Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Long and the Short of It

When it comes to writing, we all tackle things different ways.  We outline or don’t outline.  We focus mainly on plot or mainly on character.  We revise as we go or wait till we’re done.  We watch our word count closely or worry about it later.

Our process is different, but we all end up with the same result—a finished manuscript.  But how long did we spend on each part of it?  What took us the longest during the process?

So I’m curious—out of the list below, what takes you the longest? Or is there something else that takes longer?  What’s the easiest for you?

Coming up with the original idea
Brainstorming the original idea
Outlining (if you do it)
Organizing the story
Creating individual characters
Character development
The beginning of the book
The ending of the book
Developing the conflicts…internal and external
Revising the first draft
Revising subsequent drafts

For me, character development takes the longest. I think that’s because I change so much of it through the revision process—a character will start out one way, and end up being completely different by the end of the book.  So I have to go back and do quality control.  :)  Also, I have a pretty difficult time with book endings.

The easiest thing for me is coming up with the original idea, followed closely by organizing the book (mine tend to follow a particular format.)

Your turn!


I'm running this same survey today over at Inkspot (the blog for Midnight Ink writers), if you're interested in seeing their take on it. Also, if y'all could continue giving me feedback on this commenting widget. Is it remembering you? Is it hard on Blogger folks? Is it a royal pain or not too bad?  I like the threaded comments, but I don't want any hassle. :)