Sunday, October 4, 2009

Something Yummy

Food_Blog4Oct2009_Meal Every six Sundays, I host a guest at the Berkley Prime Crime cooking blog, Mystery Lovers’ Kitchen. Today, I’m pleased to announce that my mystery writing friend Patricia Stoltey has prepared a delicious recipe at the Kitchen. She also shares some wonderful tips for down home French cooking, Colorado style. Hope y’all will pop over and check it out.

I did a little writing outside yesterday and was surprised by how much more productive I was. Over the summer I got used to writing at lots of different places (wherever I was with my children.) Since school started back, I’ve written at home or the library. I’m thinking now that a little location writing at parks or outdoor cafes might be fun. The weather has changed for the cooler here and with temps in the 70s, it couldn’t feel better. Hope you’ll have a great day writing, wherever you do it.