Sunday, February 13, 2011


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Here are writing links that I’ve posted to Twitter for the past week.

I’m delighted that now we have an efficient method of locating resources on writing topics when you need them—via the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine and software engineer and writer Mike Fleming’s ingenuity. The links I tweet (which are writers’ blogs, agents’ and editors’ blogs) all are added to the engine to make it easier for you to access the information you’re looking for.

Hope you’ll come back tomorrow when Mike talks a little about how he came up with the idea for the Writer’s Knowledge Base and how it works.

Why Write a Novel—Your Reason is the Right One:

What Kind of Writer Are You? Career Themes:

Setting, POV, Backstory & Characterization:

Style Sheets: A Tool for You and Your Critique Partners:

If You Build it, They Will Read: Plotting With Layers:

Top 5 Things Writers Should NOT Do:

Reasons why today's crime novelists should read the classics of the genre: @mkinberg

Honing your dark hero: #amwriting

Youth *can* enjoy verbal storytelling: and @kevincordi

Do lit mags have the same chance for survival as popular titles?

Expose Your Writing Sins:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: The Food of Love: Spaghetti and Meat(less) Balls @CleoCoyle

One author's life in writing (Guardian):

10 Tips to Ensure a Productive Writing Day: @elspethwrites

The Ancient Editor Goes to Lunch:

A Feedback Format for Critiques:

Tips for Avoiding Crime Fiction "Road Hazards": @mkinberg

Nice wrap-up--Creativity Tweets of the Week:

An author with a POV Q&A: @authorterryo

Dialogue Tags: How to Kill Off Some Of The Little Buggers: @SharlaWrites

The 10 Essential Grammar Rules—of Life:

4 tips to prepare for your book launch: @hopeclark

An agent's post: How to Get Published (The Definitive Post):

Using Advertising Lessons to Make Your Story: @hopeclark

Need tips for plotting? #amwriting

10 Ways to Promote Your Book in Your Own Backyard:

Computers vs. longhand--and an interesting study on the pros and cons of both approaches to writing:

Coincidences in writing: #amwriting

Six Steps for Approaching Potential Critique Partners:

Critique Groups as an Unreliable Narrator: #amwriting

The Most Important Thing A Writer Can Do (Other Than Read And Write): @ajackwriting

When Hiring a Publicist Make a Real Connection:

10 great places freelance writers can find story ideas:

How to Be a More Effective Author Online:

SFF and the Classical Past, Part 4—Legions of Gladiators:

Handling Your Word Count:

Fantasy Writer’s Use of History:

Talking about the novel you're working on: #amwriting

The hero's journey: and

An editor's thoughts on pacing:

Improving Your Fiction: 246 Rules from 28 Modern Writers: #amwriting

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Chocolate Covered Strawberries! @CleoCoyle

Platform–Why We Need One:

Does your story involve language change? Some tips:

Examples of Sensory Details in Writing:

A trend toward present tense in YA?

3 Things the Novelist Can Learn From the Copywriter:

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff Week: Word Counts:

Is your book's setting ho-hum? #amwriting

10 Reasons Novel Manuscripts Get Rejected:

Query Writing Troubles? It Might Be The Story, NOT The Query: #amwriting

Storytelling--tips for crafting a verbal story: @kevincordi

Character habits and other identifiers: #amwriting

10 ways to make editors fall in love with your work:

Top 10 love poems, in time for Valentine's Day (Guardian) : #amwriting

On business cards for writers:

What your agent doesn't want to hear you say: #amwriting

Writers react to AOL-HuffPost deal: now what?

6 Fiction Writing Techniques to Improve Your Blog:

An agent says, "It's not my job to be your BFF.": #amwriting @gatekeeperspost

7 Tips for Using Hyphens with Adjectives: #amwriting

Why Adverbs Will Really Probably Always Mostly Suck: @charissaweaks #amwriting

An agent explains remainders:

A Storyteller dives into Digital: @KevinCordi

The Subconscious In Writing: @joanswan #amwriting

10 ½ Tips for Being a More Effective Author Online:

Behind the Scenes with a Literary Agent: #amwriting

Character-Driven/Plot-Driven: #amwriting

Writer's Tools: Worksheets & More: #amwriting

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Like Cheddar for Chocolate @CleoCoyle

Travel Writing Tips for Writers Who Can’t Write Description: #amwriting

Using (Or, Preferably, Not Using) the Subjunctive Mode:

Urban Fantasy and the Elusive Male Protagonist: #amwriting

What Your Query Says About Your Book:

Tips for switching POV characters: @authorterryo

There are no original fairy tales:

SF Editors & Authors Discuss Future of Publishing:

How to Start On Twitter (Or Open a 2nd Twitter Account) Without Looking Like a Newbie:

Can Book Critics and Authors be Friends?

Want to create vibrant characters that pop off the page? #amwriting

Lighten Up! Cutting Down Your Word Count:

Bulking Up: Fleshing Out a Too-Short Novel : #amwriting

Thoughts on when to follow your beta readers' advice and when to follow your gut:

The Scene Conflict Worksheet - Developing Tension in Your Novel:

How To Avoid Becoming Another Boring Writer's Blog: #amwriting

7 Ways to Attract Attention to Your Book Sales Page: @victoriamixon @thecreativepenn #amwriting

Three Places Where You Should Tell Instead of Show: #amwriting

Cutting Overwhelm Down To Size: #amwriting

The Future of Agents: #amwriting

Learning to write from fruit:

How to copy and paste your Kindle highlights and notes into a Word file or email: @galleycat

To Produce & Protect: 5 Things That Creators Can Learn From IT Geeks:

Want More Copywriting Clients? Here’s a Surprising Way to Find Them:

Deciding When to Show and When to Tell: @4kidlit

One editor lists the marks of an amateur:

Shades of Gray: A Somewhat Liberating Spin on Story Structure:

The value of pausing for a critique: #amwriting

The Three Dimensions of Character Development:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: A Valentine’s Day Cocktail @CleoCoyle

Working Together to Renovate Publishing–The WANA Plan:

10 Radical Ideas for Getting Kids to Read:

Listen to Full Audio of AWP Social Media Panel (Writer's Digest): #amwriting

Neuroscience for writers:

The Misleading "Research" By McSweeney's:

A weekly roundup of informative agent tweets: @HeatherMcCorkle

10 dialogue musts for scriptwriters:

Are You Totally Missing Out The Heater Syndrome In Your Writing? #amwriting

Is Your Low Social IQ Dooming Your Blog?

What's popular on the WKB search engine today? #amwriting

Self-publishing--a checklist to see if it's right for you: #amwriting

How social media sells books:

How Much Editing Does a Contracted Book Need? #amwriting

7 Steps to Writing Success: #amwriting

Story-specific Words—Fitting Word to Story: #amwriting

Writing monsters--Part I and II #amwriting @ajackwriting

Descriptive Passages: Character: #amwriting

Tools for writers--to help brainstorm, write and, promote: #amwriting

Building writer karma: #amwriting

Pre-Submission Checklist: @4kidlit #amwriting

Plotting Made Easy - The Complications Worksheet: #amwriting

It’s Time To Finish Your Book: 9 Productivity Tips for Writers: #amwriting

For those just getting started with online promoting--social media 101: #amwriting

7 Surprising Things About Blogging:

Top Ten Reasons the editor doesn't love what your critique group loves:

Tips for creating distinctive characters:

The Second Plot Point:

Advice for playwrights starting out:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: My Guilt-Free Chocolate Bliss for Valentine’s Day from Cleo Coyle @CleoCoyle

Writing Screenplays vs Books:

Batman Noir:

Writing sex--thoughts on the "how":

6 Types of Twitter Tools That Come in Handy:

Too Fast, Too Furious, and Way Too Much:

Why Agents Get Snarky:

How to Learn Story Structure in Two Minutes or Less:

Is It Your Manuscript or YOUR Manuscript?

How to write a spec for TV:,,

10 Laws for Author Self-Promotion:

Author Janice Hardy on the importance of first lines:

The Unreal, and Why We Love It, Part 4: Laughter:

Publishing Options Series: The “Traditional” Route:

YA Fiction-Style & Content-Part II:

Harper’s Magazine: The Exit Plan Cometh:

10 Marketing Strategies You Can Implement Today:

Challenges and hurdles women writers face when submitting work:

Conflict, Tension, and Stakes on Every Page:

Running on Autopilot: Working With Unconscious Goals:

A Left-Brained Approach to Revision:

Writing for the Emotions:

The Writer's Knowledge Base--now with 6000 links (and constantly adding more): @hiveword

The Critique Partner from Hell, or One Hell of a Critique Partner:

Lessons from the screenwriters:

Links of associations, guilds, and professional organizations for screenwriters:

Setting up tension:

Advice on Selling Screenplays:

The Difference Between Lit Agents & Script Agents and between a script manager and script agent: and

Talking Script/Screenplay Managers:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: 10-10-10 Pork Tenderloin @CleoCoyle

Misused Words—Common Writing Mistakes:

Tips for Fighting Writer’s Block:

Defining story arcs:

What happens if an agent says yes? (After the celebration dies down, that is.):

The Writer's Knowledge Base--now with 6000 links (and constantly adding more): @hiveword

TV scriptwriters--links for conferences and festivals:

Feel the Rhythm of the Words:

Writing: The Art of Shameless Self-Promotion: @4kidlit

List of the most commonly used YA cliches:

Using foreshadowing:

Why realism does not equate to adult (or even good) fantasy:

How writing software changed one writer's life for the better: @JustusRStone

Writing a TV series (5 parts): , , , ,

Screenwriting Software & Filmmaking Tools:

9 Techniques to Delivering a Speech with Confidence:

Twitterific...the week in tweets and the WKB:

Writing, Publishing And Book Marketing Tools For The Mac Lover: @thecreativepenn

Tips for writing description:

Seven Tips To Beat Eyestrain:

Once upon a yawn...what makes a story boring:

5 Steps to Captivating Readers with Your Secret Message:

Clichés–Are They Really That Bad?

Taxes and the freelance writer:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: It's Super Sunday! @CleoCoyle

Running Our Races & Becoming Winners:

Finding Commas in All the Wrong Places:

How To Create a Writer’s Resume:

Format Your Novel for Submission:

How to Choose a Search Friendly Domain Name: