Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Release and a Directory

Progressive Dinner Deadly Cover

It’s out! Progressive Dinner Deadly, a new Myrtle Clover mystery is now available on Kindle and Nook for $2.99 .

This is a follow-up to Pretty is as Pretty Dies, published by Midnight Ink in 2009. I’m publishing this book myself.

When intrepid octogenarian sleuth Myrtle Clover caught Jill, her new housekeeper, peering into her medicine cabinet, she should have been upset. But discovering that Jill wasn’t such a squeaky-clean goody-goody made her vastly more interesting in Myrtle’s eyes.

Myrtle would have happily continued figuring out what made Jill Caulfield tick…if Jill hadn’t foolishly gone and gotten herself murdered.

Thanks to Kendel Flaum, who designed the lovely cover, and Keith Snyder from Typeflow who formatted and designed the interior of the book.

I wanted, also, to go ahead and share with y’all a work in progress—the ebook services directory. It’s in a Google Spreadsheet format and divided into cover designers, formatters, freelance editors, ghost writers, and book trailers.

It’s a work-in-progress because I don’t frequently work with spreadsheets (which you’ll probably be able to tell!). :) I’ll be coming up with a badge and a bit more of a polished look, soon. Also, it’s something that it looks like I’ll be adding to every couple of days (I’m getting in plenty of additions.) But I wanted to go ahead and make it available since I’m already getting emails from writers asking for it.

I did put a caveat emptor on there because, unfortunately, I don’t have time to vet everyone. As always, and with any business arrangement, please enter the relationship with caution. This directory is intended to be a starting point to connect writers with services, since currently the ebook industry seems to be working on word of mouth.

If you want to be added to the directory or see any errors, please contact me at elizabethspanncraig (at) gmail (dot) com.