Saturday, June 13, 2009

Having a Writer for a Mom

Mother and Child--Mary Cassatt Cool:

  • Tell your friends your mother writes books. Have them convinced you’re a liar. Have Mom verify later she actually does write. Maximum impact!
  • Your name is in actual, printed books (because Mom can’t resist putting you in the book somehow.)
  • You meet other writers sometimes.

Not Cool:

  • The teacher will definitely ask Mom to teach a class on writing at some point during the school year. And your mom can be soooo embarrassing.
  • If your mom is a writer, you always have to do your reading and English homework.
  • Your teacher will write notes on ‘B’-grade essays that say, “I know you can write better than this.”
  • Sometimes you have to go to conferences or book signings. These are tedious and even Mom doesn’t look like she’s having fun.
  • If you’re at a dental appointment after school, you can’t claim you can't do your homework because you don't have a pencil. Mom has at least fifty pencils in her massive pocketbook.