Sunday, February 27, 2011


Here are writing links that I’ve posted to Twitter for the past week.

I’m delighted that now we have an efficient method of locating resources on writing topics when you need them—via the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine and software engineer and writer Mike Fleming’s ingenuity. The links I tweet (which are writers’ blogs, agents’ and editors’ blogs) all are added to the engine to make it easier for you to access the information you’re looking for.

10 ways to find people to follow on Twitter: @emlynchand

Writing Theory -- The Monomyth:

Why do professional writers shy away from social media? via @BookMD

Writers Tips for Successful Radio Interviews: @Working_Writer

Creativity tweets of the week:

20 steps for building a Facebook Author Page and getting people to “like” it: @emlynchand

The Art of Repetition:

Tips for writing your query:

Dealing with the passage of time in a series: @mkinberg

Create a foil:

Thoughts on outlining novels and stories:

Things Could Be Worse: 12 Dystopian Novels:

Delegate Your Way To Writing Success:

Working (and Writing) Effectively With the On/Off Principle:

The Vampire Issue: Or, why Vamps Don’t Have to Suck:

Promote a Book with Twitter: 10 Strategies for Authors:

You Might Be Under Deadline If…: @jamigold

The waiting game:

How To Write A Query Letter: @bubblecow

Integrating research into our fiction:

9 Tips for Amplified Creativity:

Over 6000 links to help #writers find resources:

Writing in layers:

6 Techniques for Using Music to Help Our Muse: @jamigold

6 Reasons You Will Never Be A Writer: @StoryADayMay

Anyone Should Blog? 3 Types of Blogs and 3 Ways to Handle Them:

Spectrum surfing--trying out new genres: @AraTrask

The One Surprise Rule: @Thecozychicks

An Education in Book Reviews:

Why Alpha Male Writers Became Extinct (Wall St. Journal):

Best Articles This Week for Writers 2/25/11: @4kidlit

How to get your script read:

Google introduces e-books to Android market:

What Creates Good Writing: Instinct vs. Skill:

The tricky balancing act of red herrings for the crime writer: @mkinberg

The writer's role in submissions and negotiations:

Positive Self-Talk--Examples: @joanswan

The Book Is Dead. Long Live The Publishing Industry!

Protect Yourself from Writing’s Physical Hazards:

How To Entice An Agent In 25 Words Or Fewer:

Poetry and literature in Kensington Gardens - interactive (Guardian):

A Writer Muses on Marketing and Sales:

Giving Your Character Choices:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Scallops over a bed of Creamed Spinach @CleoCoyle

Directory for Plot Series:

Does Your Fiction Have A Comfort Zone?

Ideas for earning money as a writer:

Dos and Don'ts of writing conferences:

Starting a New Manuscript (Having a Template):

Are your characters frozen in time or aging through your series?

Do the Write Thing: Earthquake Relief & Donations: @janetrudolph @mkinberg

Writing race in YA:

Writer's Digest hosts free webinar tomorrow (2-25) on what the Borders bankruptcy means for writers:

5 Surprising Things One Writer Has Learned Since Selling her Manuscript:

Questions to ask editors at conferences:

The Loneliness of Self-Publishing:

Protagonists need to be proactive:

Cliches for Aspiring Writers:

SFF and the Classical Past—Odysseys:

Plot Arcs & The Query:

The Unreal, and Why We Love It: Recognition--

3 Types of Character Arcs: Choose the Best for Your Novel:

Revising a Short Story:

An editor with setting writing tips:

Traits of a good crime fiction character:

10 Ways to Improve Your “Likability Quotient”:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Mystery Lovers Kitchen: I ADORE SOUP @CleoCoyle

How to Use LinkedIn With Twitter for Better Networking:

Is The First Book We Write Usually Garbage?

Changing a Location Can Mean Everything:

Barnes & Noble Opens Doors for Self-Published Writers:

A writer who survived the New Zealand earthquake posts an update from his phone: @ajackwriting

Track Changes – A Critique Group Lifesaver:

Writing Every Day vs. Binge Writing:

If you are an author, everything is your fault:

Adults are just as creative as children:

Why you should — or maybe shouldn’t — be blogging:

When the words don't flow:

An agent says, "When to keep your trap shut? Almost always.":

How to Leave Meaningful Blog Comments:

Developmental Stages of a Short Story 101:

Going Neuro: Writing for Brains:

First chapters:

Researching the Historical Novel:

Size Can Matter: Novels vs Short Stories:

Authors catch fire with self-published e-books (USA Today):

An editor reviews the Sony Daily Edition eReader: @martyhalpern

Hooking the Reader and Never Letting Go:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Margarita Pie @CleoCoyle

Exploring the wonder of the genre with a space opera author:

Tweet from your phone--even if you don't have an internet-enabled phone:

Promotional Cargo Cults:

A Writer's Dress Code? @authorterryo

When Should Authors Show Off Their Book Covers?

Tips for pitching your book:

10 Signs of a Typical Writing Day: @elspethwrites

How to Grow Your Reader Community with an Author Blog: @thecreativepenn

10 Resources to Help You Write a Great Short Story:

World building in short stories:

Coping with rejection:

5 tips for squashing self-doubt demons: @tawnafenske

Tips to keep those modifiers from dangling:

Slush behind the scenes:

Point of View, Whose Head Should I Be In?

Changing times: Changing book design:

How accurately labeling your genre can help get you published:

4 Absurdly Effective Steps to Take Before Asking to Guest Post:

How to improve your writing in 5 minutes or fewer:

Building Reader Rapport through Characters’ Emotions:

A lesson in teaching writing (Guardian):

Romance Novel Tropes: Cliches We Love and Hate:

Five (Easy) 5-Minute Marketing Ideas for the Unmotivated and/or Lazy Author:

When authors met book bloggers for lunch (Guardian):

8 New Facebook Page Changes: What You Need to Know:

Mixing Past and Present Tense:

How To Write The Perfect Sentence:

What Can Literary Criticism Do For You? @amwriting

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Oprah’s Oatmeal Muffins and The Zero Fat Muffin Experiment by Cleo Coyle @CleoCoyle

Too Many Books:

Pacing your novel:

I Was Told to Like You: Marriage of Convenience Plots:

Why It's Called The Slush Pile:

Feeling Sleepy? 5 Quick Energy Tips For Writers: @ajackwriting

Why writers make reluctant revolutionaries (Guardian):

Promote Yourself, Not Your Book:

Thoughts on writing description:

Character Believability Using POV:

Examining Trends vs. Style in Children's Books:

Writing dialogue--how people really talk on the page:

Introspection--how much is too much?

How To Clearly Communicate the Essence Of Your Book To Agents And Publishers: @bubblecow

Exposition: A Little Crazy Goes A Long Way:

Modern writer survival skills:

Book bloggers can help sell your book: Tips for authors:

Network & increase blog traffic with a blog challenge: or blogfest: @AlexJCavanaugh @hartjohnson

Don’t Speak: On Writers and Angst and How to Deal:

What Does Your Email Say About You? @PStoltey

Mastering characters' inner narrative:

I Do: Tips for Co-blogging with Your Spouse:

What "Home" Means - to Your Characters and your Story:

Keeping Dialogue Real:

Has Facebook Peaked? @annerallen

Writing Conference Preparation:

A writing contest for unpublished writers: @jhansenwrites

It’s Horrible, Stupid, and I Hate It: Coping With Criticism:

The Gift of Story: @DazyDayWriter

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Hearty Crockpot Bean Soup @CleoCoyle

Seeing is Believing: The Romantic Heroine’s Journey:

30+ Visually Attracted Creative Resumes:

Playing by the Rules (of Magic):

Let your MC succeed while they’re failing – the power of reward: @dirtywhitecandy

5 ways to write an atrocious blog post: @jammer0501

What We Say When We Don’t Speak. Or, Five Ways To Put a Sock In It:

10 of the best: fictional poets (Guardian):

POV confusion? Helpful links:

5 Writing Mantras That Bear Repeating:

7 Solutions for Sentences with Problematic Parallels:

A SF author with a letter to beginning writers:

Enter the Extraordinary Heroine: Are We Ready For Her Yet?

The decline and fall of the fantasy novel:

10 Tips To Help You Become A Better Writer:

Looking on the Write Side: Turning Off Your Inner Editor:

Getting Your Work Out in the World: The Mechanics:

Using Twitter to Market Your Book:

The wonder of yes:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Please Welcome Guest Blogger Misa Ramirez! @CleoCoyle

Becoming A Writer:

Fertilize Confusion to Thrive During Creative & Life Challenges: