Saturday, August 14, 2010


Riley and Avery at Joseph-Beth Bookstore, Charlotte, NC

Busy day on Friday, but we really covered some ground!

First of all, actually, was the signing Avery and I did at Joseph Beth bookstore in the South Park area of Charlotte.  They did a beautiful banner for us, which you can see in the background.  Great crowd came out and they asked wonderful questions.

I think that really I never need to follow a presentation by Avery!  She (as her alter-ego Daryl Wood Gerber) was a professional actress on television.  And me? I need to work on my presentation a little!  :) 

Friday we signed in Winston-Salem, NC and Greensboro, NC before driving to a tea in Raleigh.  Great tea, great staff and readers at the Barnes and Noble there!

I’m going to crash now….full day tomorrow.


Killer Cozies Tour:  Ellery Adams, Avery Aames, Krista Davis, Riley Adams (and no…I don’t turn around when someone calls “Riley!” because Avery tried it.) :)