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Below are writing links that I’ve posted to Twitter in the last week.

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Hidden Treasures You Find at Conferences: @hopeclark

One writer's 10 steps to novel completion:

Staying Out of the Story:

202 Tips To Increase Your Blog Traffic:

The downside of the e-revolution in publishing: @BSquaredInOz


Writers Are Worth It: @merylkevans

Starting Erotic Stories: Two Things That Work, and Two Things That Don't:

20 Tips for Freelance Writers:

Choosing Your Main Character and His/Her Essential Counterpart:

How Online Writers and Publishers Still Rely on Each Other for a Payday:

Best Articles This Week for Writers 5/13/11: @4kidlit

Libraries are in crisis, but literary culture is thriving (Guardian):

5 Questions Never to Ask at a Bookstore Reading:

Query letters – do you have personality?

Viewpoint Character and the Need to Choose Wisely:

12 Easy Steps to The Making of a Book Trailer:

The inexorable link between Science Fiction and Fantasy:

20 email list-building tips:

5 Ways to Kill Your Creativity:

Why Writers Are So Antisocial:

5 Fast Differences Between YA and MG:

What Self-Publishing Isn’t:

How journalists can make use of Facebook Pages:

5 tips for writing flash fiction: @mkinberg

Why libraries still matter (Salon):

Should you self-publish after a near miss? @janefriedman

Crime writers--The Difference Between Extortion and Blackmail:

Helpful books on writing:

Tackling revisions:

Story Structure, Part 1: Beginnings:

Tips for finishing a book:

What a trendsetting book is, and isn't:

Lessons learned from a pencil:

Facebook Dramatically Restricts Authors & Publishers’ Ability To Host Contests:

Tips for confident writing:

The Chekhov's Gun Plot Device & How To Use It When Writing Your Novel:

Get More Done with Creative Quickies:

Narrative Tension and the Ticking Clock:

Formatting red flags:

Does Your Story Have a Hook or Merely a Gimmick?

Self-doubt and writers:

Best practices for finishing that book: @patriciastoltey

5 tips for writers who want to publish: @4kidlit

Five Things Writers Must Do Before They Die: @clarissadraper

When is it time to sign an author-agent contract?

"Write-by-number" Synopsis Recipe:

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Name your protagonist:

Editing: It's About the Big Picture, Too: @authorterryo

Using Storyboard W to Structure a Self-Help Book:

Best practices for beta readers:

Should I Use Absolute Phrases? Absolutely:

19 Ways to Use Images to Enhance Your Blog:

Tips for body language and description:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Avery's Garlic Blue Cheese Fondue

Learning to Find a Balance in Showing Versus Telling: @jodyhedlund

The Importance of a Literary Nemesis:

Dumping Those Info Dumps: @jemifraser

How an Agent Works with a Self-Published Author: @galleycat

Key Story Elements: Into The Special World:

How to Get into a Subjunctive Mood:

Ticking Clock or Option Exhaustion: 2 Ways To Bring Your Novel To A Crisis:

5 Key Research Sites You May Have Missed (Plus Cool Tricks): @janefriedman

Writing Out of Order:

10 Simple Ways to Support Authors You Love:

How Spelling Diverges Between American and British English:

Synopsis Example: ''The Fly'' (Horror / Sci-Fi):

Mindful Writing: Accepting Failure:

Tips for giving readings:

5 Common Writing Pitfalls:

When Characters Lie: 8 Questions to Ask: @CherylRWrites

Tips for Writing Picture Books:

5 questions that can save your book:

How to Practice Perseverance:

Discouraging Decisions:

Why traditional publishing is about more than a few weeks of chain bookstore distribution:

10 Scifi Novels To Give People Who Hate Sci-fi:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Bacon and Buttermilk Garlic Mashed Potatoes

A Bookseller Who Bridges Print and Digital:

Surfing the fantasy network:

How Many Times A Day Should You Check Your Email?

How The Right Cover & Title Can Help Women’s Fic Cast A Wider Net:

Promo time vs writing time:

Royalty statements update:

Why writing advice is utterly meaningless:

Choosing a Theme for Your Novel:

Blog categorizing and tagging:

3 things one writer learned from graphic novels:

How to write more-the only thing you NEED to do:

Make your boring character a fish out of water:

Bringing characters together:

A tangled plot structure:

How to Blog Without Comparing Yourself to Others:

Creative Marketing for Indie Authors:

Beat writer's boredom: @clarissadraper

Why One Writer Wants Her Women’s Fiction Published By A Traditional Publisher:

Crit partners in crime:

Never bring a knife to a gun fight:

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Do Plots Just "Happen"?

Top 7 Repeated Science Fiction Phrases or Words That Have Become Annoying:

9 reasons to visit your real-life setting:

Ebook Authors: 17 Great Information Sources:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: HUSBAND vs WIFE: Cleo Coyle asks, "Is it a Sauce or a Soup?"

The Joy of Booking:

Making the most of the Kindle's "Before You Go" screen:

10 Ways to Create a Plot Twist:

8 ways writers can make the most of online video:

How to Avoid Freelancing Burnout:

The 3 ages of becoming a writer: @dirtywhitecandy

Creating Archetypal Characters To Fill The Dramatic Functions in Your Novel:

10 Ways to Totally Screw Up Your Novel:

Juggling parenthood and writing:

3 tips for writing horror:

Twitter For The Shy Writer—Secrets of Stress-free Tweeting: @annerallen

Romance novels and the dogpoo filter:

10 Kindle Tricks and Tweaks:

What Works: Promo for Ebooks:

Single Quotation Marks—A Reader’s Question:

Online branding for authors--how it really works:

The ABCs (and Ds and Es) of Plot Development:

How to Become Wildly Successful at Anything:

Avoid the 3 “Tell-Tale” Signs of Self-Published Books:

How to quickly change a document’s spacing with a single keyboard shortcut:

Subsidy Publishing: Proceed With Caution:

The tasks of technical writing:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Mini Cherry Sponge Cakes

6 tips for fitting writing into a hectic schedule: @Sarafurlong

Metaphors vs. Similes:

Weekend writer:

Writing--finishing what you start:

Happy Mother’s Day, Mrs. Bennet: Jane Austen’s Mothers:

The Rise of Urban Fantasy:

Help for restless writers:

5 Reasons Why Moms Matter in Children's Literature:

10 essential self-editing tips:

Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 5/6/11):

How To Create A Plot Outline In 8 Easy Steps:

How one writer uses Scrivener to plot with flexibility: @SarahKetley

The Dos and Don’ts of Your Online Presence:

The rule of 3 in fiction:

Character building tools for writers--astrological signs:

Social Networking: Twitter v. Facebook:

5 Things to Consider Before You Spend Time Editing:

Collaboration: 3 Rules You Can’t Break:

An Editor’s Quick Tips on Submissions:

Creativity tweets of the week:

Voice: The Right Words:

Writing Passionate People:

How Self-Published Authors Found Success by Staying Local: @galleycat

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Happy Mother's Day - Not Just Desserts

How to Build Your Twitter Tribe:

The World’s Best Libraries:

How role-playing games (RPGs) can improve your writing:

How to Be a Conference Extrovert:

Writing an eBook: How to Get Started (and Finish!):

Organizing a Writers Workshop: Marketing--

Present tense problems:

Writers Write–Creativity Is a State of Mind:

The Practice of Ying / Yang Productivity:

4 laws of characters:

Narrative conflict vs narrative tension:

The Muchness of a YA Heroine:

Check Your Adjectives at the Door:

3 Edgy Little Tips to Make Your Story More Compelling:

How To Meet Literary Agents and Editors on the Web:

An editor on the importance of good dialogue:

Bullying in crime fiction: @mkinberg

Ready to query? Step away from that send button: