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Here are writing links that I’ve posted to Twitter in the last week.

I’m delighted that now we have an efficient method of locating resources on writing topics when you need them—via the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine and software engineer and writer Mike Fleming’s ingenuity. The links I tweet (which are writers’ blogs, agents’ and editors’ blogs) all are added to the engine to make it easier for you to access the information you’re looking for.

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Last month's WKB newsletter featuring an interview with @p2p_editor editor Jason Black:

How one author was able to get objective about her work and get published:

10 tips for an effective blog sidebar:

Expanded Story Elements Checklist:

The Future of Self-Publishing Services:

The Path to Productivity: Short Hours, More Breaks:

The magic of the 1st draft: @storiestorm

Why Pen Names Suck & Can Make Us Crazy:

When Good Characters Do Thoughtless Things:

5 Tips for Being Found by Your Readers:

10 Reasons Someone Else’s Novel Shouldn’t Have Been Published:

Writing past our weaknesses and why we should do it:

Go-to writing books:

Changing the world one word at a time:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Frugal and Healthy II: Black Bean Chilaquiles @CleoCoyle

Self-Publishing Bang for the Buck:

The End of the Affair--Your Novel Doesn't Love You Anymore:

An exercise for writing vivid characters:

5 Ways To Threaten Your Protagonist: @ajackwriting

Tips for slicing and dicing your manuscript: @juliemusil

Creativity Tweets of the Week — 3/25/11:

5 Principles for Generating Ideas:

Style Sheets: An Editorial Tool:

Writing Theory -- The Monomyth Part 6:

6 Core Analogies for the 6 Core Competencies:

Best Articles This Week for Writers 3/25/11:

How to Write a Press Release—A Mini-Tutorial:

Should authors revise for agents without an offer of representation?

It's never too late--2011 Writing Progress Spreadsheet: @storiestorm

How Writers Can Use Amazon to Sell Books:

The discovery of the victim in crime fiction (cases where the body isn't reported): @mkinberg

Creating non-violent conflict in your story:

What to do when the words won't flow:

Proper Dialog Placement:

Editorial | It’s Not About HarperCollins (Library Journal):

Identifying Your Themes:

Place in the Novel: Setting or Character:

You're so nauseously nice: Getting Insulted by Authors (LA Times):

Let Your Senses Do The Walking And Talking:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Eat Healthy and frugally! Chicken Tortilla Roll-Ups @CleoCoyle

Good and Bad in Google Book Search Settlement Decision:

What Writing Teaches Us About Parenting:

Noted Self-Publisher (Amanda Hocking) May Be Close to a Book Deal (NY Times):

5 Ways to Shorten Your Twitter Bio:

The Anatomy of a Successful Ebook Giveaway:

Dealing with Agents and Publishers:

10 Reasons Why Authors Love Ebooks: @thecreativepenn

Tips for Tackling the Final Proof:

Written in stone? Editing your backlist books for reissue as ebooks:

The most popular links on synopsis writing that I've tweeted:

Creating and Writing Compelling Villains:

Different paths to the same goal:

Why (Most) Publishers Are Still In New York:

8 Fiddly Things You Can Do To Your Manuscript To Make Your Editor's Day:

109 Ways to Make Your Business/Book Irresistible to the Media:

TV Shows: A Writer’s Teaching Tool: @storiestorm

Good Grief: The Painful yet Productive Process of Revising after a Critique:

Go Hard or Go Home–Blogging & Branding:

Barnes & Noble Struggles To Find a Buyer:

Authors Find Marketing and Publicity Strength in Numbers:

10 Steps to Making Your Author Blog a Rockin’ Success: @victoriamixon

Titles. Or Not.

The Simple 5-Step Formula for Effective Online Content:

Embracing inconsistency as a writer:

Battling the Romance Novel Stigma:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Fruit au gratin - delish! @CleoCoyle

Characters and emotional baggage - your characters' motivations:

Some writing humor from @inkyelbows: and

A 21st c Writer’s Helper: The Virtual Assistant:

What’s your story’s agenda?

How to know if you're ready for critique--3 questions:

Strategies for juggling multiple Twitter accounts:

Self-editing checklist--scene analysis:

How to Balance Blogging and Your Day Job (while still growing your blog):

Secret Recipe for a Novel: @4kidlit

Making Dialogue Dynamic:

Deep-Tissue Critique: 4 Ways to Make It Hurt So Good: @mesummerbooks

2 debut novelists talk about the necessity of thick skin: @4kidlit

Backstory Problems & How to Overcome Them:

Finally finished your book? Now it's time to get writing...again! @hartjohnson

How to build an Amazon author page:

Don't be a Fail Whale--the Cutesy Moniker Tweeter:

The importance of muscular verbs: & lists of strong action verbs: &

Writing Can Be Learned—But It Can't Be Taught:

