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Once again, I’m posting writing links that I previously posted to Twitter.

The idea of doing this isn’t to overwhelm anyone---I’m overwhelmed looking at this list myself! But I thought that if I kept track of these writing links in a searchable database (you can search my blog on the top left of the page) then maybe we can access some of these helpful links by topic, when we need to?

Helpful writing sites: @gracefuldoe about 1 hour ago

10 of the best breakfasts in literature (Guardian): about 1 hour ago

Planting clues about our characters: about 2 hours ago

Help others, help yourself: @ajackwriting about 2 hours ago

New Twitter feature--retweets page: @bookmarketer about 1 hour ago

The declaration of an independent author: about 2 hours ago

The challenges of 21st century writing: @PoetryFound about 2 hours ago

Cool alternative for writers who hate networking: about 2 hours ago

One thing that's more important than reading publishing blogs:

Dreaming a 3-dimensional dream: @VictoriaMixon about 18 hours ago

What battles choose your protagonist (or vice versa?):

Dialogue red flags and tips for writing it well: @RoniGriffin

There are only so many plots: @simplywriting about 19 hours ago

Losing my book advance taught me how to write (Huff Post): about 19 hours ago

Why we need to cut Stephanie Meyer some slack already (Huff Post):

Public speaking--how I prepare: @merylkevans about 19 hours ago

5 great reasons to use Gmail: @merylkevans about 19 hours ago

How to get your self-pubbed novel reviewed:

Slow writers anonymous: @victoriajanssen about 21 hours ago

Writing battles--some specifics: @magicalwords about 21 hours ago

What photography has taught me about writing: about 22 hours ago

Getting our characters from point A to point B--and not making it boring:

Advice for the lovelorn--I mean, writers: about 22 hours ago

Soccer as it applies to writing: about 23 hours ago

Creating a novel from your short story: @wmfreelanceconn

2 tips to help you with revisions: about 23 hours ago

Avoid a repellent plotline: @gretchenrubin about 23 hours ago

Is the Arab world ready for a reading revolution? (Guardian): about 23 hours

How to get started writing your book: @bookmarketer about 24 hours ago

Why (and how) writers should blog every day: @BubbleCow

8 tips for organizing writing time: @JodyHedlund about 24 hours ago

The 30,000 word crisis point: about 24 hours ago

If Snow White wrote a to-do list (and why your character needs one too):

The writer's life--right brain rules! about 24 hours ago

Have you gotten stuck in your WIP? 11 ways to get past it:

The Great Passoff from agents to editors: about 24 hours ago

On loneliness and productivity: @litdrift 6:06 AM

Children's book sales down but publishers not worried. Why?

Write through your character's emotions: 6:05 AM

Beyond writing an ebook--pricing, marketing, and landing pages: 6:03 AM

The springboarding technique of prewriting: @murdershewrites 6:02 AM

How to find an agent: 6:01 AM

Take a look at old blogs and old writing and see how far you've come: 6:01

A simple way to eliminate distractions while you're writing:

How to read a publishing contract (part 4): @annerooney 5:59 AM

No character? No problem!: @bluemaven 5:58 AM

Behind the numbers--women and the Pulitzer: @BookofOdds 5:53 AM

We are fiction's legacy: @WritingAgain 5:53 AM

What doesn't kill you, you can write about later: 5:51 AM

One writer has named May anti-procrastination month: 5:51 AM

Why rejections are great: 5:50 AM

Tightening conflict--lesson 5: @EmilyCaseysMuse 7:23 PM

Foreshadowing: 7:22 PM

The Elizabeth Gilbert effect: the ills of "feministy" memoirs (Guardian):

Orwell prize shortlist announced (Guardian): 7:21 PM

What potholes can teach us about plot holes: 7:21 PM

Picture books--publishing's problem or promise? @MuseInks

Writing about writers--dirty laundry: 7:20 PM

Get your story straight...organizing your novel: 7:19 PM

Emerging? Established? Writers at all pts in their career need each other:

50 words or fewer--the art of writing shelf talkers: 11:19 AM

An in-depth look at mystery genres and sub-genres: @StephanieLMcGee

How to motivate yourself to write when you're tired: @Writeitsideways

140 characters and the shift to longer form content: 11:15 AM

Top 50 banned or challenged books of the decade (Globe and Mail):

Writing through the fog (the uncertainty of the creative process):

Finding and using primary sources for writing (part 3): 11:10 AM

How a tiny press published a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel (WSJ):

Ebook annotations, links, and notes: must-haves or distractions? @radar

How NOT to write a series: 11:08 AM

The importance of knowing who we are as writers: 11:07 AM

British Library archive sheds light on Plath-Hughes romance (Guardian):

Challenging ourselves--the 2 different types of challenges and deciding which is best: 11:05 AM

A post about a reviewer who questioned his perspective on a book:

Stephanie Meyer joins ranks of most-challenged authors (Guardian):

Starting out with your platform--tips on setting up your author website:

It's official...everyone IS an author (at least in America):

What should an ending do? 5:57 AM

Get your work out--to alternative markets: 5:56 AM

Writing emotions--feel big, or go home: @WritingAgain 5:56 AM

Some thoughts and tips on writing characters' emotions: #writetips

About book launch parties: 5:53 AM

Character And Voice: Picks For National Poetry Month (NPR)--

How long is a book? @nicolamorgan 5:51 AM

Does profanity have a place in novels? 5:50 AM

All info doesn't want to be free--should content licenses be less expensive for digital content? 5:50 AM

Writing opportunity for writing abroad--Ntl. Geographic is looking for writers: 5:48 AM

5 dumb blog design mistakes (and how to fix them): 4:59 PM Apr 14th

"Morning Pages"--an exercise for unblocking creativity: 4:57 PM Apr 14th

They don't tell you this in writer school: @ericaorloff 4:55 PM Apr 14th

How libraries choose books to purchase: @victoriastrauss

E-books and book signings: @bradvertrees 4:53 PM Apr 14th

The end=the choice: 4:53 PM Apr 14th

Word choice, part 1: @magicalwords 4:51 PM Apr 14th

Promo between trade and vanity--how much and how different?

7 writing principles: @TeresaFrohock 4:50 PM Apr 14th

The Techie--Twitter, Part 2: 4:48 PM Apr 14th

Why the Gemmell award is bad for the fantasy genre: 4:46 PM Apr 14th

Amazon raises profile of used books: @jane_l 4:45 PM Apr 14th

Great beginnings--different ways to start a novel: 4:44 PM Apr 14th

Some thoughts and prompts on book titling: 4:43 PM Apr 14th

Different levels of love scenes and how to know which level to write:

20 things every writer should know about his protagonist:

Writing past the pain of critique: @bbetty 4:35 PM Apr 14th

Ways to add backstory to your novel: @annellealtman 4:34 PM Apr 14th

7 survival tips for the query process: @alanorloff

An author provides info on writing for a living: 8:32 AM Apr 14th

You might be a writer if..: 8:31 AM Apr 14th

Online resources for crime writers: @PStoltey 8:30 AM Apr 14th

Thoughts on the confusing publishing timetable: @JodyHedlund

Promote your book with public speaking: @bookmarketer 8:28 AM Apr 14th

An author's list of the top 10 seafaring tales (Guardian): 8:27 AM Apr

How to feel inspired when you've lost motivation: 8:26 AM Apr 14th

Helpful revision tips for slipping material into your draft:

Completing the circle--reader to author: @NovelMatters 8:24 AM Apr 14th Do Twitter and Facebook help or hinder your writing? @alexisgrant

An author on making promo bookmarks and squashing her perfectionism:

What role does emotion play in your writing process? 5:32 AM Apr 14th

An agent on 7 wonderful things about her job: 5:31 AM Apr 14th

How to be a multi-media author and stand out from the crowd:

True confessions--a romance writer dishes on writing sex scenes:

How writing a long synopsis can help you improve your novel:

Donald Maass' character checklist: 5:26 AM Apr 14th

An agent with a query critique: 5:25 AM Apr 14th

Recycling--the literary version: 5:25 AM Apr 14th

Writing? You're better off being a window cleaner: 5:24 AM Apr 14th

Tips and links for promoting on blog radio: 5:22 AM Apr 14th

In praise of the creative contribution of the individual to a novel (Huff Post): An agent answers questions from writers: 10:03 PM

The used-to-be years of book publicity: @Bookfan 10:02 PM

Shelf wars--what authors should know about bookstore visibility: 9:57 PM

"Not right for us." A look at rejections: 9:56 PM

4 steps to increase your writing productivity: 9:55 PM

A look at Kindle bestsellers--what's behind the phenom? : 9:54 PM

An agent says the greatest strength of a writer is willpower: 9:53 PM

How to kill your imaginary friends--viruses: 9:52 PM

Rooms NOT of one's own--the traveling writer (Guardian): 8:59 AM

Pulitzer prize goes to little book from little publisher (Guardian): 8:59 AM

Is online genre fiction all-powerful? 8:58 AM

50 prompts for writing what you already know: @Writeitsideways 8:58 AM

Recipe for a synopsis: @SylDSmith 8:57 AM

10 common writing mistakes: 8:56 AM

Teen readers speak out on what they like to read: 8:55 AM

3 low-cost marketing strategies: 8:55 AM

Plotting by the seat of your pants: 8:54 AM

5 ways to show the power of transformation in your story: @authorterryo

Learn punctuation rules to make them work for you: @WritingAgain 6:01

Everybody speaks Hamlet: @writing_tips 6:00 AM

An agent on keeping track of queries, income, and sales: @RachelleGardner

Expatland--on working in publishing in Switzerland and Australia:

