Saturday, December 26, 2009

Having a Writer for a Mom

Motherhood - Vu Cao Dam (1908 - 2000)








  • Tell your friends your mother writes books. Have them convinced you’re a liar. Have Mom verify later she actually does write. Maximum impact!
  • Your name is in actual, printed books (because Mom can’t resist putting you in the book somehow.)
  • You meet other writers sometimes.

Not Cool:

  • The teacher will definitely ask Mom to teach a class on writing at some point during the school year. And your mom can be soooo embarrassing.
  • If your mom is a writer, you always have to do your reading and English homework.
  • Your teacher will write notes on ‘B’-grade essays that say, “I know you can write better than this.”
  • Sometimes you have to go to conferences or book signings. These are tedious and even Mom doesn’t look like she’s having fun.
  • If you’re at a dental appointment after school, you can’t claim you can't do your homework because you don't have a pencil. Mom has at least fifty pencils in her massive pocketbook.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. I’m taking a short blog break for Christmas and reposting some of my older posts from 2009. Thanks so much to everyone for making my blogging year a happy one.

And…my friend and fellow Midnight Ink author, Keith Raffel, is guest blogging for me at the Mystery Lovers’ Kitchen this morning.  Hope you can pop over. He’s got salmon with almonds that’s ready to serve!