Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tell me a Story: Writing, Art, Music

Le Marauder--François-Emile Barraud , 1931 I noticed something the other day and wondered if other writers felt the same way. 

My favorite music is heavy on storytelling--by singer/songwriters like Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Jim Croce, Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot, etc.   Music genres like the blues also hold a strong appeal for me.

Windmill--1934--Eric RaviliousMy favorite art tells a story.  I do like landscapes, but only if they seem like a story setting or draw me in to the picture.  I like portraits where the people’s eyes are speaking to me. I’m interested in Munch’s The Scream, where the focal point is in agony and the other people on the bridge seem unaware of his distress.   There’s  a story. 

  Study of a Female Head--Nella Marchesini--1920sAs a reader, I think I’m a fairly demanding one.  I want an escape, and quickly.  I want a good story.

Maybe that’s why I can’t leave my drafts alone.  Is it good enough? Does the reader want to be friends with my protagonist?  Have I told a good story?