Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Anti-Procrastination Day

I’ve been an off and on follower of Fly Lady for years. I keep many of her general housekeeping principles each day (quick clean-up in the morning, devoting a particular day for different household tasks…including errands and bills, etc.) It helps me to have some sort of method for the madness—I am, after all, a grime-fighter. :)

One of my favorite things that the Fly Lady has instituted is Anti-Procrastination day. Anti-Procrastination days take place on Wednesday every week and we’re encouraged to tackle at least one thing that we’ve been putting off doing. This could be something like making a medical appointment, sweeping the front porch, replacing a light bulb, calling the plumber about the leaky sink, or sending in a claim form to the insurance company.

I think the concept is useful for writing, too. I definitely have writing-related tasks that I put off doing. How about you? Have you ordered those bookmarks? Postcards? Business cards? Have you put all your writing-related receipts in a separate envelope (I believe even those of us who call writing a hobby for the IRS can claim some deductions….it’s something to check into)? Have you brainstormed on a sheet of paper how to finish that difficult chapter? Was there a scene you need to go back and revise? Promotional phone calls to bookstores to make?

I have postcards I need to send out to libraries. And I’m going to tackle that chore today (just for 15 minutes.) I might be finishing up this chore next Wednesday, but at least I’ll feel better knowing I’ve made a start. And there's also a picture I've been meaning to hang.

What have you been putting off doing? Can you find 15-30 minutes today to do it?