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Below are writing links that I’ve posted to Twitter in the last week.

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Tips on cliffhangers: @juliemusil

What Ju-Jitsu Can Teach Us About Writing:

Creating the non-stereotypical character:

5 Fixes for Pop-Culture Pile-Ups:

Summer Survival Guide for Writers:

4 tips for dissemination of info in your story:

Writing Myths Busted: @yaHighway

Do You Tell People You Write?

5 ways to know your characters before you even meet them: @jammer0501

When You Feel Like a Nobody:

What Not to Write–The Submission:

Using MS Word to Auto-Outline and Keep Track of Revelations: @4kidlit

How to Turn Your Dream Into a Plan In 5 Simple Steps:

When your agent can't sell your book:

A look at teachers in crime fiction: @mkinberg

How To Make a Super 8 Book Trailer:

When you’re an ind. publishing professional, is the expense of attending BEA worth it?

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Dinner tonight - easy as pie!

All Stories Are Speculative Fictions: An Inquisitive Supposition:

How to Captivate New Readers for Your Blog in 5 Seconds or Fewer:

It's wedding season--and an opportunity for a 1-chapter critique: @jhansenwrites

How To Look for a Publishing Job at BEA: @galleycat

Creativity Tweets of the Week — 5/20/11: @on_creativity

How one writer revised her work to prepare for publication:

Working Backward to Flesh Out Your Plot:

5 things 1 writer has learned about increasing tension in a story:

Writing mentors (Ntl. Post):

Are MFA programs ruining American fiction? (Salon):

10 ways to improve your proofreading:

Sucker punching writer's block:

Best Articles This Week for Writers 5/20/11: @4kidlit

People-Watching with Purpose: 20 tips:

How to earn your info dump:

Konrath: Tech Talk and the Active Ebook:

Writing Descriptions: Setting the Scene:

A Deeper Understanding of Craft:

Figuring Out Your Genre:

On Amazon, is fewer than 5 stars a bad review?

The Antagonist:

Does Your Manuscript Have a Good Hook?

Liberty Media Bids $1 Billion for Barnes & Noble (PW):

5 Things The Great Books Taught @JaneFriedman About Writing:

Genre and Soy Sauce -- Finding What You Want:

5 Types of Eponyms:

Past Tense or Present Tense...or Both?

BEA Survival Tips:

Common Sense Writing Superstitions: @Rachel__Graves

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: My Summer Challenge

A question on multiple lead characters:

The 5 Horsemen of Literary Apocalypse:

Is there gold in your backlist? Self-publish and find out:

The secret to worldbuilding success:

Rock Stars and Writers–Yes, We Really Do Work:

Resist the Urge to Explain:

Are Teenagers Too Young to Write Good Fiction?

Amazon and Waterstones report downloads eclipsing printed book sales (Guardian):

An Agent on Interiority vs. Telling:

Tips on Copy Editing Your Own Work:

What to Do on a Writing Vacation:

Why Are We So Obsessed With Our Numbers?

How fantasy author @JaniceHardy uses real places as a foundation for her world-building:

Running Mind Movies to Bring Life to Your Characters:

5 Tips for Working with Hollywood as a Publisher or Author:

Characters who grow on you:

Stir Up Your Setting–REAL Fictional Settings:

Dos and Dont's for Pitching:

Self-editing checklist for POV:

This Week’s Fail Whale–Tunnel-Vision Tweeter:

How to explain superpowers:

How watching bad 80s movies made one writer cooler:

When is a writer 'good enough'? @camillelaguire

3 Reasons Why Personally Visiting a Source (or Location) Will Better Your Writing:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Kid-friendly Porcupines

Tools to Make Scheduling Your Time at BEA Easier:

Getting Started: The Hardest Part:

5 Ways to Write High-Quality Content – Fast:

Does your imagined audience hinder you from writing?

What Is The Point Of Writing A Book If You Have No Online Presence? @bubblecow

Thanks to Diane @TheBookResort for hosting me on her blog: Finger Lickin' Dead releases Jun. 7th!