Why crime novelists don't get women (Daily Beast): 5:57 AM

Narrative voice explained: 5:56 AM

The writing life--that magic phone call: 5:56 AM

The novel as an offensive weapon (Guardian): 5:55 AM

Picture book novelties: @nicolamorgan 5:54 AM

Why (some) authors fail (Huff Post): 5:53 AM

Trying to build up your blog? One site is holding a blogathon: 5:53 AM

Book factories: @MarkCN 5:51 AM

Ironic plot twists and incorrect "facts": 5:49 AM

How do you make the time to write? @JaneFriedman 5:48 AM

When your protagonist is a 1st class jerk: @@p2p_editor 5:47 AM

What is a happy ending? @silverwriter 5:46 AM

The blown publishing coup of the century: 5:45 AM

How do authors earn credibility? 5:43 AM

Canada turns over a new leaf and welcomes Amazon (Guardian): 5:43 AM

How to read a publishing contract--part 3: @annerooney 2:40 PM

How to use Evernote to organize your writing: @fuelyourwriting 2:39 PM

Library appreciation-- 20 reasons to love them: @srjohannes 2:38 PM

3 warning signs writing is driving you batty: @Writeitsideways 2:36 PM

Don't be nice to your characters: @TeresaFrohock 2:33 PM

Knowing the purpose of every scene: @annastanisz 2:32 PM

Book marketing tips one 1st-time author wishes she'd known: @jakonrath

How long do I have to submit after a ms request? @Kid_Lit 2:30 PM

Your best editing tool: 2:28 PM

Next generation writing tools--when pen and touch collide:

Considering Ustream for author to reader contact: 2:26 PM

Tips for driving traffic to your blog: @CPatrickSchulze 2:25 PM

Discovery is why one writer loves to write: 2:23 PM

A writer is hosting a write-a-thon: 2:22 PM

Plodding towards your dreams: @DeadlineDames 2:21 PM

Little things you can do to make your scenes shine: @iapetus999 2:20 PM

Writer mood and writing productivity: 8:57 AM

The proper care and feeding of readers: 8:57 AM

Does 'putting in the time' really matter? How long until writers are ready to publish? @JodyHedlund 8:56 AM

Components of a good writing workshop: 8:56 AM

How do your characters fight? @KatieGanshert 8:55 AM

On boundaries between our writing life and our personal life: @ericaorloff Writing the perfect book means listening to your muse: @mcbourque 8:53 AM

What's your revision mojo? 8:50 AM

Can your book get published if it's ahead of its time? 8:50 AM

More spring cleaning for the disorganized writer--decluttering tips: 8:49 AM

Defining basic blogging terms: 8:48 AM

Avoiding tunnel vision with our writing: @magicalwords 8:48 AM

Globish and its discontents (Guardian): 8:47 AM

One writer makes herself over to keep from losing herself totally to the writing world: @aswinn 8:46 AM

Using your senses to show, not tell-- @greyhausagency 8:45 AM

Tips for deciding which story idea to go with: @alanorloff 6:04 AM

The tug between being creative and needing to be commercial: 5:46 AM

Critique of a successful query letter: 5:44 AM

Dear innocent writer...don't 2nd guess yourself: @Kristifaith 5:44 AM

Markets, jobs, and opportunities for writers: 5:42 AM

Do you orient or orientate yourself? 5:42 AM

The future of feminism panel (on writing) that wasn't: 5:41 AM

For all the writers with cluttered houses--spring cleaning tips: 5:39 AM

8 tips for writing compelling imagery: 5:38 AM

How Facebook and Twitter lead to self-censorship: 5:37 AM

A romance writer shares her favorite marriage proposals: 5:37 AM

3 types of online personalities--diva, expert, and observer? Which are you?

An agent with some tips on handling your writing income: @RachelleGardner

Most writers won't earn royalties because of low print sales: @BubbleCow

Heroic or wimpy? Letting our hero cry: @murdershewrites 5:32 AM

Alternatives to traditional publishing: 5:31 AM

The return of radical bookstores (Guardian): 5:31 AM

On editing ourselves--knowing the mistakes we're prone to: 5:30 AM

SCBWI was a live- blogged conference---lots of info: 9:52 PM Apr 11th

Negative reviews=good news! 9:51 PM Apr 11th

5 articles about creating characters: 9:50 PM Apr 11th

Kegels for poets: 9:49 PM Apr 11th

Can first time writers get book reviews? 9:49 PM Apr 11th

Information on England's Crime Fest: @JanetRudolph 9:48 PM Apr 11th

5 tips for writing fiction I learned from writing cartoons for TV: @OCCRWA

No, your MFA may not help you get published: 9:45 PM Apr 11th

When a writer ruins a fine story--The Kite Runner: 9:44 PM Apr 11th

Don't give up on your writing--keep on trucking: 9:43 PM Apr 11th

Further whining about contemporary writing: 9:42 PM Apr 11th

8 tips for aspiring writers: @salamicat 9:40 PM Apr 11th

Will the ipad change book publicity? 8:37 AM Apr 11th

Is print a subsidiary right? 8:36 AM Apr 11th

Look at me! Expanding your markets: 8:34 AM Apr 11th

A writer weighs in on the ebook pricing discussion: 8:33 AM Apr 11th

A tribute to trilogies: 8:32 AM Apr 11th

Science fiction for fantasy buffs: 8:31 AM Apr 11th

I am English. Leave me alone. @Ghunibee 8:31 AM Apr 11th

How one writer works on his books' endings: 6:56 AM Apr 11th

Using the weather to help tell your story: 6:54 AM Apr 11th

Literary life (lit news from the Telegraph): 6:53 AM Apr 11th

How classics rewrite themselves: 6:52 AM Apr 11th

A helpful video on making a standout author Facebook page:

Literary critics scan the brain to discover why we love to read (Guardian):

Is your WIP ready to submit? One writer who gets paralyzed at the point of sending off her work: @cvaldezmiller 6:49 AM Apr 11th

Sleights of hand and other ruses to trap the killers in our mystery novels: @mkinberg 1:41 PM

50 Best Book People to Follow on Twitter (Huff Post): 1:39 PM

Subverting the character tropes: 1:38 PM

Sales of "Wuthering Heights" quadruple thanks to Twilight (Telegraph):

Can't keep up with social media? Just do what you can: 9:08 AM

One writer's specific revision process: 9:07 AM

An agent on e-book returns and agency commission model: 9:07 AM

Why do you write and what do you want from fiction? 9:06 AM

The key to giving a good critique: 9:05 AM

Bulking up--when your novel is too short: 3:52 PM

Author/poet intent and reader lack of context or understanding: 3:46 PM

Best practices for giving & receiving feedback: @annellealtman 3:43 PM

12 ways to start a novel: 3:42 PM

Another author's take on outlining: @sterlingediting 3:41 PM

Outlining a story-- @sterlingediting 3:40 PM

For all the caffine-addicted writers out there--the pleasures and pains of coffee: 3:38 PM

How to harness the power of rejection: @KarlenePetitt 3:37 PM

How to read a publishing contract, part 2: @annerooney 3:35 PM

An agency intern on story elements and design: 3:35 PM

Know what you write, not write what you know (& figuring out WHAT you know): 3:34 PM

Can you surprise your readers? 10 questions to ask yourself:

Love interest a must in YA? @Casey_McCormick 3:31 PM

10 social media meditations: @gwenbell 3:30 PM

6 things I learned from NOT writing my next book: 3:29 PM

Haunting film of Petit Prince author Saint-Exupery for auction (Guardian):

Conference spotlight--NYC Pitch & Shop: @HeatherMcCorkle 3:26 PM

The zen approach to negative comments: 12:06 PM

How to clear your life of nonessential tasks (and maybe free up some time for writing?) :

Watching out for plot holes: 12:05 PM

The craft of writing erotic scenes: 12:05 PM

Norman Mailer's writing colony and how I missed my shot (Huff Post):

Sex sells--lessons in writing: 12:03 PM

Dialogue and POV tricks: @lkblackburne 12:03 PM

An editor on how she could work through 2 dozen submissions in an hour:

What to do to improve your blog today: 11:59 AM

You're free to write--others aren't so lucky. On imprisoned writers (Guardian):

Top 10 things to do if you want to write a novel: 11:58 AM

Why to be a writer:

10 songs for English majors & other word nerds. @litdrift 8:20 AM

An open letter to poets who hate the creative writing MFA. @litdrift 8:18 AM

An organized way to handle writing feedback/critiques: 8:08 AM

Tips for creating memorable characters: @CPatrickSchulze 8:02 AM

How to become a hermit: 8:01 AM

Rereading old books to help with memory retrieval: 8:01 AM

Writing contests--fiction and poetry: @katcop13 8:00 AM

Social media--how much is too much self-promo? @JodyHedlund 7:59

Writing as an art--painting the plot: 7:59 AM

Blog tours for authors--do they work? And tips on having one:

Write to serve--giving deeper purpose to your craft: 7:57 AM

What goes on in the second act of your novel? 7:56 AM

On the cheap...a writer gets a home office of her own (NY Times):

How Virginia Woolf became a novelist: 7:55 AM

On negative feedback for our writing: 7:54 AM

How to read a publishing contract: @annerooney 7:53 AM

Pigeonhole your book--tips for genre ID: @layindalayinda 7:52 AM

1 writer who's hitting her writing goals feels this means her goals should be harder: 7:51 AM

20 apps to organize your thoughts: 7:50 AM

Researching your novel and how horrible histories can help: @BubbleCow

Confessions of a blog litter bug: @joannapaterson 7:49 AM

Revisions--when is enough enough? @magicalwords 7:48 AM

Why I love being a book blogger: @cathyskye 7:47 AM

Blog roll etiquette and advice: @cathyskye 7:46 AM

The death of books? It's deja vu all over again: 7:45 AM

Some online tools for writers: @HOHWWriter 7:45 AM

Asking for blurbs never gets easier: 7:44 AM

Genius at work vs working writer: 1:20 PM Apr 8th

Your inner critic is a jerk: 1:18 PM Apr 8th

How to layer points of view: @Kid_Lit 1:17 PM Apr 8th

The worst thing you could do to your characters: 1:16 PM Apr 8th

Tips on writing middle grade (what kids love): 1:15 PM Apr 8th

7 steps to handle getting flamed on your blog: 1:15 PM Apr 8th

Twetiquette--what to do and what NOT to do on Twitter: @dlschubert

Didn't write today? Don't beat yourself up: 1:13 PM Apr 8th

Quotes from authors on writing about sex: @CKHBFiction 1:12 PM Apr 8th

When you should and shouldn't consider self-publishing: 1:11 PM Apr 8th

2 new tools to cut the Twitter clutter: 1:09 PM Apr 8th

An agent on when to say when--querying old and new projects:

Pros and cons of character sheets: 1:08 PM Apr 8th

Helpful self-editing tips: 10:21 AM Apr 8th

A collection of book marketing posts and tips: 10:20 AM Apr 8th

An editor on why it's difficult to improve publishing: 10:20 AM Apr 8th

Conventions and workshops--investing in you: 10:19 AM Apr 8th

Dig out those discarded stories and ideas from your file drawers: 10:18 AM

How one writer pens books quickly: 10:18 AM Apr 8th

The difficulty of writing that second book: @SaraJHenry 10:17 AM Apr 8th

An author with a rant against reviews: @murdershewrites 10:16 AM Apr 8th

On critiques and criticism (and the need for distance from our writing):

12 great tools for effective Twitter searches: 10:13 AM Apr 8th

An agent says to celebrate the small successes: @greyhausagency

Some info on the adventure genre and its sub-genres: @StephanieLMcGee

Legendary Greenwich Village hospital where Millay was born and Dylan Thomas died, is closing: 10:11 AM Apr 8th

What Europe has taught me about writing: #amwriting 10:10 AM Apr 8th Have bad parents taken over children's books? (Guardian): 10:09 AM Apr

How do you breathe new life into an old plot idea? 6:49 AM Apr 8th

Thoughts on genre-blending: 6:48 AM Apr 8th

Tips on speed reading (part 2): 6:47 AM Apr 8th

More on permissions (copyright issues): 6:47 AM Apr 8th

Bring old blog posts back to life: 6:46 AM Apr 8th

4 Twitter tips for writers: @WritingAgain 6:45 AM Apr 8th

Is there life after 'the call?' : 6:44 AM Apr 8th

3 essential tips for writing a publishable novel: @BubbleCow

Sex and violence in YA: 6:43 AM Apr 8th

Lessons from the slush pile--what editors owe writers: 6:43 AM Apr 8th

Avoid cliches when writing: 6:42 AM Apr 8th

Is it 'then' or 'and then?' An editor answers: 6:42 AM Apr 8th