Friday, November 26, 2010

Giving Thanks—for Writing

Pierre de Nolhac --1859-1936--conservateur du musée de VersaillesOn this day after Thanksgiving, I thought I’d take a minute to celebrate some of the facets of writing that I’m really thankful for.  Lots of times my writing challenges get center stage as I wrangle with the craft side of writing…or I work through the promotional side of it all.

So here, in now particular order are some of the things I love about writing:

The moment a character comes to life

When the beginning or end of the book falls into place

Feeling completely comfortable with the protagonist and knowing what she’d do in any situation

When the perfect chapter break happens

Writing on a rainy day

Writing outside on a pretty day

Seeing the book’s cover for the first time

Author copies

Getting good feedback

Getting struck by a great idea and scrambling for paper

The support of the writing community

What are some of the things you love about writing?  What keeps you going through writing frustrations and challenges?