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First of all, I’d like to make a little plug for my upcoming release, Delicious and Suspicious, written under my Riley Adams pen name. Today, my book is reviewed on Mason Canyon’s book blog, Thoughts in Progress. I hope you’ll pop over and visit there.

And now, Twitterific. Here are writing links that I’ve posted to Twitter for the past 7 –8 days. If you’re looking for a particular topic, just plug in your keyword into the search box at the top left-hand corner of the blog and the roundup with your subject will come up. To narrow your search down on the page, do a CTRL+F, type your subject, and hit enter.

12 Useful Ways To Get Out Of Ruts--

The Battle Between Money and the Muse:

Self-sabotage and our writing day: @meghancward

8 Rules to Consider Before You Write for Free for the Exposure-- @wmfreelanceconn

How to Incorporate the iPad Into Your Social Strategy--

More On The Writer's Eye--

Seven Things You Should Always Ask A Writer--

Are plays proper literature? (Guardian):

5 Tips to Tame the Social Network Monster-- @BonnieGrove

Who's afraid of Simon Cowell? Tips for embracing criticism:

20 Questions to Enrich Your Setting-- @PauloCamposInk

Why Creatives Are Confused--

Four tips for portraying young adult characters: @p2p_editor

7 Quick-Start Techniques for Fighting the Fear to Write: @copyblogger

8 Reasons No One’s Following You On Twitter-- @marianschembari

How to cope when the publishing game has sucked your soul dry:

Developing Your Talking Points on Your Book:

Editing your novel? A roundup of sound advice:

“I want to keep my e-book rights!” (An editor's post):

How to Never Find Your Passion--

10 tips on preparing a speech in a hurry: @tonyeldridge

Am I doing my research and learning the craft, or am I just putting off writing my story? @meghan78

Check Scenes with GOLF Checklist:

On Theme in Query Letters:

How to form a daily writing habit--

Describing a hero: @Janga724

Why Writer Beware Doesn’t Provide Publisher Recommendations (Plus Some Advice)--

Making time to write:

Title attraction--what should go into title creation?

12 elements of good storytelling: @layindalayinda

Mystery Lovers' Kitchen cookout for Mem. Day wkend-- & @CleoCoyle w/ a coffee-marinated steak--- @kristadavis @AveryAames

4 ways to fuel up for your writing time:

When You Should Stop Slogging Through Writing--

The "Triple T" you need to finish your writing journey on the right foot:

How to write a blog post that has people rushing to your site: @ZiggyKinsella

Elevate your blog posts by well-positioned quotes:

Pace--it's not a race:

Make sure your novel has an edge to it:

Open Letter to Amazon: How Amazon can solve self-pub gridlock with independent rating index. @JohnBetcher

7 Tips on Book Publicity--

Conducting an author interview: @TeresaFrohock

Addicted to Researching? @corramcfeydon

Acknowledging fears of the submission process: @bluemaven

The Hero’s Journey Part 7 – Approach to the Inmost Cave-- @JustusRStone

The bookstore of tomorrow: More than just selling books:

Everything I Needed to Know About Writing I Learned From Lost---

Looking at the BEA (LA Times):

Villains, Heroes, and Second Bananas--

The No. 1 Habit of Highly Creative People:

Barbecue Mysteries: @JanetRudolph

Marion Zimmer Bradley vs. Fanfiction--

Ten Ironies of Writing:

Author, we have a problem (tips for plotting):

BuNoWriMo challenge from @HartJohnson: Write a 50,000 word novel in June RT @inkyelbows

How to Monetize Your Site Without Causing an Audience Revolt--

Verbal Warfare: do you engage in conflict on blogs and forums?

What's taking so long? I want your third book now! (The behind-the-scenes process of getting a book published):

A Word on Literary Fiction---

How we write: The phases of the writer--

An agent with memoir-writing FAQs:

Protagonists--what makes a bad one:

Tips for writing comedy: via @thewritertype

What it's like to work with a mentor:

Writing--it might be simple, but it ain't easy:

Help readers keep your characters straight (video):

What to do with positive and negative feedback: @JodyHedlund

Protagonist and antagonist questions and answers:

As a writer, are you a maximizer or a sufficer?

How to Achieve the Same Benefits of a Guest Post by Leaving a Blog Comment--

Even published writers have their insecurities:

Plot-Driven or Character-Driven Novel? @CPatrickSchulze

One Sentence to Describe My ENTIRE Book?

Ways to gather information to help your writing career:

When you're not the writer you thought you were:

Romance Roots: Jane Eyre--

The Reader Responsibility to Author Direction-

4 warning signs your novel isn't working: (correct link this time.) :)

Which comes first--the title or the story idea?

An agent on getting people to read your book:

Trouble opening your story? @wawriters

15 more things your characters should never do: @VictoriaMixon

Formulating a Plot...Thinking it Through-- @JustusRStone

Top 10 troubled males in fiction (Guardian):

The Importance of a Critique Group-

For Niche Writers – 9 Ways to Make Money in Specialized Markets:

Altering poetry for publication: Good or bad? (Writer's Digest)

Quaint Brits Cling to Paper Books:

What's the best poetry to learn by heart? (Guardian):

Authors: Build Your E-mail List—NOW (Writer's Digest) --

Using conflict to help define our characters: @p2p_editor

10 Ways to Cut Through the Social Media Noise and Be Heard--

Just because you have a finished manuscript doesn't mean you're ready to be published:

When jealousy holds us back:

The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings? Artists’ perspective:

10 signs you're almost finished with your book: @elspethwrites

Arm Chair BEA – How Do I Get to Actual BEA Next Year?

Publishers express fears over price, paperbacks and fragmentation at BEA:

On copy editing--why it works: @BubbleCow

An agent explains why writers shouldn't get too frustrated with rejections:

The Title is…erm?: Recalling Book Titles:

What is an editor?

How many books do you have stored on your computer, waiting for you to write them?

Clay Shirky on Authorship, Wiki novels, and the Future of Publishing

Writing Contests-For and Against--

Writing tips one writer learned from "Lost" : @flawritersconf

8 Reasons To Switch To Windows 7 (If You Haven't Already)--

Visiting schools as a children's book author? Tips for propping up your visit:

25 best true-crime books: @JanetRudolph

Women in Peril in Novels--

When the Muse Leaves, It’s Time to Think—Creatively--

The Hullabaloo with Yahoo! and the Content Mill Debate--

On Rural Fantasy--

From One Young Writer to Another: Develop Your Swag and Stay on Your Hustle-- @litdrift

The Benefit of Critique--

Got writer's block or writer's flab? @CleoCoyle with tips to cure both: @authorterryo

Contested Will: Who Wrote Shakespeare? (Barnes and Noble blog)

Neil Gaiman Dust-Up Raises Questions About Authors and Speaking Fees (Huff Post):

8 ways your story needs to be tweaked: @VictoriaMixon

Victoria: A Steampunk Exploration--

Got research? 40 useful sites to learn new skills:

The Difference between an Agent and a Literary Publicist --

NY Times reviews-- less of a big deal:

An author on working with small publishers: @alexisgrant

Publishers Weekly Epic Fail (by JA Konrath): @jakonrath

Writing the Thriller: Keep It Unexpected--

Snow White and Seven Synopses: @Kate_Hart

8 ways to find motivation at home (working at home) :

The battle of discovery in writing (veering off the plot we planned):

What an editor does:

Work for hire vs. royalty writing:

A Showcase of Free RSS Icon Sets for Bloggers--

5 reasons to plan ahead when writing a non-fiction book:

In praise of short stories:

Pippi Longstocking, With Dragon Tattoo (NY Times):

When characters meet--writing introductory scenes: @dirtywhitecandy

Public speaking as a promo tool: @QueryTracker

Writers--be courageous: @wordrunner

Lit Agents Analyze Impact of J.A. Konrath's Amazon Deal-- @GalleyCat

What to do with your novel when you don't know what to do: @dirtywhitecandy

When reality hits our delusions of grandeur: @JodyHedlund

Our characters have to feel to come alive for our readers:

5 things TV teaches writers: @janicebashman

An agent asks if the grass is really greener...with another agent:

Hardening our skin against rejection and revision requests:

Email Marketing: The Killer Monetization Method You Haven’t Tried Yet--

Beyond the Lost Booker: other neglected masterpieces (Guardian) --

The Fastest Way to Increase Your Google Ranking--

9 Unsavory Character Traits of Real Authors: @ZiggyKinsella

On hiring your own publicist:

The Afterlife of Stieg Larsson (NY Times):

2 editors tell how to get past the first reader -- Tips from SCBWI conf @4KidLit

How Online Writing Groups Help You Get Published--

Notes on dialogue:

Light your writing fire:

Character Emotions and You--

Konrath wants a world that's DRM-free:

10 tips for overcoming stage fright:

A Date With An Editor or Agent - 10 Steps To Make You Look Beautiful--

Marketing our passion---or writing for ourselves?

5 books that can save the world:

Mystery writer @AveryAames w/ champagne fondue recipe & the last wk to win bookstore gift cert.: @CleoCoyle @kristadavis

Losing the secondary business can kill you:

If books were used as perfume:

On Amazon Book & Product Recommendations:

A time to write (even without support from our families or friends) :

When adverbs attack--a reminder to use them sparingly. @KD_Miller

40 Beautiful, High-Resolution Wallpapers (for authors who want to spruce up their desktops):

Writing---manners and wit:

Book Signing Fail (photo):

Generality is the death of the novel:

Writing Comes Before Research, Or at Least at the Same Time:

Why Professional Writers Need a Blog. Or Not.

5 ways to improve your online visibility:

After keeping us waiting for a century, Mark Twain will finally reveal all (Twain's autobiography to be released):

Why writers procrastinate--and tips for moving ahead w/ our writing:

Who needs a publisher?

The Bookseller's Patter--

New Wave of Dissent in Tibet Met by Crackdown on Writers---

Tips on non-verbal communication paired with your dialogue:

Konrath on book piracy:

7 things writers need to know today:

Every author wants a great review:

Agatha winner @SandraParshall shares turkey (or not) recipe at @ElizabethSCraig @KristaDavis @CleoCoyle RT @ AveryAames

Twitter for writers--finding other writers, useful hashtags, and how I personally use it (elizabethscraig):

Worldbuilding, or world growing?

Authors and the victim mentality:

50 really cool bookstore blogs: via @cathyskye

Getting non-fiction clips for your writing portfolio:

How to read a publishing contract (part 13):

Ten of the best towers in literature (Guardian) --

A collection of book marketing links:

How to increase the pace of your novel:

Adding up the cost of producing our own Ebook:

3 Sci-Fi writing exercises:

A Contrarian Stance on Facebook and Privacy--