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Terry3 Here are writing links that I’ve posted to Twitter for the past week. If you’re looking for a particular topic, just plug in your keyword into the search box at the top left-hand corner of the blog (on the black header right above my blog name…next to the Blogger symbol…the small search window is next to the magnifying glass) and the roundup with your subject will come up. To narrow your search down on the page, do a CTRL+F, type your subject, and hit enter.

Don't forget to revise your characters too: @p2p_editor

12 Secrets to Selling More Books at Events:

How To Make Money on Ebooks (JA Konrath):

Enter the werewolf: @TeresaFrohock

The Second Book Conundrum: Selling It, Writing It, Publishing It: @pubperspectives

Ask a Lawyer: Should Co-Authors Have a Contract With Each Other? @GalleyCat

The Power of Weather in Your Story: @RoniGriffin

Notes from the underground: A fresh breed of literary magazines (Independent): @TheIndyArts

Do I have a story?

How to read a publishing contract (15):

5 Things to Celebrate About Finishing Your First Draft: @VictoriaMixon

Touring in a virtual world: @blogbooktours

Writing: accents and voices: @ClarissaDraper

A nice roundup of links for writers: @4kidlit

Bending the rules of dialect:

Blog commenters with bad manners:

Are your characters falling through gaps in your writing? @p2p_editor

Top 10 pubs in literature (Guardian):

Children’s Book Writing – Getting Your Feet Wet

The Success of Paranormals: Why is the Genre Taking a Big Bite of Publishing Sales?

The Artist as a Brand, a Company, a Salesman:

What's with steampunk? @intlifemag

If you've found a publisher while agent-free, should you still continue to look for an agent? Yes.

Cowgirl Up! The Courage to Lose Control:

A Secret Black Belt Technique for Writing Knock-out Posts:

An Artist Who Meditates Is Simply An Artist Who Avoids: Why Good Writing Doesn’t Come From Peace: @litdrift

7 Ways to Stay Motivated in Tough Times: @camillelaguire

Making Writing Easy: Practical Tools:

Nailing your character:

Worldbuilding, part 5--where it all comes together: @Tessasblurb via @clarissadraper

Worldbuilding, part 4: where you learn to speak your own language: @Tessasblurb via @clarissadraper

Worldbuilding, part 3--your world's history: @Tessasblurb via @ClarissaDraper

Recovering from Rejection: @MuseInks

Worldbuilding, part 2--research: @Tessasblurb via @ClarissaDraper

Freelance Writing Help – When You’re Between Assignments:

Worldbuilding, part 1-- your big idea: @Tessasblurb

Worldbuilding, part 1-- research: @Tessasblurb

What You Need To Know About Marketing With Content:

Using parallelism to make your writing more memorable: @danielckoontz

Amazon Sales Obsession:

Do you have all the pieces in place to complete a book? @TheNewAuthor

What to do with your blog during the slow summer season:

The 70 Percent Solution? (Kindle royalties):

Capturing ideas without suffocating the creative process: @jammer0501

Beware of Book Publishing Spam: @victoriastrauss

Critique group rules to follow:

4 Proven Steps to Facebook Page Success:

The 10 Most Important Parts of a Proposal:

ARM your characters for confrontation: @juliemusil

Writing a murder mystery? 13 things to remember, from ElizabethSCraig: @RoniGriffin

Anonymous Blogging 101: a Quick and Dirty Primer:

Shared Vision--on Head-Hopping: @AuthorGuy

The Difference Between Sales and Fans:

What are the benefits and risks for a Christian writer who wants to tackle a non-heroic main character?

20 Quick Tips For Better Time Management:

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: 5 Ways to Use Your Grilling Leftovers by Cleo Coyle @kristadavis

How to Handle a Telephone Interview:

How *NOT* To Lose Control Of Your Facebook Fan Page:

Kindle sales and the 70% Option:

Writing a Picture Book Query: @gracefuldoe

Backstory: how to tell whether it's helping or hindering your writing. Tips from @writeabook: RT@inkyelbows

An Agent on the Latest Trends in Query Letters and Sample Pages:

Ten of the best pianos in literature (Guardian):

Helpful link roundup for memoir writers: @jesakalong

Make the Most Out of Social Media:

Villains are heroes, too: @p2p_editor

Publishing -- Learning at the Bookstore:

Procrastinate? Me? 12 things *some* writers might do to put off writing: @elspethwrites

How authors can participate in marketing, even when they don't like selling: @JodyHedlund

Busted!—Stephenie Meyer caught doing something right:

Words reveal their power when given voice: (Guardian)

Words and phrases that might come in handy for your book's courtroom scene: @AngelaAckerman

9 tips for attending writing conferences: @authorterryo

The writer in the mirror:

Creating a casting book for your characters: @sherrinda

Fish and chips, grits, bratwurst: How writing abt. regional foods adds color to our books:

The YA balancing act:

An author's plan for social media: @hopeclark

Jealousy and writing:

50 Things to Love about Life That Are Free: via @merylkevans

Myst. Lov. Kitchen: Bacon-Wrapped, Cream Cheese-Stuffed, Jalapenos @kristadavis

Why one writer chose to self-publish:

Proofreading your way to error-free blog posts:

Three Paths To a Story:

Memorable introductions:

An editor on paragraphs:

20 Questions to Ask a Hero: @PauloCamposInk

Benefits of reading:

How to Write Your Novel's Hook:

One blog's top 10 posts (nice selection):

Inbound Marketing Rocks! Now what?

57 Power Words for Writing Brilliant Headlines: via @merylkevans

Why short is sweet for readers:

Five New Tools for the Writer:

Two ways William Sleator sabotaged the characters in "The Last Universe": @p2p_editor

Who buys books, and why?

6 top TV talk show interview mistakes:

Shakespeare on Twitter? Which social medium would authors from the past have embraced?

Writing Series for Immediacy: Life-Arcs and Props:

There are days when writing is a joy. Then...there are "mug days": @elspethwrites

The No. 1 Most Important Factor for Writers Considering the Self-Pub Option:

Tracking ideas online while writing your book:

It's Not the Length of Your Book, it's What You Do With It:

Tips on writing backstory:

Struggles along the writer's path:

Networking Tips for Conferences:

To Kill a Mockingbird: the backlash (Guardian):

Google Voice for Writers:

The ups and downs of prologues:

6 Tips on How to Build a Platform and Sell Books:

Collaboration: How to Bring Back that Brand New Blog Feeling Again:

Slashing the fluff in your manuscript:

Blogging Outside the Box: Approaching Your Blog with Creative Spirit:

The Cost of Writing:

58 Habits That Will Help You Succeed:

Has Horror Been Eclipsed?

Freelance Writing Rights Part 2:

TWAP: Twitter Writer Acronym Primer: @MuseInks

Writing Action:

4 Ways Social Media Is Changing Your Relationships:

The Full-Time SF Novelist: Probably Not as Endangered as You Think:

The 7 Essential Steps to Creating Your Blog Content Masterpiece:

"10 Things My Creative Writing MFA Taught Me NOT To Do" (Writer's Digest):

7 Tools to Automate Your Social Media Management:

Secrets To Successfully Marketing Fiction:

The Joy of Unread Books:

Supersize Your Kindle!

An agent on the unsympathetic protagonist:

WS Merwin is America's new poet laureate – at 82 (Guardian):

Why Lee Siegel is wrong to declare the novel dead (Guardian):

On setting goals:

Surviving the deadline crunch:

The Sound of Prose - Part I:

Creating character portraits:

‘I Didn’t Think It Would Happen to Me’: WordPress Security:

What Writers Do:

Create a Custom List of Tweets with TwitBlend:

The Anatomy of a Query Letter: @chrstinef

Word of mouth--the overlooked marketing strategy:

Writing for Children: Boys vs. Girls:

An agent explains what happens when an agency can't sell your book:

Creating high stakes in your novel:

Shakespeare's typos? Historical and modern writing bloopers:

Color Wheel Characters: @wendypmiller

201 Ways to Arouse Your Creativity:

Resource roundup--curing writer's block:

How stress can add a layer of tension to crime novels: @mkinberg

Queries--really not that complicated:

Creating tension:

An agent on what to title your book:

How to Make Money With Your Author Blog:

One author's autographing policy (if you're looking to develop one):

Taking honesty to a new level (in your writing):

Twitter: How to Unfollow All Followers At Once:

Revision Ain’t For Sissies Part 1 – The Art of the Opening Scene:

Show Don’t Tell, And Other Myths:

Creating a blog signature: @ClarissaDraper

How NOT to Query: A Guide:

Discover 10 Ways Images Improve Your Marketing Content:

The Case Against Reading Fees:

Writing eBooks – 10 Tips to Make eBook Writing Easier:

Tough tomes: are challenging books worth the effort? (Guardian):

5 ways to put more ‘soul’ into your writing:

Twitter: Save Time Deleting All DMs with DM Deleter:

Advantages and disadvantages of using a pen name:

Independence Day: 15 Feisty Small Presses And The Books You're Going To Want From Them (Huff Post):

Freelance Writing Rights:

2 important things you need in order to become published, and the part luck plays in them:

Plan, Central Question, Central Action (part 3):

50 Procrastination Techniques for Aspiring Writers:

Lessons learned while walking in an agent's shoes:

Does branding make sense?

Writing Your Hero's Death:

Is There Anything Wrong with Emotion? Learning to be less-sensitive:

Using beta readers? Tips for writer and reader:

Mini-Conflicts Help Characters Stand Out:

Author's Book Title Inadvertantly Becomes Facebook Fan Page Phenom @GalleyCat:

The Pros and Cons of Four Major Blogging Platforms:

Literary Scandal: The Agent Who Disappeared (Daily Beast):

The Hero’s Journey Part 12 – Return with the Elixir: @JustusRStone

Out-of-Style Style:

Literary storm rages as critic Lee Siegel pronounces the American novel dead:

Nice roundup of this week's tweets for writers: @4KidLit

"Web site" vs. "website":

Celebrities Poking Fun at Celebrity Books (ABC News):

15-Year-Old Writer Counts 6.5 Million Reads: @GalleyCat

Kevin Muldoon10 Beautiful Blogger Templates – Part 2:

How to pick the right point of view for your novel: @p2p_editor

Dealing with the deadline crunch:

Why perfectionism is for losers:

Are Children's Publishers Destroying Rainforests?

I Got Your Writer’s Block Right Here:

Tips for being an Olympic quality blogger:

Why your characters shouldn't have all that money, and how to take it away from them: @p2p_editor

Little truths one writer has learned:

An agent answers, "What exactly is YA?" :

Which idea should I write first? Some tips for narrowing it down:

How setting is important to your story:

Point of View Demystified:

The importance of beta readers for beginning writers:

Blog Reading and Sharing: Power Tips for Google Reader:

Should stories be soapboxes?

Using Microsoft Word Versus PowerPoint for Ebook Creation:

You're never too old to start writing (Guardian):

Children's picture books and plot:

Be sure to check out an agent's submission requirements online:

Grammar Guide: Problem Pronouns - Who, That, Which:

Build a Setting that Pulls Its Own Weight (and then some):

Changes rules of punctuation:

Unplug to nourish your creativity:

The paperback book massacre: @S0BeUrself

Seven Powerful Ways To Find New Readers For Your Blog:

The Benefits of Mentoring: A Tribute to Mentors:

Professionalism as a writer:

Why You’re Not Going to Make It as a Writer, in 8 Parts: @VictoriaMixon

The iPad: Not the Writing Tool I'd Hoped For:

The 12 Best Books of Summer (Daily Beast):

4th of July mysteries: @JanetRudolph

How To: Change Your Twitter Name Without Losing Followers:

Ten of the best beaches in literature (Guardian):

A writer looks into submitting to big publishers vs small publishers:

Monotasking: Focus on One Thing at a Time:

Does Twitter Sell Books? Yes, It Does (Huff Post):

5 Reasons Why You Should Respond to Every Comment:

20 Questions to Ask About Symbolism and Theme: @PauloCamposInk

On semicolons:

Getting the most out of a rewrite: Tips for authors:

In praise of a writing journal:

Magic in the Society You've Created: @HarleyDPalmer

How to Create Effective Scenes and Chapters in Your Novel: @melissadonovan

6 Cool Startpages That Can Make You More Productive:

Why e-books will never replace real books (Slate):

An editor on the two factors that contribute to successful book sales:

The Basics of Fiction:

Revision Series - Part 2: Writing with Betas, which is like swimming with dolphins:

The Importance of the First Line: @ljboldyrev

How To Incorporate Twitter Into Your Event: