That Keep 1 Writer Sane:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Veggie Casserole @CleoCoyle

How Can You Screw Up Your Book Cover? Let Me Count The Ways:

Characteristic Ages of Genres:

6 Reasons Why You Need to Publish Ebooks:

10 Signs that You’re Doing Networking All Wrong:

Revisiting the 3-Act Structure:

High impact fiction portrays universal human experiences:

Emotional State is Trajectory - Why You Might Un-Revise:

Are Hashtags the New Global Book Club?

Should Your Ebook Have an Afterword?

9 Twitter Tactics: What Works For You? @BloggingMentor

Mystery Writers of America Opens Membership Door To Some eBook & Print-On-Demand Publishers:

Why Hard Work Matters More Than Talent:

How A Few Measly Words Can Dramatically Improve Your Article Headlines:

The Shelf Lives of Expressions and Slang:

Agents--surviving the transition:

Worldbuilding: exceptions to the rules:

A Few Words about Conflict:

Physical therapy for your writing: @jhansenwrites

7 Things Guns Cannot Actually Do:

Worldbuilding: New Discoveries (use your people!):

Physical Clichés:

Branding 101: Be Google-able: @JamiGold

Book Trailers, Batman, and Short-Form Promotion:

An Agent On Engaging Your Audience:

10 ways to write a book review and what to do when the book sucks: @emlynchand

9 Tips for a Successful Twitter Party:

Thanks to @TheBookResort for a delicious review of "Finger Lickin' Dead!" My book releases Tuesday!

Should you have multiple blogs?

Speaking Engagements - Be Prepared: @SpunkOnAStick

How Freewriting Can Help Writers Overcome Procrastination:

7 Traffic Stats You Should Know About Your Blog Or Website: @tonyeldridge

Writing Contests:Should You Take a Shot?

Agent-author cliques? @literaticat

Tips for writing description:

For publishers, the author is just one more noodle in a big bowl of pasta:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Barbecue and Blue @CleoCoyle

6 Tips for Writing 'Clean' For Young Adults:

Top 10 World-Ending Threats In Comics:

Why being female and writing fantasy has its drawbacks:

Get the best writing articles from May and an interview with author @janice_hardy at #writetips @hiveword

The Characters Must Come First (in Any Genre):

What to do with extra words:

10 Things about Plot Bunnies:

Contract Red Flag: Net Profit Royalty Clauses:

5 Ways to Develop a Unique Voice:

How to Read a Book Contract – For Avoidance of Doubt:

Dialogue: Let's be real.

3 Reasons Dialog is Important, 3 Reasons It’s Not: @victoriamixon

General tips for not freaking out when you miss a deadline:

3 Things Screenwriting Taught 1 Writer That She Applied to Fiction:

Thematic Significance for Writers:

Twitter Follow Button Simplified for Publishers, Authors & Readers:

3 Signs You’re Renovating a Condemned Novel:

Putting a Series Out of Its Misery:

A look at bookshop mysteries: @mkinberg

When Is Lying in Memoir Acceptable? 3 Key Issues:

Are You A Blogger Buddy Or A Blogger Bum?

A way to study outer and inner story in your favorite books:

6 Steps to Returning to Writing:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Bruschetta Open-Faced Sandwich @CleoCoyle

Writers’ Time Management?

How to Handle Those Pesky Rejection Letters:

On Grammar and Punctuation:

Writing paradoxes:

Branding 101: Online Brand vs. Author Brand: @JamiGold

The #FF (Follow Friday) Blitzkrieg:

Tags deleted from Kindle ebooks. What did you expect?

4 Easy Ways to Boost Your Word Count: @MuseInks

5 Tools to Carry in a Conspiring Universe:

Are You Linked In? @jhansenwrites

10 signs of an approaching deadline: @elspethwrites

Visual Image Systems:

Scene Antagonists–The Making of a Hero:

Developing Your Creative Practice:

25 Words and Their Prepositional Pals:

8 Things You Need to Know About Living With a Writer:

Craft an Exceptional Elevator Pitch:

Book proposals for nonfiction:

In Defense of Keeping the Day Job:

Supporting Other Authors - Are they Competition or Support? @sarahketley

The Rogue Gallery:

Frustrated by Rejections? Change Your Angle:

Forget About Being Published:

Murder Your Muse: @mjcache

For screenwriters--an app that lets you open Final Draft (.fdx) files on your iPad:

An Agent on Response, No Response, Auto-response:

15 Figures of Speech to Color Your Characters:

6 Saboteurs of Creativity and How to Thwart Them: @TheCreativePenn

Techniques for plotting:

Developing Supporting Characters:

Why pants and plots are the same thing:

How authors are misled into thinking they’ve self-published when they haven’t:

Exploring moral dilemmas in our writing:

Writer’s Block and Depression: Why You Shouldn’t Bully Your Muse:

Do you have a Memory Palace?

What Else Does Your Character Want:

Magic in Fantasy: An Introduction:

How to Get Your Ebook Listed for Free at Amazon (maybe): @GoblinWriter

Fear of letting go:

An editor posts about Publish America's entry into the lit. agent biz:

The Call of the Wild: Fiction Writing:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave @CleoCoyle

Pricing Your Ebook at 99 Cents: Pros and Cons:

Are Happy Endings a Must?

Pronoun confusion:

Memoir 101:

The writing juggling act:

Tips from a burgeoning travel writer:

What's wrong with Huckleberry Finn? @p2p_editor

A look at compelling openings:

The Outline Dilemma—Plotting vs. Pantsing:

13 reasons why it's hard to find the right critique partner:

Twitterific--my week in tweets:

21st Century Evolution Of The Agent’s Role:

How to help your favorite authors: @GoblinWriter

Dangers of the open schedule:

7 Questions That Need To Be Asked On Writing About Writing:

Top 10 Best Resource Guides for e-Book Authors:

How To Avoid the Trap of Creating Unlikable Characters:

10 mistakes 1 writer has made:

The Case Against the Em Dash:

Writing on the edge of genre:

7 Tips for Getting Your Guest Posts Published:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Sweet Revenge @CleoCoyle

Chaperoning a field trip is like a well-told story: @laurapauling

The Art Of The Blurb Request:

A Critical Marketing Secret: Don’t Go It Alone:

The Art of the Two-Book Deal:

5 Sentences Saved by Em Dashes:

How to Start a Writers' Group (And Keep It Going):

Chatty Main Characters:

An editor on hyphenated compound adjectives:

How to find out if your agent is an idiot:

10 questions to consider when hiring a freelance editor:

Tips for writing natural dialogue:

The Importance of First Impressions: @ingridsundberg

Is your idea blog-worthy or book-ready?

The importance of consciously setting goals for our writing:

9 Tips For Finishing That Novel:

Diversity in SF/F for Young Readers, part 1:, part 2:, part 3:

As a writer, it's normal to struggle:

PublishAmerica Will Be Your Literary Agent...For $199: @victoriastrauss

8 Ways to Use Blogging as an Interactive Marketing Tool:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Wouldn't You Like to Be a Pepper, Too? @CleoCoyle

Find your unique hooks:

How to give a good interview:

Is there really such a thing as an original story?

Revisions Rock the House:

Strengthen Your Voice:

Do Stories Need a Theme? @jamigold

How to Tell a Compelling Story in 3 Steps:

Best Articles This Week for Writers 5/27/11: @4kidlit

Studying books you love:

Creativity Tweets of the Week : @on_creativity

An editor on chapter headings:

The Joy of Writing (Not More, Just Better) Sex: @BTMargins

5 Free E-Books Every Writer Needs: @janefriedman

Scenes in swim lanes:

5 ways to avoid an info dump:

62 ways to improve your press releases:

Are Your Blog Comments Good, Bad or Ugly? @BloggingMentor

How Many Projects Should You Have Before You Submit? An agent answers:

Tips for writing openings: @authorterryo

10 Short Lessons From The World’s Best Copywriters: