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Below are writing links that I’ve posted to Twitter in the last week.

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Chaperoning a field trip is like a well-told story: @laurapauling

The Art Of The Blurb Request:

A Critical Marketing Secret: Don’t Go It Alone:

The Art of the Two-Book Deal:

5 Sentences Saved by Em Dashes:

How to Start a Writers' Group (And Keep It Going):

Chatty Main Characters:

An editor on hyphenated compound adjectives:

How to find out if your agent is an idiot:

10 questions to consider when hiring a freelance editor:

Tips for writing natural dialogue:

The Importance of First Impressions: @ingridsundberg

Is your idea blog-worthy or book-ready?

9 Tips For Finishing That Novel:

Diversity in SF/F for Young Readers, part 1: , part 2: , part 3:

As a writer, it's normal to struggle:

PublishAmerica Will Be Your Literary Agent...For $199:

8 Ways to Use Blogging as an Interactive Marketing Tool:

Find your unique hooks:

How to give a good interview:

Is there really such a thing as an original story?

Revisions Rock the House:

Strengthen Your Voice:

Do Stories Need a Theme? @jamigold

How to Tell a Compelling Story in 3 Steps:

Best Articles This Week for Writers 5/27/11: @4kidlit

Studying books you love:

Creativity Tweets of the Week : @on_creativity

An editor on chapter headings:

The Joy of Writing (Not More, Just Better) Sex: @BTMargins

5 Free E-Books Every Writer Needs: @janefriedman

Scenes in swim lanes:

5 ways to avoid an info dump:

62 ways to improve your press releases:

Are Your Blog Comments Good, Bad or Ugly? @BloggingMentor

How Many Projects Should You Have Before You Submit? An agent answers:

Tips for writing openings: @authorterryo

10 Short Lessons From The World’s Best Copywriters:

Lose gaudy tag lines in your dialogue:

5 simple ways to make your blog more visually appealing to readers:

Marketing Lessons From Mom:

8 journalists fired for tweeting: part 1: & part 2:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Eggplant Bruschetta?

What not to do as a writer--a full rewrite:

Best Films From Books (Daily Beast):

Thinking in Nonlinear Terms:

Can I Turn 'Children’s Book Writer' Into a Full-Time Job? 2 writers answer:

Coming Up With a Strong Conflict:

Are you growing, as a writer? @katieganshert

How To Find Music for Your Book Trailer: @galleycat

12 insider interview tips from 2 accomplished writers:

30 Signs You're a (Children’s) Writer-Parent: @CherylRWrites

Capitalize on Keyword Searches on Amazon:

22 ways to stay focused on writing:

Is That a TV Show You’re Reading?

Is Google Planning an E-Book Rental Service?

13 principles of plot:

The “New Era” of the Author is Imminent:

10 Tips to Balance Parallel Sentence Structure:

Previously Published Authors & Their Decision to Self-Pub:

How Can We Possibly Connect With ALL Our Followers?

Ebook covers are different from print:

One Surefire Way to Increase Your Productivity:

7 Tips for Falling in Love with Your Blog All Over Again:

The endless war between pantsters and outliners:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Killer Strawberry and Chicken Entree & Murder ala Mode Book Giveaway

An author's career arc: @pubperspectives

Challenges and rewards of being a pro writer--and qualities we should have:

5 Steps to Subconscious-Driven Creativity:

25 useful Mac apps for writers:

One writer's difficult choice between self-pub and small press: @HeatherMcCorkle

Thoughts on writing action scenes:

Track goals to make your dreams a reality:

Finding the Right Writing Group: @bluemaven

Tips for Reducing Eye Strain for Readers and Writers:

7 things teen writers can do to hone their craft during break:

A Look at POV Shifts--5 ways to spot them:

Worldbuilding: What's on the page?

Common flaws 1 writer has noticed in self-pubbed books:

Are You Making Any of These 5 Mistakes in Your "About Me" section?

Blog Law – Is Your Giveaway Legal?

Give characters a chance to grow:

The 2 Types of Blogs and Which One Is Right for You:

3 Reasons Action is Important, 3 Reasons It’s Not:

2 Tricks to Keep Your Online Reading Manageable:

Kill writer's block and become a master copywriter in 3 hours a day:

Including crotchety and annoying characters in our books: @mkinberg

How to Run a Successful Social Media Contest:

Killing a writing career?

This Week’s Twitter Fail Whale–The Hashtag Ho:

No, That Character Is Not You: @LesaHolstine

Keep an eye on your objective, when writing: @RavenRequiem13

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Pink Lemonade Pie—by Riley Adams

Detectives & their Drink: Cocktail Recipes & Thin Man Martini Video: @JanetRudolph

Tips for indie booksellers--hand-selling dos and don'ts: and social media tips:

Word power--misaligned subjects:

A mash-up of helpful links for self-publishing: @jhansenwrites

Reversals in Novels and Movies:

Why One Writer Doesn’t Count Followers, Mentions, Google Alerts, or Blog Hits Anymore:

Creating endings that resonate: @juliemusil

10 Commandments of Grammar for Fiction Writers:

Romancing the Bookseller--dos and don'ts of working with bookstores to promote books: @pubperspectives

How to Fix Big Problems with Small Changes: @JamiGold

3 things to think about when writing modern dialogue: @DeeScribe

Improv tip for writers--keep it here and now: @thinkStory

3 Publishing Trends Writers Must Stay On Top Of:

How Often Should You Update Your Blog? @BloggingMentor

Critique Feedback: Accentuate the Positives: @keligwyn

A rapidly changing future for agents:

Creating a Series:

Steampunk Sub-Genre Bingo:

Why One Writer Still Believes in Big-Press Publishing:

Goal Setting Success – the Charlie Brown Method:

How do you "write what you know" in SF/F?

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: A Healthy Snack: Foolproof Stuffed Mushrooms from Cleo Coyle and a Giveaway from ...

The write apps: apps there *should* be for writers:

The importance of voice in your query letter: @writeangleblog

2 things Hitchcock taught one writer about adding details to a story:

Building an Online Presence 101: Getting Started:

Plot Basics—The Events of Story:

Time to get passive aggressive – get your main character out of the back seat: @dirtywhitecandy

Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 5/20/11): @janefriedman

The evolution of a writer:

How 1 writer has consciously worked to improve his writing:

The all-important writer bio:

21 quick steps for blogging success:

The Constant Drumbeat for Every Writer:

Get Your Character Through That Door:

World Building: Don’t Do It! @thecreativepenn

The Kung Fu Panda Guide to Writing Action Scenes:

Tips for character creation:

The 10 Terrible Truths of Book Marketing:

How to use the power of Twitter to develop and promote your zone of genius:

Search my tweets--

How to Indicate Unspoken and Indirect Discourse:

LinkedIn: The Social Media Tool Writers Should Not Ignore:

Konrath on Why You Won't Succeed As A Self-Published Ebook Writer:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Chocoholics Unite!

Helpful plug-ins for Wordpress bloggers: @storiestorm

Top 10 most frightening books for teenagers (Guardian):

On the future of journalism:

So How, Exactly, Does a Writer Grow?

20 tips to accomplish your dreams:

Do Facebook and Google Control Too Much Personal Information? (The Atlantic):

Slow and Steady:

Breathing new life into books with official hashtags:

Finding Your Blog’s Unique Voice:

A helpful thesaurus for settings, emotions, symbolism, & weather--now with character traits: @AngelaAckerman

What it Really Means When Your Book Gets Rejected: @annerallen

Will Your Manuscript Survive to Page 20?

Why contemporary romantic suspense is an improvement over old school novels:

Don’t discard the librarians (Globe and Mail):

Tips for word thieves: @juliemusil

Beyond the First Draft–Preparing the Perfect Proposal:

A cautionary comic for writers: @inkyelbows

On Punctuation Gimmicks:

The Resume Is Dead, The Bio Is King:

Balancing inner and outer story in your book:

4 Types of Reference Books You Didn’t Know You Needed:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Welcome Guest Blogger - Larry Sweazy!

Writing late? Writing early? How Little Sleep Can You Get Away With? (NY Times):

10 Steps to Finding Your Writing Voice: @JeffGoins via @designerdaze

Putting your work in the market and keeping it there until sold:

Publishing--a small press adventure: