Sunday, February 6, 2011


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Here are writing links that I’ve posted to Twitter for the past week.

My addition this week is an efficient method of locating resources on writing topics when you need them—via the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine and software engineer and writer Mike Fleming’s ingenuity. The links I tweet (which are writers’ blogs, agents’ and editors’ blogs) all are added to the engine to make it easier for you to access the information you’re looking for.

Running Our Races & Becoming Winners:

Finding Commas in All the Wrong Places:

How To Create a Writer’s Resume:

Format Your Novel for Submission:

How to Choose a Search Friendly Domain Name:

How to Write a Synopsis When You Have Lots of Characters in Your Story:

On The Importance of Failure:

Self-Publishing–The “American Idol” of the Publishing World:

Backstory: Relevant Information or an Inconsequential Event?

Creating Emotion in the Reader:

What question does your book pose? ./

Neuroscientists try to unlock the origins of creativity:

Creating Futuristic Vocabulary:

Why one writer chooses to write:

Shakespeare, SpongeBob, and the law: @helengunnar

The New World of Publishing: Cash Flow:

Writer's guilt: @JulieeJohnsonn

7 Signs Your Blog is Bound to Fail:

The Elements of Fiction—The Basics & Beyond:

Give your supporting characters more dimension:

Best Articles This Week for Writers 2/4/11:

Roundup of links on self-editing:

Victims aren't sexy: @tawnafenske

Why Support Other Writers? @ajackwriting

Tips for crafting dialogue:

Why editors may ask you to combine 2 characters:

Changing priorities and character growth:

Revising: How To Avoid Staring Into The Great Black Abyss:

How to Mingle at Publishing Events:

Are Book Editors Paid Too Much?

How to Avoid Head-Hopping: @JamiGold

Duties of an Editor & How Editors Help Writers:

Thanks so much @JoanSwan for featuring the WKB search engine on your site: @hiveword

Thoughts on proofing ARCs:

Why Writers Can't Have Too Many Sacred Cows:

The 4 Most Common Mistakes Fiction Editors See:

A freelancer question answered: "What should I charge for writing blog posts?"

Eschewing Formal Language:

An agent on how explicit sex scenes should be:

Do You Blog Just Enough To Hate It?

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Quick Change Chicken @CleoCoyle

Fiction and non-fiction--not so different after all:

The Race for the Future:

The pet peeves that add dimension well-known crime fiction sleuths: @mkinberg

The importance of fact-checking: @ajackwriting

Tips for effectively opening your story: @bluemaven

When the Inner Critic rears its ugly head…: @messydesklife

Literary elements to get familiar with:

Depth of Character:

Is speculative fiction poised to break into the literary canon? (Guardian):

5 considerations when using adjectives:

26 Ways to Enhance Your Blog Content:

How to Achieve Balance Between Your (God I Hate This Word) Platform and Your Writing:

Creating an Attention-Getting Proposal:

Building a Story: Grids, Mapping and Outlines:

How to submit writing craft links you think should be in the writers' search engine: @hiveword

Pitching Genres: What the Heck do I Write?

SFF and the Classical Past, Part 3—Heroic Romans:

Are you a post pirate? You'll want to read this:

When the Book Is Finished…Tips for Surviving the Post-Novel Mourning Period:

5 Writing Rules You Should Break:

Writing And The Mixed Blessing Of A Day Job: @thecreativepenn

You're The Artist—It's Your Job To Write What You Love:

Writing Blogs, Search Terms, and Our Corporate Overlords:

Doing A Whedon: When To Kill Off Major Characters:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Bacon Cheddar Guacamole Grilled Cheese @CleoCoyle

Google Updates Google Reader, But Did Anyone Care?

Books vs. Music:

The Good News? Writing Never Gets Any Easier:

Superpowers of the grammatical subject:

Being Fictional:

Writing the Ending--2 tips to help you get to 'The End' - @jhansenwrites

Digital Book World: E-Books and Libraries? No Problem, Panel Says (Publishers Weekly):

3 Layers of ‘Layering’ in Fiction:

People Process Information Best In Story Form:

Grammar Police! That vs Which:

15 Minutes To Sanity: How One Writer Balances Housework And Writing:

How Writing Careers Are Like Snowflakes:

What is it really like to be published?

Blood, Sweat and Words: How Badly Do You Want This?

Tips for writing action:

“Wowed” by the Yanks, UK Indie Booksellers Motivated to Start Selling E-books:

Ten Things to Help Writers Save $:

Description Passages, Part I: Setting:

Ten Twitter Blunders Writers Make:

15 Scalable SEO Strategies for Newly Launched Websites:

Your First Draft is Allowed to Suck:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Shrimp Pasta @CleoCoyle

From the Basement to The Attic: Remembering the Past and Creating the Future:

What’s Your Excuse For Not Writing?

The “Common Sense” Mistake That Makes Your Writing Lifeless:

7 inspiring writing quotes from 12 books: @quotes4writers

5 Billboard Taglines That Advertise Errors (And A Quick Punctuation and Spelling Brush-Up):

How to Choose a Writing Critique Partner (and Some Links for Finding Them):

8 New LinkedIn Features Worth Exploration:

10 Ways Authors and Publishers Fail on Twitter: @JanetBoyer

Launching a virtual book tour:

The Protocol For Following Up With Agents and Editors:

Have you tried it? The better-than-Google search engine for writers: @hiveword

Anatomy of an Effective Blog Post:

Thoughts on different types of promo:

Learning to Say “No” to New Writing Commitments:

Dos and don'ts of public readings (National Post):

Why You Should Avoid Bright, Shiny Ideas:

Designing Books for a Digital Age (NY Times):

Is Doing a Blog Tour Really Worth It?

Querying The Cliché:

What eBook Reading Apps Should I Use on the Laptop?

Ten of the best walled gardens in literature (Guardian):

Freelancers--Why Your Article Ideas Aren’t Working:

10 Places to Find Blog Inspiration:

How a Blogger Without a Blog Became a Blogger to Watch:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Groundhog Day Giveaway: Six More Weeks or Not? Comment to Win from Cleo Coyle @CleoCoyle

Writers Obsessed with Writers; Fancy Magazines (Paris Review):

Rethinking Rights in a Transmedia World:

Building writing routines:

5 areas to help authors consider their personal State of the Union:

How to Turn Your Photos Into a Graphic Novel: @GalleyCat

For Agents, Timing is Everything:

Do You Need To Write Short Stories? @ajackwriting

The Perils of Literary Profiling (NY Times):

Ten tips for taming a beastly to-do list: @tawnafenske

Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 1/28/11):

How to Download Word Files to Your Kindle:

Researching the historical novel:

3 Author Marketing Secrets From The Grateful Dead:

5 tips for establishing your characters: @p2p_editor

Borders Won't Make January Payments, Either, And They Aren't Paying Rent: and

Is the age of the critic over? (Guardian):

A useful resource for describing settings, emotions, shapes, textures, and more:

5 Solid Ways to Get Traffic to Your Blog:

When you're introducing a character, make a good first impression for the reader: @elspethwrites

Freelancers: Jack of All Trades, Master of None? Seven Reasons to Specialize:

When and how often you should communicate with your publisher:

Bookshops reply to the ebook threat:

Poetry: a beautiful renaissance (Guardian):

“Am I a Writer Yet?” – Paid, Professional, Published, and Other Benchmarks Defined:

5 things one writer wishes she'd known before querying:

Some observations on erotica and gender:

Librarians--don't give up: @LesaHolstine @Brad_Parks

The Purpose of Science Fiction:

Being a Brand:

10 ways to grow your Facebook following as an Author:


Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Skillet Caramelized Pear Cake @CleoCoyle

What it means to be ‘pre-published’:

Eliminate Distractions to Increase Writing Income:

How to Write a Query Letter:

Tips from Alan Rinzler on how to untangle a plot: RT @inkyelbows

How to revise your novel if you can’t get into it – take time to dress the set again:

Tips for having a blog tour:

How to work with the 4 levels of transition in a book:

Twitterific--the week in tweets:

What Literary Agents are Reading (Huff Post):

MASTER Recap of 2011 Writer's Digest Conference:

What happens after your query is sent:

Celebrity Death Match–Author Edition:

Is Science Fiction Getting More Conservative? @PajamasMedia

How Creativity Wins Friends And Influences People:

How to Avoid Being Fooled by Bad Writing Advice:

A Good Metaphor is... :

40+ Creative Manipulations to Feast your Eyes:

Parents--nice list of books to hook a reluctant reader: @pragmaticmom

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Happy Cake @CleoCoyle

Graphic Noir: A Random Sample:

19 Posts on Creativity:

Writing scared--how writing can create anxiety...and might cure it (New Yorker): @bookbench

Successful Writers Produce:

The overlooking and discounting of clues by sleuths in crime fiction: @mkinberg