Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Repeating Elements

Writer's DigestI don’t know if y’all subscribe to Writer’s Digest, but this past month’s issue (the February one, pictured left) is especially good, I thought. There was a nice article in the issue called “25 Ways to Improve Your Writing in 30 Minutes a Day.”

The article touches on things like sentence structure, pace, flow, and imagery. One subject I found particularly interesting was the section on unity.

Writer Jack Heffron pointed out the usefulness of selective repetition. He said:

“A detail or remark or even just a unique word mentioned early in your piece can be echoed later, creating a sense of wholeness through the reader’s recognition of the previous mention.” That recognitions also imbues the repeated element with a resonance… The reader enjoys a satisfying sense of progression, of having moved from one literary moment to another.”

This is something that I’ve enjoyed playing around with, but always in terms of subplot. I usually have a subplot that crops up in an innocuous (and frequently humorous) way in my mystery. Then I tie in the subplot to the main plot at the end of the book. I’ve always really liked the feeling of completeness that it gives to a book.

I’ve never thought about it, but there are other subtle ways to use this device, too (and I think ‘subtle’ is key here.) It could be used with setting, imagery, a triggered memory or simply an unusual choice of words.

I’ve always used it for more of a humorous effect and that pleasant sort of tying-up-loose-ends feeling. But it could be used to evoke a variety of responses from readers…still with that satisfying ‘wrapped up’ feeling of unity.

Is selective repetition/unity an element that you’ve used in your writing before? As a reader, is it something you usually notice?


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