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Here are writing links that I’ve posted to Twitter in the last week.

I’m delighted that now we have an efficient method of locating resources on writing topics when you need them—via the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine and software engineer and writer Mike Fleming’s ingenuity. The links I tweet (which are writers’ blogs, agents’ and editors’ blogs) all are added to the engine to make it easier for you to access the information you’re looking for.

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3 Layers of ‘Layering’ in Fiction:

Will They or Won’t They? Plotting With Yes or No Questions:

Desk Fitness: A Series of 11 Simple Stretches for Writers:

An agent on: What the Fiction Editor Looks For:

7 Books on Writing for Every Writer:

Is Your Procrastination Misdiagnosed?

The Art of Handling Criticism Gracefully:

Honor Your Readers, Hire an Editor:

3 Writing Lessons I Learned from an Elementary School Field Trip:

Good Cop, Bad Cop of the Digital Future:

Why you need to make yourself completely unavailable:

Query Tips: Knowledge Gleaned From Years of Stalking Agent Blogs: @WriteAngleBlog

How to Get Reviews for Self-Published Books:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: AWFUL FOOD @CleoCoyle

It’s just make-believe: @rachellynes

Eliminating Often Used Words:

Magical Words and Amusement Parks:

Tools For Writers: 14 Free Alternatives To Microsoft Word: @bubblecow

Some thoughts on mystery reading and writing:

Dummies guide to publishing an ebook on Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords:

Creativity Tweets of the Week – 4/1/11: @on_creativity

Fear Management for Storytellers:

Best Articles This Week for Writers 4/1/11: @4kidlit

The most important problem for publishers to solve over the next 10 years:

Kurt Vonnegut Story Grids for Writing & Editing:

A List of Literary Rejections:

Establishing An Author Presence on Social Networking Sites:

2 sides to motivation: @WriteAngleBlog

Taxes and the Expenses Related to the Business of Writing: @hopeclark

Grammar Blip: The Serial Comma: @mesummerbooks

Formatting tips for Scrivener 2.x:

Publishing expert @janefriedman on the future of publishing & her new e-release:

Why Looking at the “Big Picture” Can Be Bad:

8 Great Fantasy Cities:

Writing the breakout novel: Part 6--voice:

A look at libraries in crime fiction: @mkinberg

Ask Your Characters Some Tough Questions:

And The Winner Is ... Brevity:

An Agent On Why "No" Comes Quickly...But "Yes" Seems to Take Forever:

4 Key Self-Publishing Categories:

An Erotica Writer's Manifesto: @WriteAngleBlog

Of Spatting Gods, Extraordinarily Heavy Laptops, Flights, Quests, Contests, Archetypes, Stuff Like That:

Finding the Inspiration to Write: 10 Tips for Immediate Results:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Ruby Glazed Cornish Hens on warm spinach salad @CleoCoyle

10 Steps for Editing Your Own Writing:

Writers must be resilient enough to handle rejection and long waits: @wendypmiller

Published authors offer advice to their pre-published selves:

How to Leave the Best Comment in the History of the Web:

Choose Your Own Adventure—Plotting Solutions When You’re Stuck :

DIY MFA chats and general info on Twitter chats:

10 New Twitter Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier:

In the Company of Debut Writers:

How not to handle bad reviews (Guardian):

7 Cheat Sheet Resources For Your Blocked Blogging Brain:

How to speak publisher - B is for Black plate:

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Real Writers Aren't "Aspiring":

A Bucket List for Writers:

The need for your protagonist to have someone to love and someone to hate:

Writing the breakout novel: : Part 5 - A Vivid Setting:

Book Marketing: Your Online Press Kit:

The Five C’s Of Creating A Likeable Protagonist: @ajackwriting

4 Useful Twitter Automation Tools and How to Use Them:

Getting Started with Barnes & Noble’s Pubit!—A Mini-Tutorial:

How to Do a Structural Edit on Your Book:

How to Write and Publish the (almost) Perfect Book:

Shhh; When A Reaction To Your Work Really Means: Shut Up!

Your Book Launch: Soft or Hard?

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Red Potatoes with Cheddar @CleoCoyle

Finding Something When You've Got Nothing:

Plotting Method: The Blind Men and the Elephant:

5 signs you left your heart on your pages:

Just Say No to Everyone But the Voices in Your Head:

Social Media for Authors: Start Slow:

How to Create an e-Book in 7 steps:

Three Story Skills that Self-Published Novelists Need:

4 Links To Overcome Publishing Despair:

3 ways to know your novel’s great before you even write it: @jammer0501

Top 10 hashtags for writers on Twitter: & some for fun:

5 Tips for Writing Better Settings:

The 4 Cs of Grading Your Story Like a Diamond:

The 10 Commandments of the Successful Author:

Traditional vs. Self Publishing: How Much Does the Debate Matter? #jamigold

7 tips for rising above rejection:

Writing the breakout novel: Part 4 - A Deeply Felt Theme:

How to Increase Your Novel’s Word Count:

Standing up for libraries:

The Editor’s Hat – 11 Tips for Your Second Draft:

Breakdown of a terrific first chapter:

The Path to Publication:

7 Questionable, Yet Widely Accepted Devices in SciFi:

What's it like going to the iPad2 release? @ipadgirl

Creative Confidence:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Quick Bacon and Mushroom Pasta @CleoCoyle

How to Write Faster Prose (And Why):

Building your fantasy world – Fantasy Creatures part 3:

Story Structure vs Voice in YA:

Creating a Steampunk World is Not as Easy as It Might Seem:

Foolproof Ways to Attract Your First 1,000 Blog Subscribers:

Mystery Writer's Guide To Forensic Science - Collecting Evidence VII: @clarissadraper

Quick and Dirty World Building:

Spring Forward! 5 Writing Exercises to Season The Poetic Muse:

Deep POV:

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Tips for chapter writing:

4 ways to use the Myers-Briggs personality types in your novels: @p2p_editor

8 Keys to Self-Publishing Success:

Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing: Which Way Will You Make More Money?

Do you love your characters enough to torture them? @authorterryo

Thoughts on whether writers should write to a genre or "dumb down" their books, if requested:

Visuals of our characters:

Surviving Edits in 12 Easy Steps – advice from an editor:

10 Reasons Writers Might Drink: @elspethwrites

4 things not to do at an agent panel:

You THINK it’s on the Page, but … NOT! (Making sure our writing is clear for our readers):

The Beauty of Things Unsaid (Advice for the 2nd Draft):

Writing the breakout novel: Part 3 - A High Stakes Plot:

What exactly goes into Act I anyway?

10 Steps to Secure Your WordPress Blog From Hackers:

10 Reasons Why You Should be Blogging:

6 Reasons Google Books Failed (NY Review of Books):

Avoiding the conditional in our writing:

Info on and tips for the RWA National conference:

Interview with Mark Coker, Creator of Smashwords:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Maple Madness: Smoky-Sweet Maple Vinaigrette from Cleo Coyle @CleoCoyle

A gift to the muse:

In praise of crummy day jobs:

Introducing the villain:

What one writer has learned from judging writing contests:

Resource roundup for historical fiction:

How to form a quick revision list for your weaknesses:

Tips for restless writers:

Building a Magic System for Your World:

10 steps for growing novel-sized story ideas:

The Death of the New York Times Book Review?

The #scriptfrenzy challenge--30 days. 100 pages. Held during April. Info: and daily inspiration:

Like With Like = Great Story Flow:

A Million Ways Not to Write a Book:

Have faith – there is a book at the end of the tunnel:

Writing the breakout novel: Part 2 - Larger-than-life characters:

Should writers follow screenwriting tricks?

Tips for writing sequels:

Recap of a forensics panel from the Left Coast Crime conference: @authorterryo

10 Lessons One Writer Learned From Her Dog:

Self-Publishing: Carnival of the Indies:

Why Writers Should Take Their Own Advice:

What’s the Use In Writing? More Than You Think:

Becoming a Freelance Writer? 10 Keys to a Busy Writing Career:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Carrot Purée @CleoCoyle

An agent's list of pet peeves:

Rules for Short, Effective Emails (writers usually get this concept...but nice to forward to friends who don't) :)

For scriptwriters--Loglines and how to write them:

How to Enrich Your Descriptions:

Top 50 Literary Magazines:

How To Deal With Rejection:

Key Story Elements: Opening Image:

Self-Promotion as an Act of Generosity:

Twitterific--the week in tweets:

How to Become a Copy Editor:

The 5 best unfollow apps and why you should use them:

The Case of the Best-Selling Author (Mary Higgins Clark--WSJ):

Royalty-free music for book trailers:

Write Scenes Rather Than Reports:

Subconscious Storytelling: #amrwiting @storiestorm

21 Excuses for Why Your Novel Isn’t Finished Yet:

Writing a breakout novel: Part 1 – An Inspired Concept:

Creating the best-worst character. Do you need to?

How to Organize a Writers’ Night. Loosely.

Authors reveal the secrets of their craft (Guardian):

WriterDesign: Domain & Web Hosting:

The Essential Zen Habits of 2010:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Welcome Guest Blogger - Libby Fischer Hellmann! @CleoCoyle

5 Ways Romance Can Enhance Your YA Story:

Storytelling for Business Bloggers: @victoriamixon

How To Fill Out Flat Secondary Characters: @ajackwriting

How to Write Horror:

Want to get up earlier to write? 25 Ways To Wake Up Early:

Now with over 7000 links to help #writers find resources:

Pouring Cold Water on the Kindle-ing: