Sunday, March 7, 2010

Links for Writers

Terry3 I’ve gotten to the crazy point in my association with Twitter that I think everybody is on Twitter. It’s amazing how quickly the application messes with your mind.

I thought I’d post some writing links that I’ve come across lately that I thought were helpful or interesting. I’ve posted all of these on Twitter, so my apologies to my Twitter followers for the repost:

10 mistakes writers don't see (but can easily fix when they do):

5 guaranteed ways to hate your own writing:

Chapter endings--when your cliffhanging moment comes too soon:

Continuity in our writing:

10 ways to become a better #writer (w/ links to resources):

9 tips to help you through writing burnout:

Sidekicks...who is Robin to your character's Batman?

What *not* to say during an author interview (Huff Post):

The 3 Vs of distinctive voice in dialogue:

5 ways to tell your story needs hijacking: @glen_allison

Demystifying contracts--what every writer should know:

9 ways to improve your author website:

Tips for naming characters:

Tax deductions for writers:

Too many characters in a scene? Mix and match:

On writing beginnings:

All about ISBNs:

Time and your protagonist:

Tips for developing character voice:

Settling for a bad book deal:

An agent on 'how to title your book' :

What's at stake in your story?

5 tips on writing story connections to engage your readers:

On writing endings:

An editor on how multiple book deal advances are divided:

Why do I find it so hard to summarize my novel?:

5 types of emails you should automatically be filtering:

Top 10 newbie writer mistakes:

Tips for synopsis writing:

10 writing rules you can't break--and how to break them:

Sentence structure mistakes:

8 reasons your blog isn't getting comments:

How writing your own review can help your novel:

The curse of the fast writer:

6 time management tips for writers:

How to start a novel:

Can't make a deadline? Don't cover it up--tell your editor:

Writing a query letter with voice:

Why editors use form rejection letters:

Establish goals when setting up a writing critique group:

Why a writer needs confidence:

Hope everyone can find an interesting article to read for their Sunday. :)