Tuesday, January 12, 2010


blog1I’m guessing we’re all trying to see if we’re on track as far as scheduling different writing tasks.

For what it’s worth, here’s my average total for different activities. It varies some days, but my goal is always to finish by 2:00 p.m. (when my daughter gets off the school bus.) Some days I’m way off my goal, but most days I finish the brunt of it before 2:00.

Writing blogs: 30 minutes.

Social media:

Twitter: 10 minutes a day, tops Facebook: 10 minutes a day, tops Blogging (visiting blogs and answering comments): 1 1/2 hours Daily writing: I usually write half a chapter a day. If this takes 30 minutes, I’m done in 30 minutes. If it takes 2 hours, I’m done in 2 hours. Writing a book: It takes me a little over a month to write a first draft.

To get the book into submission condition for my editor: It takes a total of 3 months (including the 6 weeks it took to write the first draft.)

To get the book on the shelves: It takes about 6-7 months for the publisher to release the book.

Promotion: With my last release, I spent about 3 hours a day on promotional activities—this included my own blogging and visiting, but expanded into numerous guest blogs, tweets, Facebooking (even on my personal FB page). I also made (for me) lots of in-person appearances at bookstores and libraries and writing workshops in the two months following the release. We’ll say 24 hours worth (all together) of preparation and attendance at signings, etc.

How do you manage your time? Or do you feel like your time manages you? (Like I do some days!)