Monday, December 13, 2010

Writing Links Archive—an Experiment

nov 22 059There are things that I love about Blogger.

Mostly that it’s free. :)

And now I’ve invested too much time into this blog to change over to anything else. So Blogger and I are stuck with each other.

It does like to crash. And I have a feeling I’m pushing it to its limits.

Clarissa Draper and others suggested that it would be good to have a separate page on the blog to serve as a compilation of writing links. Because Blogger can be a pain to search (sometimes you can only search so far back into the archives), I thought it was a great idea.

This way, you can pull up a page with all the writing links in one place and do a control F to search the topic you’re interested in.

Since I knew there were a lot of links, I first saved them to a Word file in case Blogger went down.

The Word file had 269 pages of links on it.

Sure enough, Blogger crashed. :)

So I’ve divided the links onto two separate pages—Twitterific Archives #1 and Twitterific Archives #2. There are clickable tabs for them under the blog heading. I'm planning to add to the archives each week, after posting Twitterific. Obviously, this will take more pages, eventually. :)

The reason I'm doing this? It's because I’ve noticed that whenever I try to pull up writing article resources, it’s a real hit or miss process.

Trying to find an article on POV, internal conflict, scene structure, dialogue? The highest ranking posts in Google for any given writing search is frequently an assignment that a college professor has posted (an assignment on the topic, not a resource), or a vague article by a content mill site that doesn’t address the topic in any kind of depth. It's just not what writers are looking for.

Trying to find industry-related information in a searchable database? Unless you go to individual agent or editor blogs and search on each of their sites, you’re going to get very spotty results on a Google search. Some of the biggest results from the search will probably be self-publishers.

There's got to be a better way of doing this, but I can't think of it right now. So the temporary home for the archives will be here on the blog.

If I had the time, I’d love to catalog this information by topic, etc—but I don’t think that’s going to happen in the foreseeable future. :) At least, though, I’m hoping this compilation will give a starting point for research for writers on writing and industry-related topics…and direct them to posts that have actually been written by writers, agents, and editors.

Because the experts on writing are writers—who are in the trenches, writing.

If y’all could let me know if there are any problems opening the pages, searching the content…or loading my blog? If there is, then I’m going to set up a separate blog for the writing links and just put up links to it that way. I definitely don’t want to make the blog crash or make it hard to load for folks who have a slower connection.

Thanks, y’all!