The Real Story Behind Pacing: @joanswan

Punctuation in dialogue:

How to fight spring fever and get some writing done:

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Blogging:

Writers should focus on the positive: @thecreativepenn

7 things one author has learned so far:

The Return of the Live Event for Book Promotion:

4 Organizational Tools for Writing:

Why Blogging Might Be Killing You, And How to Fight Back:

58 Habits That Will Help You Succeed:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Chicken Crescent Rolls @CleoCoyle

Brewing up Inspiration:

Repurpose: Get More Mileage from Your Blog Posts:

Twitter Quitter:

Creating the main character for a fantasy series:

Mystery Writer's Guide To Forensic Science - Collecting Evidence VI:

How The World of Star Trek Taught One Author How to Write:

Living Your Myth: Mishima And Dying For Your Convictions: @agent139

Polishing vs. Fixing:

10 ways to reach "the end": @elspethwrites

5 Pickles to Write Yourself Into:

Top 10 reasons freelancers need to take a vacation:

9 tips for conferences: @authorterryo

Can Editing Be Fun? Maybe.

Avoiding passive prose:

Bestselling Author Turns Down $500K Deal to Self-Publish:

7 Uneasy Coercion Tactics That Will Force You to Write:

The Care And Feeding Of Your Favorite Authors:

Combating Writer's Envy:

How to Make Your Free eBook a Magnet for New Readers: 5 Crucial Tips:

Description: scents and seasons:

Writing Tools: Scrivener:

Back to Basics, part III: Maintaining Self-Confidence:

The Solace of Dark Novels and Memoirs:

One Art, Please. I Have 99 cents:

How to speak publisher - B is for bind-up :

Young Adult Books and Their Readers:

A Side Order of Stupid:

Formatting Your Documents for the Kindle in 8 Steps:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: A Writer's Snack: Crust-Free Pizza from Cleo Coyle @CleoCoyle

Writing exercise--write a letter:

Should you argue with your publisher over your cover?

5 ways to be a crap literary agent: @jammer0501

Where to find your interestingness as a writer + blogger + ruler of your domain:

A Character-driven Approach to Kissing Scenes and Sex Scenes:

The best way to get a literary agent’s attention on Twitter:

To Conference or Not To Conference? @authorterryo

Forget the Writing Rules:

Hardworking vs. talented:

Authors, be careful not to overpay for POD services:

Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 3/18/11):

When Your Agent Isn't Feeling the Love:

Strategic tweeting for authors:

Bios: Stumbling on self-intros:

Best and Worst Agent & Editor Advice: Part 2:

Using Text to “Enhance” E-books and Other Insights from the 2011 Leipzig Book Fair:

When Your Can't Write What You Love to Read:

Why Vague Writing Is Weak Writing:

Fiction within fiction – made-up worlds and stories inside stories:

The Five Stages of Editing:

What to do when you get an agent call:

Plotting Through Goals:

Style sheets:

A synopsis checklist:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Gone to the Dogs -- Crock Pot Barbecue @CleoCoyle

How to format a query letter:

Tell, Don’t Show:

An agency with a publishing dictionary:

Dos and Don'ts of Combining Genres:

Where the editors are in 2011:

Revising by color:

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4 Ways To Make Yourself Complete a Book:

An author shares platform-building insights:

"I Did Everything Wrong...and Still Got a Contract":

Regaining Perspective on Your WIP:

Equip Your Characters:

Cues from the Coach: Taming Your Characters:

The Looks of Writers, Or How To At Least Look Like A Writer:

Multiple POVs--how many is too many?

On Languages, Linguistics, the Future, and the Fantasy:

What makes a book great?

Are You a Wimpy Blogger?

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Welcome, Guest Author Ellery Adams @CleoCoyle

A Novel is Not a Story:

When an Author Meets His Critics:

WordPress Plugins To Rock Your World:

The Charlie Sheen Guide to Winning! at Online Marketing:

A Writer Blogs About Process:

Six Limitations of the First Person POV:

What's popular on the WKB search engine today?

9 Mindfulness Rituals to Make Your Day Better (a little zen for writers):

Self-Editing: Character Development:

Writing is about growing up:

Developing Voices for Different POVs:

8 iPhone Apps to Grow & Connect With Audience:

How To Tell If Your Writing Is Any Good - Part 1:

6 Ways to Promote Your Book for Free:

Social Media: There's No Such Thing as Too Early:

A Writer’s Antidotes for Envy:

Top 12 iPhone Apps That'll Increase Your Productivity:

The Preposition Gnome:

The art of hitting send:

Connections between some well-known crime writers' lives and their stories: @mkinberg

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Is it time for a party? @CleoCoyle

Resources for Christian Fiction Writers:

How Captain Kirk Led An Author to Write Historical Fiction:

Immersed in our stories:

Desperate writers: