Thursday, June 10, 2010

Obstacles to Writing

blog32 Sometimes we just run into some problems or conflicts when we need to write. Just like there are internal and external conflicts, there are also internal and external factors that seem bound and determined to trip us up.

So what can a writer do?

Please visit me at A Good Blog is Hard to Find today for some ideas on working through those obstacles.


I’m at three different blogs today. Actually…I guess this is the 4th blog. Yes, when I overextend myself, I go whole hog! :)

I’m also at Mystery Lovers’ Kitchen with some broccoli cornbread for your dinner table.

And I’m on a 3rd blog, too—but I’m going to promote it on Saturday since I don’t want to send everyone to too many places!

Also, I hope everyone will join me here tomorrow when I have Margot Kinberg guest posting for me on using story frames to organize and plot your novel.