42 LinkedIn Groups for Publishing Professionals: @galleycat

10 Comma Cases in Which More Is More:

An example of a fiction synopsis:

Facing Rejection? Here Are 5 Key Steps To Handle Them Like a Pro:

The Physiology of Foreshadowing:

Writing When Life Explodes: It Can Be Done:

The Ultimate Money Guide for Freelance Writers:

Myths Of Creativity in Business:

How to Write a Query Letter to Publishers – Fiction Manuscript:

Stir Up Your Setting: Using All 5 Senses:

To Do Digital Books Right, Writers Will Learn to Talk Tech:

How to Send Visitors Away from Your Website in Two Seconds or Less:

Battling the Stigma of the YA Writer:

Anatomy of Conflict:

Targeted Writing: Remember Your Audience:

Traditional Publishing, Self-Publishing and Control:

The Handy-Dandy Survival Guide to Shipping Doomed Couples:

Orchestrating the Thriller: @RavenRequiem13

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Easy, Cheesy Bread

Copywriting ABCs: Why Every Piece of Content You Create Must Always Be Converting:

Place holders in fiction:

8 Things Readers Want From Self-Published Authors: @janefriedman

How ‘Not Writing’ Could Save Your Story: @storyadaymay

What Disneyland Can Teach Us about World-building: @jamigold

Choosing the Right Stories for an Anthology:

The 10 Deadly Sins of Pitching:


The rule of 3:

Mix and match characters:

Writing profanity:

The 2 most important things to know before hiring a freelance editor:

Why It’s Good For Writers to Love Then Hate Their Books: @jodyhedlund

The best writers are the best readers:

3 Reasons Description is Important, 3 Reasons It’s Not: @victoriamixon

The word count debut writers don't need to exceed & word count guidelines for children's and YA:

Is the ebook the new query? @annerallen

Stir Up Your Setting–Finding a Happy Medium:

429 Television Script Ideas That Sold: @galleycat

100,000 Reasons Why You Probably Can’t Banish Envy (and May Not Want to):

Craft an Exceptional Elevator Pitch: @Bookgal

5 Mixed-Up Malapropisms:

Crime fiction examples of tightly linked series and series that are more loosely connected: @mkinberg

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: (Low Fat!) Strawberry Shortcake Muffins from Cleo Coyle

Amazon Book Sales Page Tips: @thecreativepenn

10 Reasons To Love & Embrace Platform-building:

Why Writers Need Writer Friends:

Gardening and writing--filling the well by following the love:

Ready to query but don't know where to start?

15 Tips for Accomplishing More in Less Time:

Dealing with Discouragement:

Social Media for Unpublished Writers: @cheshirescribe

7 Weekly Book Marketing Goals You Can Adopt Today:

Can Writing Be Taught? @2bwriters

Show vs Tell:

The Secret Ingredient of Original Stories:

Stir Up Your Setting–Making Setting a Character:

21 Ways to Create Compelling Content When You Don’t Have a Clue:

10 Simple Ways to Double the Speed of Your Writing … Right Now:

Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 5/13/11):

You must refrain from rewriting, except to editorial order:

You don't have to have a book to be a writer: @Harrison314

An agent explains what's in a publishing contract:

How to Create Characters That Are Believable and Memorable:

When it Makes Sense to Have Multiple Blogs:

Wait! Don't Query Too Soon:

An agent on starting a novel in the wrong place:

The Right Tools for Planning a Writing Group:

An agent rants about prologues:

Are you over-editing? @juliemusil

Use Manuscript Markers for Your 1st Draft:

The Ultimate Guide to Twitter Marketing:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Cardamom Pound Cake

Beginning In Media Res: Some Options:

Shrugging and Pursing:

What NOT to Write: The Query Letter:

That duck in the T-shirt is a boy: The gender divide in children’s lit:

How to Turn a Blog Post into a Press Release:

Fiction and Empathy: @wordrunner

How to Avoid Writing-related Panic Attacks:

Writer's Knowledge Base -- Search 8000+ articles on :

Beyond the First Draft—The Query Letter:

How Science Fiction Movies Can Help You Write Novels:

Worldbuilding, part 1: It's not just for science fiction anymore:

How to Revise (When You'd Rather Just Drink):

Twitterific--my week in tweets:

One important reason for a day job:

Against Professionalism:

Characterization is important–character is key:

Why Doesn't Your Blog Click? @hopeclark

Tips for selling more books on the Kindle:

One writer's process:

Short writing tips from a variety of published authors:

On nature and nurturing your inner Gladys Kravitz:

Advice to teens wanting to publish:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Kate Carlisle’s Weeknight Taco Casserole

Plot Devices and Other Stupid Things:

How to Build an Email List: Rich Man, Poor Man List Building:

Stereotyping people by their favorite author:

Like With Like = Great Story Flow:

Plot Development: Climax, Resolution, and Your Main Character:

Writing Beautiful and Unique Snowflakes:

Putting the Character into Characterization:

What to do with short stories:

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8 Ways NOT to Describe Your Main Character: @victoriamixon

The Power of No:

Social media is for interacting, not BSP:

3 lessons from the "Vampire Diaries":

Why You Should Build Your Freelance Career on Your Own Domain:

3 Ways to Know When to End Your Chapters:

Using tags to sell books or ebooks on Amazon: