Sunday, December 19, 2010


Terry3_thumb[1]Here are writing links that I’ve posted to Twitter for the past week.

If you’re looking for a particular topic, just plug in your keyword into the search box at the top left-hand corner of the blog (on the black header right above my blog name…next to the Blogger symbol…the small search window is next to the magnifying glass) and the roundup with your subject will come up. To narrow your search down on the page, do a CTRL+F, type your subject, and hit enter.

I’m also archiving these posts in what I hope is an easily searchable format—if you look at the Twitterific tabs under the blog’s heading, I’m posting the links there, too.

An Agent With A Year In Statistics--2010:

Influencers 2010: On Writing, Publishing, Blogging, Marketing and Entrepreneurship:

Help wanted--strong, believable character:

Revisions vs rewrites:

Why children’s books that terrify are the ones kids love the most (Ntl. Post):

Be careful where you click:

Conferences/workshops for beginning writers:

10 Blogging Myths You Must Ignore:

How to establish characters in your book's opening: @p2p_editor

A tip jar at public readings? (Guardian):

Five things to do if (gasp) the words won't come:

Writing Across Formats:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: The neighborly thing to do...egg nog quick bread! @CleoCoyle

What copywriters actually do:

The 7 Deadly Sins of Paranormal Romance:

Passive vs Active Voice:

Walt Whitman's notebook (NY Times):

Your Art is Not Frivolous–It’s Money Begging to Be Made:

10 tricks to help you feel like a writer:

First-page problems and enduring the wait:

How Boring Is Your Blog?

3 traits of characters readers give up on: @mkinberg

Zen Pen:

Dr. Strangemuse: Or How I Learned to Quit Worrying and Love Writer’s Block:

Avoid Clichés Like the Plague (Huff Post):

Thoughts on book distribution:

"I am a writer, and I will finish the s*** that I started.":

Enriching your story-world: @jammer0501

How Small Victories Help You Write with Perseverance:

Why TV Ads Don't Sell Books Online (Huff Post):

What To Do When We Feel Unappreciated As A Writer:

Too Many Cooks - How Do You Handle Conflicting Critiques?

An apple pie and an editor go into a bar:

Manuscript formatting:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Fresh Soup Without Leaving the House! @CleoCoyle

Uncle Sam Cracks Down on Music and Movie Piracy. But What’s with Books?

How to Use the Info Tab on the New Facebook Profile:

Breaking writing rules:

When Should You Quit Writing?

How Peanut Farmers Can Save Publishing...and You Can Help: via @tonifois

How to Drive Traffic To a New Blog Through a Commenting Tribe:

Do You Think He Likes Me? Conveying Emotions:

Editing and the YA market:

The iPad And The Kindle Compared: @thecreativepenn

Countdown to December 31 - Your Writing Expenses:

How to write a book next year:

The Writer Version of Ebenezer Scrooge:

On Contests and Agents and Editors:

Self-Promotion, With Integrity:

For freelancers (but good for novelists)--The Holiday Season Slow-Down: The Importance of “Making a List”:

World-Building Through Character:

Writing series:

Blogging–Part 2 Don’t Feed the Trolls:

Writing an agent or editor back after a rejection: resist the temptation:

Arthur C Clarke award calls on SF fans to help reinvent the prize (Guardian):

Why we love bad books (Salon):

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Hooray for soup! @CleoCoyle

The 51 steps to editing:

A 6-part series on revising characters: @p2p_editor

An agent on who decides titles and covers:

Writing and promoting--yes, we've got to do our dirty work:

Bloggers: If You’re Not Struggling, You’re Failing:

7 ways to change your mindset:

How to Manage Criticism Effectively:

Lost Roald Dahl manuscript sells on eBay (Guardian):

Nice List of Romance Writing Resources: @bluemaven

How To Slay Toxic Creatures In Your Creative Life: @EeleenLee

Is an Emotionally Mature Author an Oxymoron? (Huff Post):

Stay motivated with your writing--you're *not* falling behind:

End Of Days For Bookstores? Not If They Can Help It (NPR):

4 Tips To Stress Free Blogging:

5 More Aspects of Emotion Writers Need to Know – Expectations:

7 Tasks to Bridge Your First and Second Drafts:

6 tips for surviving bad reviews:

How to know when your book is finished: @dirtywhitecandy

Revision: Sharpening Characters:

The Slush Pile Slump Syndrome:

10 signs you're having one of *those* writing days: @elspethwrites

Understanding genre:

Deconstructing a movie to demonstrate story structure and act one elements:

How to Add a Like Button to Your Facebook Tabs:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Crunch Time Fallbacks—Creamy Chicken @CleoCoyle

Ideas (particularly for nonfiction writers) on putting extras for readers on our websites (Huff Post):

The Sophomore Slump for Published Writers:

When marketing can be too much:

On the overuse of dialogue tags:

The role of an editor:

Raising the stakes in your manuscript:

Stieg Larsson was the top European writer in 2010:

3 tips for avoiding info dumps: @juliemusil

Slush pile trends:

The 13 Most Obnoxious Publishing Stories of 2010 (Huff Post--Slideshow):

Un-Rut Yourself:

A collection of posts on writers' retreats and colonies:

Digging Hurts: The Trauma of Writing Fiction Truthfully (Huff Post):

Why celebrity memoirs rule publishing (Guardian):

How to backup your data--and keep up with your passwords:

Top 5 mistakes writers make when penning sex scenes--and a writing exercise to avoid making them:

Finding your voice:

A List Of Book Genres:

What Makes A Good Crit Buddy? @RoniLoren

The pie in the face writing method:

All about the excerpt:

NaNo Now What?

Writer reality check:

Does Charles Dickens Matter? (Wall St. Journal):

How to triple your Twitter traffic in 7 days:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: World's Best Copycat Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte from Cleo Coyle @CleoCoyle

The Father Figure in Literature:

Novelist Gordon Korman's take on writing for children:

Tips for opening lines:

The road to remembering--accurate recall for memoirs:

What Constitutes Publication and How Do I Know My Query's Been Read?

Copy-Editing And Beta Readers: @thecreativepenn

Sexy villains (and why you should be scared of them):

Stop making excuses--tips for increasing writing productivity:

I'm archiving all my tweeted links for easier searching and research for writers:

When will English come to a full stop (and lose its global dominance)? (Guardian):

8 iPad Apps for Brilliant Writing:

Writers 'at greater risk of depression', survey finds (Guardian):

8 Reasons to Let Your Stories Ripen:

How to Avoid Blogging Burnout During the Holidays:

Why the Best Authors Have a Mailing List:

Facebook Tips for Writers:

An author on problems she's experienced writing for small publishers: @authorterryo

5 Ways Engineering is Like Writing:

What makes a cozy....good?

10 practical tips for better writing:

3 Ways to Get Organized:

Season's Readings--a look at "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" (Guardian):

Year-in-Review Questions:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Crinkle Cookies! @CleoCoyle

An agent gives tips on querying:

Brushing up on grammar: @clarissadraper

On the Problem of Steampunk as "Window Dressing":

Does Refreshing Ourselves Keep Our Writing Fresh?

An agent posts on whether agents remember submissions:

7 Powerful Ways to Get Your Blog Post Noticed:

A successful query, point by point:

7 Lessons That WikiLeaks Teaches Us:

Twitterific--the week in tweets:

DIY Gifts for Writers:

E-readers seduce romance-novel fans (NY Times):

Why Amazon is Critical to Book Sales – And What To Do About It:

The Best of the Best Books 2010 (Daily Beast):

Publishing etiquette:

Why one writer thinks the future of memoirs is bright:

Canceling a project – reality check:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles @CleoCoyle

Freelancers--When to Walk Away From a Writing Job Offer:

In a blog vs. website faceoff, blogs win:

Can a first chapter be too exciting?

The levels of revision hell: