Sunday, December 13, 2009

Awards Day

Blogging Writer Award Every day the online community of writers amazes me. I get so much encouragement and inspiration from the blogs that I read and from the wonderful commenters on Mystery Writing is Murder.

Among the encouragement I get are awards for my blog. To me, they represent a “Good job!”—which I really appreciate.

I decided it was time for me to throw another Awards Day since the last one I did was…oh…August or something.

And then I thought, “I don’t know who has gotten what award.” I nosed around a few blogs and thought about making a spreadsheet with who has what…

But then I decided to make my own award! Because I don’t see any awards that mention “writing” or “writers” on them. And I know that none of you has this award.

Now I know I will never be a graphic artist when I grow up. I will not share how long it took me to create this very basic award. But it was a loooonnnnng time.

Blogging Writer Award

Since I made up the award, I get to make the rules. The only problem is that I’m really bad at both making and following rules.

So here we are.

My rules:

You can post this image to your blog…or not. You may share this award with others…if you like. You may adapt or alter this image in any way.

I want you all to know that I appreciate you. If you know that I’m hanging out at your blog all the time and I have inadvertently forgotten you (and y’all, it’s past my bedtime as I’m writing this) then please let me know so I can amend my post! And if I messed up your name or link, please do let me know so I can fix it.

Sometimes I lurk. But I’m visiting your blogs (usually I do try to comment.)

Blogs I read regularly (My blogging friends. Some are new and some are old.):

Confessions of a Mystery Novelist --Margot Kinberg Imagineering Fiction—Galen Kindley Patricia Stoltey --Patricia Stoltey A Million Blogging Monkeys –Alan Orloff Jane’s Ride – Jane Sutton Janel’s Jumble—Janel I’m Blogging Drowning Here!—Lorel Crystal Clear Proofing—Crystal * Inkspot---Midnight Ink Just Jemi --Jemi Fraser Crazy Jane --Jan Morrison Meanderings and Muses—Kaye Barley Write on Target -- Debra Schubert Karen…following the whispers—Karen Walker Mystery Lovers’ Kitchen –6 authors..incl. me, but… Elizabeth Bradley—Bits and Bytes –Elizabeth Bradley In Corra’s Words – Corra McFeydon Confessions of a Watery Tart --Hart Johnson It’s a Mystery --Elspeth Antonelli Cassandra Jade in the Realm –Cassandra Jade Thoughts in Progress –Mason Canyon The Writers Porch—Carol Murdock Journaling Woman—Teresa Carol’s Prints – Carolina Valdez Miller A Writer’s Point of View—Stacy Post The Conscious Cat – Ingrid King Spunk on a Stick – L. Diane Wolfe Cozy Murder Mysteries --Donna Lea Simpson Terry’s Place –Terry Odell Write in the Way—Kristen Torres-Toro The Write Worship—Tamika Sixty is Just the Beginning –Judy Harper Author, Jody Hedlund –-Jody Hedlund Eye Feathers—Tara McClendon Southern City Mysteries—Michele Emrath Coffee Rings Everywhere –Rayna Iyer The Old Silly’s Free Spirit Blog—Marvin Wilson DJs Krimiblog—Dorte Jakobsen Straight from Hel—Helen Ginger Lesa’s Book Reviews –Lesa Holstine ** Do You Write Under Your Own Name? –Martin Edwards The Giraffability of Digressions --Cruella Collett Breakthrough Blogs – Stephen Tremp Under the Tiki Hut – Carol Kilgore Silver Lining – Julie Dao Coffeehouse Mysteries –Cleo Coyle *** Poe’s Deadly Daughters—6 Authors Desperately Searching for my Inner Mary Poppins—Marybeth Constant Revisions—Simon Larter Woolgathering—Jen Chandler

* Crystal isn’t a writer. But she’ll help you be a better one.

**Lesa Holstein isn’t a writer. But she’s one of us.

***Cleo’s website is updated so frequently that it acts as a blog. I read a lot of blogs. I have many favorites. Today I’m recognizing some of my favorite places to hang out online, and some of the friends, new and old, I’ve made in my browsing trek.

I also want to thank everyone who takes the time to comment on Mystery Writing is Murder. I appreciate your thoughts and insights so much and only wish I could list everyone here who regularly visits me.