Friday, June 4, 2010


Terry3 Here are writing links that I’ve posted to Twitter for the past 5-6 days. If you’re looking for a particular topic, just plug in your keyword into the search box at the top left-hand corner of the blog and the roundup with your subject will come up. To narrow your search down on the page, do a CTRL+F, type your subject, and hit enter.

First Love: Layering, Drafting, & Zombies: @WriteChicBlog

'Vanity' Press Goes Digital (Wall Street Journal):

The Secret Handshake to Getting Published--

Do Reviews Matter Anymore?

How to throw an awesome book launch:

Should you respond to comments on your blog?

Hooked on Social Media? From Addiction to Discernment:

A 4-point writing cheat sheet, inspired by Donald Maass:

An agent says "You have to believe."

Mystery writer Riley Adams with a quick, easy Apricot Chicken recipe:

6 Social Networks You Can Use To Build Your Profile-- @BubbleCow

A new blog for cozy mystery fans--Killer Characters. Where characters take over the blog:

I’m a perfect fit, so why did you reject me?

How to read a publishing contract (14):

The Art of Frank Frazetta & Robert E. Howard, Part One--

How to Find the Right Topic for Your New Blog--

The Most Important Step You Can Take As A Writer--

Knitting a book: @elspethwrites

Another Perspective on How to Write a Rejection Slip--

So you want to start a book blog…

Nominalization and why you should usually avoid it:

How do your characters react to conflict?

On Dedication: @WritingAgain

How to Avoid Stunted Growth During Writer’s Block--

Are You Ready to Submit? How Do You Know?

An agent defines a packager:

Our Changing World: Editors--

Getting Offers from Multiple Agents--

Declaring yourself a writer:

Is it time for you and your agent to part ways? @literaticat

Constructing A Good Article--

4 articles on dealing with rejection:

30 fabulous things for beach girl writers to do--a month of creative fun-- @goldenwordsmith

When you wish books had montages:

The “Why” Fork--

The needs of clowns and writers: @hownottowrite

Editor/Agent Opportunities & Conferences: @kathytemean

Top 10 20th-century Gothic novels (Guardian):

The Killer Characters blog-- when characters take over a blog, who knows what could happen? @LorraineBartlet @kristadavis

Stay out of it--don't inject too much of yourself in your manuscript:

Mystery writer Jenn McKinlay w/ a recipe for choc. cookies for a chocolate emergency: @AveryAames @kristadavis @CleoCoyle

Types of Rhyme:

Year's Best Posts for Writers... So Far --

Qualities of prosperous writers--authenticity:

A YA writer on what helps her get inspiration for her book's love scenes:

Reading, Anamnesis, and Play--

Ways to Trash Your Writing Career: Cop a ‘Tude--

A word of caution on self-publishing:

10 things (not) to do before you write: @elspethwrites

Crime writer and the case of a revenge review-- (Telegraph):

How to journal: @stephanellaw

10 Notes On Submission Opportunities:

21 Tips for Writers of All Ilks-- @wawriters

Understanding Screenwriting:

Holding Successful Blog Contests--

Villains and Heroes: One Writer’s Approach--

Good Agent, Bad Agent--

How long does it take to get a novel published?

Beautiful and Useful 404 Error Pages for Inspiration--

The craft of editing--stages of revision: @authorterryo @CPatrickSchulze

A killer kickoff--mystery characters hijack a blog: @LornaBarrett @kristadavis

A breadth of critique (putting your manuscript in front of a variety of different readers):

Imminent, Immanent, and Eminent--

3 Things to do When Your Traffic Spikes on Your Blog:

30 Ways To Live A Life Of Excellence--

Help With Crafting Voice and Building Tension:

An agent on the hidden cost of social networking:

Self-Editing For Fiction Writers: Show and Tell-- via @4KidLit

Creating new ideas and stretching our boundaries:

Blogs-- a writer's best friend:

Why Aren’t Penguin Books in the Kindle Store?

Taking the sting out of rejection:

Helpful writing sites and blog posts:

Story ideas for free: how real life can give you inspiration-- @dirtywhitecandy

On plotting and optimism--

A Collection of Favorite Tweets For Writers This Week (May 24 to May 30, 2010):

Coping with rejection: @DeeScribe

Developing a premise for a story--

Writing Proposals - A Great Way To Get A Grasp On A Book:

Freelancers--tips on avoiding assignment-related mistakes before they happen:

I Have An Idea! Now What?

Top True Crime Books:

Why You Don’t Need a Prologue--

Storytellers: You Are Obligated To Deliver The Goods--

Selling Information: Competing In A World Where Information Is Free--

Do you have what it takes to make the long haul?

5 Great Summer Literary Festivals (Daily Beast):

Writers--how to survive our kids' summer vacations:

8 ways longhand writing frees your muse: @KMWeiland

The "Misery Lit" industry and our part in it:

When I'm at the library:

Self-discipline--go from thinking to doing:

Writers on writing and inspiration:

Five Things You Can Learn from Fairies --

Don't write every day: @BubbleCow

Turn a deaf ear to those who say the path of art is hard. Doing something you don’t love is a much harder path:

Steal this Ebook...go ahead (JA Konrath):

Writing on instinct: @magicalwords

Genre misconceptions--have you ever been wrong?

Tips on dialogue:

Tips for book bloggers on not over-committing:

Your Author Bio is your Business Card--

A few tips for brainstorming your novel's title:

Are you blogging too much? @meghancward

5 Steps to Write a Link Bait Post--

Work-for-Hire vs. Royalty Writing (Part 2)

Why small publishing will save the world:

Lousy characters rule! Tips for creating your own, flawed character: @charmaineclancy

To post or not to post a negative book review?

Writing for Online Magazines – How to Find Work on the Web--

Some ElizabethSCraig BSP--nice review of my upcoming release on this book blogger's site: :)

Writing novels--formulas and structures: @charmaineclancy Nice tips for stages of narrative creation.

Twitterific--Tweets from the past week from ElizabethSCraig:

The 3 Best Takeaways for Writers From BookExpo America--

Fantasy subgenres: Helpful or needlessly divisive?

Nice round-up of the week's writing blogs: @PauloCamposInk

From Procrastination to Page-Turner--

Guardian children's fiction prize shows wealth of literature for under-10s:

Jon Stewart Exposes the Problem with Literary Readings--

Best of the Blogs: Crafting Characters--

4 Dos & 4 Don’ts for Writing Series Fiction -- @VictoriaMixon

Writing the Cross-Genre Mystery: Keep It Sexy--

Something in the water? Mormons are taking over the YA world:

5 Women Authors Whose Novels Took Over 5 Years to Write and Publish: @LauraMarcella

Bookkeeping for Writers--

Tips for promoting a book at BEA when you’re not the author whose name is on your publisher’s free umbrellas:--

Get writing or Get Lost--

J.K. Rowling "Actively" Exploring eBook Options for Harry Potter-- @GalleyCat

Excellent roundup of writing articles from past week: @4KidLit

Dealing with rude comments on your blog:

When we successfully brand ourselves as authors, are we then limiting our writing scope?

Genre Writers Continue to Be Very Self-Conscious About Being Genre Writers:

What makes a superhero story?

Tips for a healthy back while writing:

The One In Which I Argue With My Character--

Wake up, time to edit:

The Gateway Book - Getting Hooked on a Genre: @RoniGriffin

4 Things the Grateful Dead Can Teach You About Social Media and Promo-- @ShannonPaul

So, You Want to be an Editor ...