Saturday, April 24, 2010


Terry3 As promised, I’m running a post with the past week’s interesting writing/reading related links that I found in my Google Reader and tweeted on Twitter.

Well,it’s almost a week’s worth. :) The page acted like it wanted to crash, so I’m backing off putting any more data up on it for right now.

Again, this isn’t meant to overwhelm anybody—I’m hoping that by posting these links in a searchable database (my blog), that maybe we can access these helpful links by topic—when we need them.

If books were made from chocolate: Writing fiction with the 1-3-1 method: Canadian authors embrace Ebooks: Scrawled in the margins, signs of Twain as a critic: Finding a literary agent-- in YA: Dialogue is not necessarily how we talk: Potential first chapter problems: Chapter endings and the "Hunger Games": Creating conflict in your novel: @MermaidHel One writer with a new way of looking at balancing the writing life: London Book Fair conference hears that publishers must become "fleet of foot": Propelling the plot: 3 ways writers can make the most of contests: The baby steps method to writing a novel: Self-doubt--sometimes it can't be shelved: An agent on "is writing fun?": An agent with 10 tips on writing: Uncommon complaints about the ipad (New Yorker): Do aspiring writers need websites? Patterson signs up to work with British writer: What's the greatest reward of writing? Productivity in 5 words or fewer: The dark side of Dickens (Atlantic) : Author's Angst (how people we know can rain on our parade): Common writing errors: @cpatrickschulze An editor answers a question on write-for-hire scouts: To outline or not to outline? Inky Girl's survey results: @inkyelbows What to do and *not* do when you get "the call": Book opening vs. movie openings: Getting your novel critiqued: Do you suffer from Shiny New Idea syndrome? Writing related grad degree links: Payment models--the need for a good content model for a sub-$5 book purchase: @jwikert Creative people shouldn't shut off their brain: The character likability factor: How important is accuracy in your novel? Anatomy of a story: @bluemaven A writer's guide to going green: An agent says publishing always has changes--writers should roll with them: How to interview experts (more on primary source research): Why don't publishers promote and market the books they publish? (Writer's Digest): 6 ways to become productive on Facebook: Unlikable characters: Query letter--the beginning: @jasouders On motivation in writing: On the importance of our writing--make no excuses, take no prisoners: How writers build courage: Fiction is so subjective, it's the agent equivalent of "it's not you, it's me." An agent on falling in love: Writing exercise--put the epigram before the horse: Write and get published--the old way, or DIY? The ipad--7 things it CAN do for authors, 5 things it CAN'T, 3 things it's changing for them: Proposals and Synopses (@stephanellaw) 7 caffeine-free ways to increase awareness: Irony, juxtaposition, coincidence: Book marketing tips from around the Net: Writers--making a living off of Kindle? (GalleyCat): An editor on 1st chapter mistakes: Tips for writing a fight scene: Were the 'mad' heroines of literature actually sane? (BBC) Stuck at the London Book Fair--Erupting Eyjafjallajökull is Unexpected Boon to Some Authors: Why companions are important for our characters: A post on the importance of NOT writing: Can Sci-fi be fused with anything and still be considered SF? Publishing 3.0: A World Without Inventory (recommendations for publishers): Some help for writers using courtrooms as settings: An agent on book marketing: Improve your writing with word limits: Fantasy fiction--the battle for meaning continues (Guardian): A fantasy reader's comments on the Guardian's look at "battle for meaning" in fantasy: The role that luck and timing play in getting published: An agent says that publishing is not like other businesses: Blog promotion--are you a fan or not? Writing historical fiction: @SylviaDSmith 21 tips to land a guest post every time: An agent on starting your career (and promoting it): Keeping complex novels organized: Defining and working with theme: @AlexSokoloff A necessary torment for our characters: On hooking a good query: Writing secondary characters in novels: 10 questions to ask an agent before you sign: The middle way--the independent publisher: 9 writers prove age is just a number: An agent is looking for writers with high internet presence (GalleyCat): Kindle, iPhone, iPad: Exploring the Impact for Writers and Authorship (Writer's Digest): How one writer has become successful on Kindle--with no platform or name recognition: Goal setting and what to write: The battle of (fantasy) evermore? The 20-to-1 rule of social media promo: 7 ways to be a green writer: Don't bog the reader down with too much back story. Work it in: @authorterryo Social media glossary: