Friday, April 30, 2010


I think these recap posts get better stats than all my others! :)

I’m doing this a little early this week because I’m flying to the Malice Domestic conference today and won’t likely have time to compile these while I’m gone.

I’ll also probably not be good this weekend at answering comments on my blog and visiting others’ blogs. I’m looking forward to a return to normalcy next week!

2 years, 3 manuscripts, and 50 rejections--anatomy of an agent search:

What should be do with our bookmarks? Some marketing ideas:

The dialect dilemma:

Dorian Gray's true picture of Oscar Wilde (Guardian):

On building a publishing house:

World building is not just a genre issue:

How NOT to make your characters real:

Corporate English:

How to read a publishing contract (part 7):

Examples of why show is better than tell:

The life of a commercial fiction author:

Writing humor:

Tips for hitting the NY Times Bestseller list (GalleyCat):

Do blurbs matter?

Tips on building suspense:

Harnessing Shadow: A Writer's Way to Overcome Shortcomings:

Ingredients of a great crit partner: @RoniGriffin

Publishers should learn fearlessness:

Writing about a life or social issue? Do it justice:

Tips and links to help with plotting:

WordPress permalinks 101:

Style guideline--rules on writing numbers:

Nancy Drew turns 80 (GalleyCat):

Author pitch tips:

The books powerful women love (Daily Beast):

Carve out satisfaction instead of pursuing cut-throat success:

Tips on pacing from the Pike's Peak writing conference:

He had blond hair and blue eyes you could lose yourself in for days… and other stereotypical crap:

10 musts of personal branding:

The dark appeal of the short story (LA Times):

The dangers of onomatopoeia:

How writers can get more out of Twitter:

Running and Writing: Focus, Endurance and More--

An agent says that writing is a lifestyle, not just an activity:

An agent on passing manuscripts to other agents in the agency:

Disclaimers for book endings:

3 ways to find an agent via Twitter:

Branding for multi-genre writing:

The components of a solid pitch for a memoir or how-to:

To critique or not to critique:

After Loss, Turning To Poetry For Grief And Healing (NPR):

An agent on starting your career as a writer:

10 steps to writing...or not writing.

How quitting can help you finish your writing:

Dialogue that matters:

You don't need time to write--you need space:

How to support an author:

The great myth about publishing:

How to get your privacy back from Facebook:

Character is destiny: The Edward/Bella dilemma-- @msforster

A couple who started a publishing company in Nigeria--feeding the African imagination:

10 ways to keep your prose strong and simple:

Do you have a security manuscript?

The shrunken manuscript method of revision:

Some insights on querying:

An agent on rejection:

What made Twain famous (Daily Beast) :

Thoughts and tips on plotting and outlining:

An editor advises going to the heart of the revision instead of following advice to the letter:

When business is personal--using Facebook's privacy settings:

Auditioning characters:

Why start a website or blog if you have nothing to promote? (Writer's Digest)

How Amazon's Pricing Affects Author and Publisher Profits

How does theory of mind relate to creating believable characters? @p2p_editor

World building in urban fantasy:

The No. 1 grammar trap and how to avoid falling in:

Telltale signs of a bookaholic:

Michael Ignatieff and the imperfect world of book blurbs (Globe and Mail)

How writing a novel is similar to taking care of a newborn:

Great series on plotting:

Memoirs Require More Than Just Facts (Huff Post):

An editor on coincidences in our book (avoiding them):

Book bloggers behaving badly--the unforgivable book blogging sin:

Free software apps for writers:

Do readers want to learn trivia or useful info in novels? Should novelists consider including such info?

Do unpublished books need trailers?

The Holy Grail of focus for writers:

Setting up the tension in your book:

A guide to creative visualization:

Establishing mood: @MermaidHel

Garden therapy for writers:

What an agent does:

Does your agent have to love your book?

Why Digitization and E-books are Good for Literacy :

Understanding screenwriting (with examples from film):

Writer's Envy--what to do when you're feeling green about a friend's success:

Writing the cozy mystery--keeping it delightful:

Top Ten Things Authors Should NEVER Do To Promote Their Book:

An agent says to be (slightly) afraid of posting your work online:

How to write powerful paragraphs:

The Procrastinator’s Guide to Writing That Thing You Need to Write--

How to write about life, the universe and everything (What's your book *about*?)

Write a how-to book--cookie cutter writing:

Blockbuster movies and bestsellers--what do they have in common?

Mystery writers--a guide to crime scene investigations: via @micheleemrath

The ethicist's blessing of e-piracy revisited...with the same result:

Back up your data:

If we make life simple, can we write more? 95 posts on simple living:

The difference between a 'bad' book and one someone just didn't like:

How to find online writing markets and write for the web:

Putting emotion into your characters:

10 ways to write skinny sentences: @KMWeiland

A quick guide to ISBNs for the self-published:

Why translators deserve some credit:

Parents must let kids choose what they read (Guardian):

The truth about some crime fiction myths:

What are your rules for reading? (Chicago Tribune):

Suspension of disbelief--getting readers to believe the magic in your fantasy or SF:

The Roots of Steampunk--.

Death to prologues?

A writer's life--permission to take a break:

Working at home isn't home anymore:

Why men don't read--how publishing is alienating half the population (Huff Post) :

101 uses for a failed author:

YA novelists send tweets back to their high school selves (Publishers Weekly):

When poets became monsters (Telegraph) :

How not to hook an agent:

7 paranoid provocations on Ebooks:

Revisions--Cutting Words:

A historian confesses to writing the Amazon poison pen reviews (Guardian) :

Trying to figure out how to write the 'first act' of your novel? This analysis of "The Matrix" might help:

To blog or not to blog?

How to find an agent (when you're self-published):

Plot points for mystery writers:

The 4 paragraph approach to writing cover letters:

Necessary arts that writers must master:

Stop lying about the way your characters lie (tips on lying) :

Negotiating with the idea fairy: