Friday, July 23, 2010


Elizabeth Craig--Riley Adamsthumbnail I’m choosing “headshot” and sticking with it, since the phrase is turning into a word, apparently. Don’t you love it when language morphs? :)

I’d decided that I’d get an updated headshot every year and keep things fresh. Then maybe I can animate the pictures and we can watch me age over the years. :)

This particular picture appointment was cursed from the very start. Two days before I’d originally planned on having it done, I had a horrible haircut. Then, a week later, I got a really bad sunburn.

Finally the sunburn subsided (leaving lots of freckles in its wake) and I called myself “good enough.” I went to the portrait studio, feeling well-prepared. I’d brought the change of clothes they’d asked for, and a brush and some makeup (for covering up the darned freckles.)

The photographer took some pictures and helped me lose the deer-in-the-headlights look I usually sport in pictures. Then she asked me to change from the dress and put on one of the other outfits I’d brought.

Except…I’d only brought tops. No slacks. No skirt. :) Yes, I do have this little memory problem and the UPS truck had arrived with a package for me while I was trying to pull the outfit together. That’s my excuse, anyway.

standing thumbnail So I had to put the top over the dress, for decency’s sake. And this was totally hilarious because the top wasn’t meant to go over anything. I felt like the Michelin tire man (left). The photographer swore she couldn’t tell (although she had to tuck in bits of my dress from time to time.)

And…it’s not a headshot. So I’m not really sure what to do with it. Things I’m not sure what to do with usually end up on my website, so that’s the likely destination. :)

Tips for headshots--

Make sure you go to a photographer who will release the copyright for the pictures to you. Otherwise, you can’t use them on your website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, or as an author photo. And then, really, what’s the point?

Ask for a “business photo” for clarity’s sake. Sometimes if you ask about headshots, they think you need photos for a modeling portfolio.

Get high resolution photos on a CD, if possible. It’s much easier to load on a computer and the quality is better.

If the photo is for a book, make sure you know the publisher’s guidelines. Some won’t want you resting your head on your hands, or looking off to the side.

Bring a change of clothes to change things up (and have different looks from the same sitting.) Bring a comb or brush, etc.

And, above all, remember to bring pants. :)