Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More Links

Twitter I’m doing a mid-week Twitter list this time, so I don’t get so far behind! The last post I did for links generated so many hits that I think I’ll have to make this a recurring feature.

Twitter for authors: Twitter for authors, part 2: Are angels the next YA vampires? (Guardian): Are you using too many settings? Creating landscapes in our books--they're more than just a stage: Heroes as villains and villains as heroes: Disturbing your characters on the first page: Coercing the muse: Facebook etiquette--things you shouldn't do on FB: Slush pile lessons--why an editor refuses to be a snarky slusher (and unfollows those who are): 6 editing tips from industry professionals: The 10 worst villains in children's lit (Telegraph): The parent problem in YA: An agent on negotiating your own book contract: Can I change my blog name and keep my readers? Writing action: battles. 10 tricks for getting inspired to write: Tips for creating strong female characters in YA: Has your book got a saggy middle? Pick up the pace: The 11 most incredible literary hoaxes (Huff Post): Are stand-alone books dying out? Descriptions--too much or too little? An agent urges patience and maps a time line from an author's submission to accepting an offer: Put your stakes on the table when you're writing: Marketing your first book--9 tips for authors: What do you talk about on your blog if you write fiction? Should we develop non-attachment to our writing? "As soon as you care, you lose": What people really notice about your blog: Are you a solitary writer? Discover the online community: The need for strong female characters in YA: Using character reaction to events to help readers know our characters: The line between personal and public in our writing: Former Random House intern speaks her mind: 'Write what you know' should be 'write what you're willing to explore': Writing action scenes: Top escapist authors--what they do and don't do to get and keep our attention: Building a world--when reality influences the imaginary: On poets and nerdiness: An agent says "Hats off to writers!": Do our family and friends value our writing? An editor on pen names: An author on her post book release life and what she wished she'd known: Tips for book touring in a virtual world: The bright side of Sci Fi (Guardian): Should writers pander to reader demands for exciting beginnings? An agent with a thank-you for writers: On speed reading--why and how to do it: The science of reading (why we do it, why we are so attached to characters): NY Times: Why you should make your characters beg: An editor explains more of what happens after you sell your manuscript: How hard is it to sell large numbers of a given title?: Why you should crave criticism as a writer: Transition crutches to avoid in your writing: Backing up your writing--know your options: Creating sympathetic characters: Create memorable char's by knowing them better than you know yourself: Secrets of a good chapter 1: Looking for a popcorn tree--finding what inspires you: Synopsis writing tips: 3 things about success no one told this writer: An author on how to write a book (a wee rant): A YA librarian's take on the current market: The rewards of blogging for writers (or poets): After the call--what happens after your manuscript is sold?