Thursday, September 3, 2009

An Interview and a Solution to my Problem

cozy mystery Yes, it’s a busy day here at Mystery Writing is Murder. For those of you who are just joining me, I have a post below this one that persuades you that asparagus would be an excellent vegetable for you to revisit. My post also addresses a problem I’ve had with rereading an old manuscript that I haven’t worked on for 5 months (and which is due to be submitted in November.)

Today I’m being interviewed over at Sharon’s Garden of Book Reviews . Sharon, who reviews books on her blog as well as for various newspapers, is a freelance entertainment journalist who has been reviewing books for 14 years and has over 1500 reviews to her credit.

Sharon is kicking off a Cozy Mystery Week today and one commenter will be picked to win a mystery gift basket. It could be you! :) (Is my smattering of advertising experience showing?)

Hope y’all will pop on over for a visit.

And now…..I have found for me the perfect solution to the rereading the old manuscript conundrum. And I have the lovely and talented Jane Kennedy Sutton to thank for it. She suggested that I pretend the manuscript isn’t mine.

The genius is in the simplicity of this plan.

There are no highlighters involved. No picking apart.

I’m already 60% done with the re-read.

Pretending is what writers do best!

Jane Kennedy Sutton rocks!