Friday, October 23, 2009

Thoughts on Podcasting

I thought I’d do a follow-up post on my radio/podcast experience yesterday at Red River Writers. I’m giving y’all the link but be advised I sound really, really quiet there right now! I promise I have a big voice. :) Really! I don’t even usually need a mike when I talk. Maybe they can tinker with the audio a little bit. In the meantime, you could turn up the volume a bit and hear me a smidgeon.

As usual, life was completely chaotic before I went on the air. I was emailing Barbara Ehrentreu about 45 minutes before the show, ironing out some last-minute details. I suddenly got a text from my son: “Help me.”

I text back. “What’s wrong?!”

“Feel sick.”

“Why r u txting during class? Can u hold on?” The dismissal bell was only45 minutes off.

Then it was time to run out the door and pick up the drama class carpool. They ran 10 minutes behind.

Get home at the same time as my nauseated son, who arrives home via carpool. He goes up to bed and goes to sleep.

I tell my 8 year old to please not bother me. Mama is going to be on the radio. Please do bother me if the house is on fire or if you start bleeding profusely. Please, please don’t bother me any other time!

I put the corgi, who gets excited sometimes, out in the backyard.

I lock my bedroom door.

I was going to get in the walk in closet, but then I decided the landline phone would be better than the cordless.

I had a glass of water. I had a couple of notes. I think that under pressure I could potentially forget the name of my book.

Everyone was really nice and Karen Hunter was really interesting to listen to.

About halfway through, I hear some tapping at my door. Which I ignore. The tapping continues. I continue ignoring it, and speak even louder on the phone, indicating that I’m busy to the little person on the other side of my bedroom door. I see no flames coming beneath my bedroom door or pools of blood seeping underneath, so I’m assuming that whatever is happening on the other side of the door is not an emergency.

The corgi starts barking in the backyard. I shut my window really quick.

After wrapping up the show, I open my door. My daughter was dying to tell me that she had unlocked something on the Wii video game. Yes. That’s what she wanted to tell me.

“Sweetie! I told you Mama was on the radio!”

“But you weren’t. You were on the phone!”

So my only advice as a newbie radio interviewee? Be really clear with children about what you’re doing. REALLY clear. Reconsider that closet to call in from. Talk louder than normal. And have fun. :)