Sunday, October 31, 2010


Terry3_thumb[1]Here are writing links that I’ve posted to Twitter for the past week. If you’re looking for a particular topic, just plug in your keyword into the search box at the top left-hand corner of the blog (on the black header right above my blog name…next to the Blogger symbol…the small search window is next to the magnifying glass) and the roundup with your subject will come up. To narrow your search down on the page, do a CTRL+F, type your subject, and hit enter.

Happy Halloween!

Did Steampunk Forget The Meaning Of The Word Dickensian? (NPR):

Tips for public speaking: @eveningfades

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Baking up the famous $250 Neiman Marcus Cookies and Comment to win HOLIDAY GRIND! @CleoCoyle

The new face of the MFA (Huff Post):

6 Golden Rules of NaNoWriMo: @victoriamixon

NaNoWriMo Workshop – Plot:

Words that can weaken and dilute your writing:

The Pros and Cons of NaNoWriMo:

Women in Horror Anthologies:

How to write like a rock star (Daily Beast):

How Writers Can Use Twitter for Networking and Success:

Understanding Publishing:

Cranking out blog content:

Misconceptions about agents:

Building your tribe before publication:

Don't fall for publishing industry scams:

Are You Marketing Your Book With A Full Deck?

An agent on dialogue:

POV--the cure for common writing problems:

How to send out requested materials:

On Launching an Online Community and Micropublisher from Scratch:

Avoiding the Slush Pile:

How to speak publisher - A is for Author:

Use the 5 Ds for a Purposeful and Peaceful Holidays (a system that can be applied to prioritizing tasks):

Gift ideas for writers:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: No-Bake Peanut Butter Pie @CleoCoyle

Queries, Synopses, Pitches and Other Uneasy Friends, Part 2:

Steampunk Abstractions: On Commodification:

An editor's checklist of 13 things to look for when editing:

Outlines and plotting for novels:

6 Things Your Website Should Tell Book Reviewers About You (and Your Book):

Vividly depicted characters in crime fiction--making even an unknown victim come alive for the reader: @mkinberg

An agent on seeing the words "utterly original" in a query:

Working in 10 minutes of exercise a day to make us better writers:

Authorial Voice: the many hued definitions:

A case of the not-enoughs: @bluemaven

A genre glossary:

How Acting Can Help You To Develop Character:

An agent on--What if there aren't enough agents? What if I don't like the ones that like me?

Similes, cliché, and added information:

Travel Writing 101:

NaNoWriMo Boot Camp: Choosing the Right Idea:

Let’s Make a Deal: An Editor/Agent Mock Negotiation:

Getting your NaNo on:

Writer platforms--why we need one and links to help develop one:

Reasons to write for writers not seeking publication: @jammer0501

Wonder why no one shares your blog content? Try this:

Characters: When They Won't Talk To You:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Let's get pickled! @CleoCoyle

Understanding screenwriting:

Don't assume your reader isn't literally taking you literally:

What to consider before shortening links:

Busting the Top 3 Guest Blogging Myths:

5 Freelance Fears - And How to Conquer Them:

Should You Mention Using Freelance Editors?

Character development – Ken and Barbie vs. The Seven Deadly Sins:

Writing for children and youth--word counts for different age groups:

Teaching Writing for Extra Income:

Ten Tips For Your Favorite Crime Scene Investigator:

Basic author websites:

6 lies everyone knows about writers:

Writing and publishing questions answered:

You thought *your* rejections were tough?

Neglected character types in women's fiction:

Writing good sex scenes:

How Much Does a Book Change From First Draft to Final Copy? @jodyhedlund

Writing in the nooks and crannies of life:

Does having 2 creative people in a relationship work? Take an informal poll:

An Author's List of Things That Go Bump in the Night:

What makes a character a hero? Some qualities: @camillelaguire

A synopsis template:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Marvelous Meatloaf @CleoCoyle

Is it ever time to self-publish?

Could Online Writing Communities Replace Creative Writing Programs?

The Ultimate Retro Laptop: @JanetRudolph

One writer's agent hunt experience:

A list of unusual tools for writers on the internet:

Countdown to NaNoWriMo Part 4: Your Outline Will Fail: @PauloCamposInk

Jane Austen would have flunked English? (Baltimore Sun):

Nanowrimo - Make a list:

How a writer (or other creative) can develop multiple sources of revenue:

The Ecosystem of Independent Publishing:

The No. 1 Component of an Effective Online Marketing and Promotion Strategy:

Writing compelling blog post titles--4 tips:

Reading That Helps Your Writing:

An Appeal to Poetry Editors:

How Live Readings Can Help Your Writing:

How to build a world--otherwise known as research:

Developing contacts to promote your book (part 2): @spunkonastick

Use Motion to Spice up Your Scenes:

Edits are *not* revisions: @authorterryo

A glimpse at some publisher-requested revisions:

How to state the obvious – obligatory scenes in Stephen King’s The Green Mile: @dirtywhitecandy

The Fine Line between the Writing and the Writer: @paulgreci

Helpful character creation links:

Get It On The Page:

17 Reasons your film script was 1925:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Welcome Jessica Faust! @CleoCoyle

Revising Your Book? Check This:

50 Years of Mystery Book Awards in One Place:

The trial of Lady Chatterley's Lover (Guardian):

Best tweets for writers (wk ending 10-22):

The year murder got respectable:

Upcoming Events For YA Writers:

Why one blogger deleted his Foursquare account:

How to Avoid Using PowerPoint in 5 Easy Steps:

Passion in Characters:

Writing Slow:

Twitterific--the week in tweets:

Quality vs. Quantity:

The Seven Sentence Character Sketch:

Writing with a formula (even if you're not a plotter):

Where We Write:

The Writing Fantasy:

The Early Reader and Chapter Book Market:

How to Type in Your Own Handwriting on Your Computer:

Get Your Steam on II: New Steampunk Events the World Over:

Permission to Create “Bad” Art:

Ten of the best balls in literature (Guardian):

The Hay Festival: The literary institution to save the planet (Telegraph):

Artfully recovering creativity:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: CHIEF BAKER PAUL YATES with a LEMON CHESS PIE! @CleoCoyle

How to Get Boys to Read:

The Double-Edged Sword of Creative Community:

When Every Word Is a Struggle (take 2):

Written for freelancers, but works for novelists, too: Keep Readers Hooked Past the First Paragraph: