Thursday, April 7, 2011


Old_Bookshop_-_Ciudad_Vieja_-_MontevI have to admit that I enjoy reading author acknowledgments.

These days, a book is really a collaborative effort between a lot of different people operating behind the scenes. At least, these folks are behind the scenes until they’re put on the acknowledgments page of a book. :)

These pages were really useful for me when I was researching publishers and agents—because agents and editors are always thanked (or should be) by published writers.

Now I think they’re just fun to read. For me, they’re a window into the writer’s world and the people who are part of it. Plus, it’s usually the only personal note directly from the author. For that reason, I’ve always enjoyed reading them.

The acknowledgments can be tricky for me. I want to make sure I haven’t left anyone out, but I also don’t want to go on and on as if the page was an Academy Award speech.

There’s usually a little list I try to go through in my head to make sure I haven’t left anyone out:

Agent Editor Agent assistant or Editorial assistants or copy editors (anyone I know by name) Anyone who helped with research/sources Family who put up with me while I was writing. :) First readers Writing mentors People (teachers, etc.) who provided encouragement or support

Do you read the acknowledgments in books? Can you think of any other people who should be included in a list of whom to thank?