Saturday, July 17, 2010

Top Retweets

Twitter1Tomorrow I’m running my Twitterific post, as usual, but I thought I’d run a post that has my top retweets listed.

For non—Twitterers, followers retweet tweets that they find interesting to their followers, who sometimes retweet the link to their followers. Clear as mud, right? :) Basically, the link or the tweet goes viral.

And it’s interesting to me when it happens—some posts are clearly excellent and they get retweeted right away. Some of the links that have a lot of retweets really surprise me.

These are the links that my Twitter followers have found most interesting since June 1:

Writing Proposals - A Great Way To Get A Grasp On A Book:

A Collection of Favorite Tweets For Writers This Week (May 24 to May 30, 2010):

21 Tips for Writers of All Ilks--

10 things (not) to do before you write:

Best Articles This Week for Writers--

10 Lies Agents & Editors Tell You. And Why.

An Author’s Plan for Social Media-- 21 tips:

The thing about literary agents...

An agent on developing the one-sentence summary:

Writer's block? Or is it more of a writer's hesitation?

Top Ten Signs of a Writer--

So, What’s Really Killing Fiction?

For a writer, no time is ever wasted--

5 Elements that Make Fantasy Fiction Feel Real :

Authors Take Note: Yet Another "How Not to Get Published" Story:

Where Do Writers Write? (Huff Post):

The cycle of blogging--how life is different at 10 followers vs. 1000 followers:

Nice collection of self-editing links :

Writing Tutorial: The Synopsis.

Writers and Twitter: Yes, it’s a Good Thing!

Enough with the Eyebrows: Showing Emotion--

Listen up: writing project asks authors to eavesdrop and tell (Guardian):

So, you want to write Science Fiction and/or Fantasy?

Your Online Persona – Writers, Stay Consistent:

25 Ways to Make Social Media Work For You--

An agent explains the stuff you pay for as an author:

How to Massively Improve Reader Participation on Your Blog:

"I Write Like" Program Compares Your Writing to Famous Authors:

How to be a wacky, eccentric writer:

3 ways relationships can reveal your characters:

For the worn out writer: 21 Easy Ways to Boost and Replenish Your Energy:

Beware of Book Publishing Spam:

Busted!—Stephenie Meyer caught doing something right:

"10 Things My Creative Writing MFA Taught Me NOT To Do" (Writer's Digest):

An agent explains what happens when an agency can't sell your book:

How to pick the right point of view for your novel:

Does Twitter Sell Books? Yes, It Does (Huff Post):

5 Reasons Why You Should Respond to Every Comment:

Fun with Oblivious Bad Writers:

What can ‘Family Guy’ teach you about self-publishing?

An editor explains why the 1st page of your ms. is so important:

When Hiring a Publicist (Huff Post):

5 ways to drive your spouse crazy with your writing:

Why smart characters make dumb mistakes:

Dude, you write books? The 3 classic reactions:

20 Warning Signs That Your Blog Content Sucks:

Why I Don't Care About Grammar (and Why You Should Stop Worrying)--Writer's Digest:

Hooking the reader: how Rowling and others pulled it off--

Tips for writing realistic sex scenes:

The 3 main reasons why published authors are struggling right now:

The Secret to Getting Published--

What I learned from the query process--

40 Twitter Hashtags for Writers:

Write what you love, not what the market wants:

If It Hurts, You're Doing Something Right: 3 Ideas About the Pain of Writing--

A day in the life of a writer:

Hope you’ll check back in tomorrow when I run my usual linkfest, Twitterific. :)